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23. Might 2019 India's weekly election gave a terrific victory to the ruling Bharatiya Janata (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Mod. One other term for the Hindu-Pakistist Fascist Get together, which suppresses and promotes the Hindu-Islamic Combat Program, which violates India's secular constitutional order, definitely impacts India's socio-cultural construction and institutional framework

Like I.A. Rehman, advocate for peace and human rights and a veteran communist, “By giving Mod to BJP a landslide victory, the Indian voter has dealt with his country's strike, which may take a long time. The result of the voting has practically buried the idea of ​​secularism in India and tightened graves and vulgar wealth over the people's house. The main purpose of the BJP electoral strategy was to promise to complement India's transformation into a Hindu state. By supporting Mod, voters have announced that their belief in secularism was just a deep skin. They have given a Modi license to tyrannize minorities and solve the Kashmir problem with powerless and chicaner. "

It is probably too early to say what these election results might arouse, but they are already encouraging among social and economic elites, not to mention the 190 million Muslims who call India their ancestors home, the coming change of land

Last week Mohammad Sana Ullah, Indian Army 30-year-old veteran sent to jail after foreigners The state of Kamrup, Assam state, said he was not an Indian citizen. This is not the first case when a Muslim army or police was questioned about their nationality in a state that last year declared four million people illegal and effectively removing them from citizenship. The final list of citizenship will be published in July 2019.

The Muslim Minority Lynching has become a regular Modin in India. In April, Hindutvadi mob played a 68-year-old Shamat Ali Assam for beef, which has not yet been banned in the state. They threw him and continued to force them to feed pork. The event took place on April 7 in the city of Biswanath Charial in Assam. This kind of activity of Hindutvad fascists is nothing new. It should be remembered that in 2015 Dadrin Hindutvadi mob attacked a Muslim man named Mohammed Akhlaq and his son Danish when accused of keeping beef in the refrigerator. Akhlaq died on the spot; A Danish who prepared for Indian administrative services survived after two brain research

In an interview in 2018, Danish Akhlaq asked Indian leaders: “Do you want to make Hindu a country of India? Do you want to kill all Muslims or turn them off the ground? Tell us to what extent would you go to the end of the Muslims? ”

The worry of Denmark transcends all of the lifetime of the Indian Muslims. In recent times, we’ve got seen an explosion of ethnic and spiritual violence. This yr's election marketing campaign broke out towards a minority of Muslims who haven’t been seen since 1947.

First day of April BJP sent tweet : Implementation of NRC [National Register of Citizens] all through the country. We take away each particular person infiltrator from the earth, besides Buddha, Hindus, and Sikhs. “This tweet was a celebration of party leader Amit Shah, who has just been appointed Indian Interior Minister. The use of the word "Infiltrator" was a non-trimmed reference to Muslims. Shortly thereafter, Shah took an attack on Muslims one step further and promised to throw "termites" to the Bengal Bay

Like Indian journalist Rana Ayyub (and author Gujarat files: Cover Up & # 39;), Muslim aversion and anger does not just spread the epidemic in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms; they take on the daily lives of most Indian Muslims. His own brother, who works for a multinational company, recently had to vacate his apartment in an upper middle class neighborhood in Mumbai, a city where he grew up – simply because of intimidation.

It should be noted that Amit Shah was accused in 2010 of having organized three illegal killings of the Indians. (As evidence of Amit Shah's involvement in crimes, the Central Research Center presented telephone records showing that Shah had been in contact with the accused police when the victims were illegally serviced. Amit Shah was arrested on 25 July. .)

There is no doubt that BJP and its supporters have spread an aggressive and grotesque national sign designed to strengthen the fragmented Hindu identity by modifying and demonizing minorities. Muslims. Interestingly, India is the world's second largest population of Muslims, who have been heavily under-represented in political life and in private and public institutions. They have been left to almost all other unfair economic and educational indicators and remain vulnerable to patriarchal and sectarian prejudices. The hate crimes against them are impunity for criminals.

Although Muslims have over 14% of the population, they have less than 2% representation in public services and only 29 seats in 545-seat Lok Sabha (Parliament). For decades, most political parties have used the Muslim minority as a voting bank without addressing the broader, more urgent needs of ordinary Muslims. Despite 2019, the campaign was marked by a number of hostile statements and provocations, but the Muslim issue was almost entirely absent from the simple reason that no party wanted to talk about it. BJP was not – for obvious reasons, it was exclusively for the majority of Hindus. In rare exceptions, when they claimed inclusion in the word, they contradicted themselves by refusing to name Muslim candidates.

The Congress was quietly on the Muslim question for tactical reasons. They did not want to be seen as a party that sympathized with Muslims. Gilles Verniers from the University of Ashon says in the Hindustan Times: “Since Sonia Gandhi's infamous statement in March 2018 has shown that Congress should break down the notion that it is a Muslim party, the party has virtually eliminated minority issues. It has not done the violence that Muslims have had in recent years as a major campaign point. In addition, regional parties – with the exception of small assemblies such as AUDF, AIMIM or IUML – have also not been particularly loud in defending Muslims or raising issues of particular interest to Muslims. ”

The Land of Gandhi! Didn’t civil society warn individuals of the erosion of democracy in the so-referred to as 'largest democracy' in a world the place minority life is taken into account irrelevant?

