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Which Presidential candidate will vote for the Chinese Indonesians in 2019? – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Leo Suryadinata *

Ethnic Chinese make up less than 2 % of the Indonesian population, however their
The economic power is far stronger than the number shows1. Rich Chinese Indonesians
Presidential candidates typically pay great consideration because they have been capable of supply
financial help. The wealthy Chinese, in turn, are additionally typically interested in supporting
The profitable candidate hopes to have future financial opportunities and benefits.
Although their number is small, Chinese Indonesian voices are nonetheless useful
if competition is critical and Chinese voices are decisive

The presidential elections in Indonesia will be held on April 17, 2019.
Candidates: Either “Jokowi” Widodo-Ma & Aruf Amin & Prabowo Subianto-
Sandiaga Uno. Who’re Chinese Indonesians, especially Chinese
businessmen, vote for the president?

During the 2014 presidential election, Chinese businessmen who did
the contributions of the presidential candidates are usually not public. Usually talking
Chinese Indonesian businessmen take part in each events; They’re additionally often reluctant
take all sides brazenly, as a result of it’s feared that the fallacious choice would adversely affect their business

However, there were a couple of, whose preferences have been well known. Throughout 2014
election, for instance, rich businessman Sofia Wanandi (Liem Bian Khoen)
Supported by either the Widodo-Jusuf Kalla pair.2 Actually, it was an open secret that he and his
Elder Brother Jusuf Wanandi (Liem Bian Kie) was near Jusuf Kallas

Open to help Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa as President and Vice Chairman
was Hary Tanoe Soedibjo (Chen Liming), a media producer who has been in shut contact
Suharto's Family.3 Initially Hari Tanoe deliberate to compete in the 2014 presidential election
Election of retired Common Wiranto, President of Partai Hati Nuran
Nevertheless, Rakyat (Hanura) .4 Each didn’t obtain help from the other parties and their help
the nomination had to be rejected. Wiranto then joined the Jokowi-Kalla group when Hary
Tanoe supported a competing camp.5 Hary Tanoe later founded Partai Persatuan
Indonesia (Perindo). One other nicely-recognized Chinese Prabowo supporter was Edie Kusuma
(Wu Ruizhang), head of consulting corporations and educational foundations. He joined Gerindra
and stood in the parliamentary election with the Gerindra flag.6


Prabowo Subianto graduated from the Magelang Army Academy. In 1983, he married President Suharto's second daughter, Titiek, however in 1998 he resigned. Following an Indonesian attack in East Timor in 1976, Prabowo was appointed to seize Fretilin's vice-president in East Timor, and at the end of Suharto's rules he was the chief of the Particular Pressure Command. He took half in kidnappings and torture of activists and students, but has admitted only kidnapping of activists, however not killings.7 After the fall of Suharto, the Army Fee reviewed the case and beneficial the launch of Prabowo for his involvement.

Many scientists say he was additionally anti-Chinese
The Suharto on the eve of the autumn 10 is the older era of Chinese Indonesians
usually opposed him. Although he has strongly argued that he was the ring leader, he
nevertheless, he has not modified this doubt about him. At the similar time, younger
Chinese Indonesians might not know Prabowo's previous, in order that they don't share the destructive

Prabowo and his supporters later based the Gerindra Social gathering. In 2009, President
Elections, he established a partnership with Megawati Sukarnoputr, PDI Chairman.
P, be his deputy in the presidential election, however the couple gained. In 2014, he tried
once again, this time introducing himself as a presidential candidate towards former Jakarta
Governor Yoko Widodo.

Prabowo's technique is to collaborate with radical Muslim groups and Islamic political events
although he himself is called a sophisticated leader. Prabowo camp typically created a race and
Islamic issues weaken political opponents. At first, this encountered a failure, but
2016-17 Re-election of Jakarta Governor, he succeeded in setting his own Muslim candidate
compete towards Chinese Christian Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok; they usually gained.
Prabowo continues to use the similar technique at this time.

Chinese Indonesians are usually not a homogeneous group and have totally different cultural, political, and
Monetary background. Briefly, their benefits range. One among the Chinese businessmen
supported by Prabowo is Lieus Sungkharisma (Li Xuexiong), who had beforehand been
Indonesian young Buddhist movement. When Suharto stepped down, he and some young
China was shaped by Partai Reformasi Tionghoa Indonesia (Parti), but this get together was unable
develop and not take part in nationwide parliamentary elections. Later he founded a
group referred to as Komunitas Tionghoa Anti-Korupsi (Anti-Corruption of the Chinese Group)
and Governor Ahok attacked his "misconduct".

Jusuf Hamka (A Bun), a Chinese businessman who was transformed to Islam during
The Suharto period, in collaboration with Lieu in his marketing campaign towards Ahok and Jokow. Jusuf
Hamka founded Muslim-Tionghoa-Indonesian (Indonesian Chinese Muslim)
foundation. When Prabowo Supported Entrance Pembela Islam (towards Islamic Defenders,
FPI's demonstrations towards Ahok in 2016, each Lieus and Jusuf Hamka brazenly
With FPI. In the identify of the Chinese Indonesian group, they appointed together
FPI Director, Habib Rezieq, "Man of the Year in 2016". They praised Rezieq
his management in 212 peaceable demonstrations that didn’t result in race and religion

The Chinese Indonesian group has apparently been divided to help the presidential candidates, however brazenly, those that supported Prabowo appeared to be little. Those who did not agree with the Prabowo Group responded to Lieu and Yusuf Hamkau and stated that they did not symbolize the Chinese Indonesian group. Anton Medan (Tan Kok Liong), Chairman of PITI, China's largest Muslim group with an extended historical past, commented that "only two [Lieus and Hamka] were present at the [honoring Rezieq] event and did not represent the Chinese community but themselves."

] Anton also claimed that Hamka didn’t symbolize Chinese Indonesian Muslims.13
Anton Medan is Ahok's keen supporter.


Some Chinese Indonesian businessmen will not be proud of Jokow they usually have
complained that there isn’t a state-run struggle towards Jokow's corruption
"Favorable" for the enterprise surroundings because bureaucrats are struggling to launch very slowly
allowed every time there are not any potential returns. Many businessmen are additionally not joyful
Jokow's Heavy Taxes.14 Others who haven’t been capable of take pleasure in the advantages
The Jokow administration hopes that one other government will make life simpler

On December 7, 2018, a gaggle of Chinese businessmen organized a banquet at a supernova
Solar Metropolis Jakarta Ballroom, situated in the Chinese business area. They referred to as Prabowon
in honor and speak about "Chinese and business in the eyes of Prabowo"
Subianto ". They are additionally going to ask for donations for the Prabowo presidential campaign

Prabowo gave 40 minutes of speech without textual content. He expressed his thanks
organizers, and famous that Chinese native Indonesians have the similar rights and rights
Indonesian Obligations of Other Ethnic Teams.15 “If I was elected President and I might
individuals's mandate, ”Prabowo stated,“ I try to defend all citizens
minority teams. “16” If an ethnic group or religion is handled badly and never
Justice is the duty of the leader to defend this group. ”17

Prabowo spoke about his life as a soldier and said his means of
numerous ethnic and non secular backgrounds. They’re all like individuals
Options: Goals, Want, and Worry .18 He went on to say that in each ethnicity
the group had dangerous parts; this was additionally the case with Java and in addition with the Chinese.
However he harassed that we should always not condemn the complete ethnic group simply because it was