Writing Al-Jazeera in his readable article on Indian Elite and Erosion of Democracy, ”says Pragya Tiwari,“ India's democracy is not threatened just because the forces of the population are growing. Majoritarian powers have grown because democracy has been under threat. And the Indian elite, whose members have had disproportionate access to education, resources and opportunities in India, has allowed it to happen. ”

” The liberal elite, together with a comparatively small proportion of Muslims, has remained largely apathetic to the attitudes of minorities for many years. They haven’t solely adopted the footsteps of the founding members of India and expressed the thought of ​​Indian secularism, which is rooted, but in addition to resist melancholy in its personal circles. The inactivity of this liberating elite has paved the best way for a hate speech, which at this time is dominated by political debate and incites attacks on minorities. The upper class liberals have responded to the rise in hate crime by introducing slogans similar to "Not in my identify" and directing their disapproval solely to the dominant liberation. The rat, however, works deeper. "

He continues:" The Indian human life is now low cost as a result of the felony justice system is damaged and the rule of regulation is just not removed from critical. “For decades, the liberal elite, which has been privileged in remedies, is disappointed by the lack of necessary reforms that may have overcome a broken system that threatens its own citizens and abducted the country against social division and upheaval. “They have turned their eyes to the endetical delays in delivering justice and legal manipulation,” says Tiwari. "In consequence, the elements of various proportions haven’t only been punished with out punishment, but have additionally been capable of penetrate the political system." Please also note that some 43% of newly elected members (ie 233 out of 539 MEPs elected in recent elections) face criminal charges, up to 34% in 2014. In their opinion, large political parties and names such as Pragya are suspicious of Singh Thakur from BJP and Dean Kuriakose from the Congress Party accused of about 200 different criminal cases. [Not surprisingly, the ruling BJP tops the list with 116 parliamentarians facing criminal charges.]

Prime Minister Modi took Pragya Thakur (Hindu Priest of Hindu Pradesh), a leading member of the right fascist organization Hindu Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party. He gave him an electoral ticket for the competition in Bhopal, one of the most beautiful places in the North Indian Zone, and has seen several episodes of common tension over the last two decades. He easily won this place. It should be noted that a week before the polls in his constituency, Thakur wished Nathuram Godse – a man who murdered Mahatma Gandhi – a patriot!

Thakur is known as suspected terrorist costs associated with a deadly bomb explosion in the city of Malegaon, in the state of Maharashtra, aimed at killing a Muslim minority.

29. In the morning of September 2008, two explosive devices mounted on a motorcycle exploded in the city and killed ten people and injured hundreds. The motorcycle belonged to Thakur and in talks with the accused who was presented to the court as evidence, he heard: “If my vehicle was used for an explosion, how many people (Muslims) died, why didn't you park it in the crowd? “

In addition to the 2008 Malegaon event, where he was arrested as one of the most important accused, Thakur was also examined for his role in the 2006 explosions in the same city of the Muslim festival Shabe-Baraat, which lasted 40 lives. His name also appeared in studies of the deadly incidents that occurred in 2007 – Samjhauta Express, Makka Masjid's explosion and the explosion of Ajmer Sharif's sanctuary – all targeting minorities and attempting to confuse social unrest in the country.

According to Ayyub, the figure defining the election results in India was not a speech at Modin Delhi; it was Pragya Singh Thakur, dressed in saffron bathrobes and waving a large crowd after a huge election victory. He swears his loyalty to the radical Hindu costumes, called Abhinav Bharat, whose goal is to create Hindu rashtra (state) and Hindu domination not only in India, but also to expand neighboring countries to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Similarly, political scientist Christophe Jaffrelot sees Thakur as a "symbol" of the 2019 elections, in which the obscure elements of the Hindutva ideology are mainstreamed.

It is difficult to understand the corrosive effects of failed democracy, which choose big and criminals! The BJP has been convicted of violating it by the Central Bank, the Central Research Center, the Constitutional Court and the Electoral Commission. The latter came to light when accused of favoring BJP in recent elections. However, those who have followed India's electoral policy closely would know that the much-needed reforms that could have safeguarded its independence have been ignored for years already before 2014.

I think the victory of Modi is the victory of Hindutvad's attacks and intolerance. During each day of this long election campaign, Modin BJP moved the dog whistle to roughly Muslim polarization. Muslims were wrongly described as "exterior" or "infiltrators" that had to be removed as termites. And, unfortunately, the voters made huge awards for their party candidates and agenda! Even in countries such as Assam and West Bengal, where there is a significant Muslim population where BJP had struggled to get on the road, the party won two numbers. The National People's Register (NRC), cast by intruders by a party in Assam, has made the reference to a significant population of Bengali Muslims effective for the party. BJP has won the majority of Assam's places. In Uttar Pradesh, the story is similar. BJP won over sixty Lok Sabha seats there. In both of these countries, the campaign focused on the BJP's recently amended draft Citizenship Change, which allows citizenship in the neighboring countries, but not in Bengali-speaking Muslims whose ancestors had settled in the British era.

The victory is Hindutva, an ideology that defines Indian culture based on Hindu values. It could rely on a dangerous conclusion over the next five years if it goes unnoticed. Already, Muslims have been updated and many places with Muslim names have been transformed into Hindus to show the ongoing "Hindu-solely" direction to India. This is not a sign of healthy democracy, but of rotten, reborn fascism that is confusing and must be overcome before it is too late.

Mod's victory on 23 May is seen as a mandate to strengthen courage and intolerance and "transformation" of Indian Muslims in a method that affects its so-referred to as secular democracy that isn’t being corrected. Completely Ayyub isn’t just an awesome ruling get together and a marginalization of Muslims. it is that many Indian residents have discovered this new language of liberating and accepting anger. If they allow themselves to be blinded completely, Indian democracy – regardless of how imperfect and apparent – will merely stop to exist.

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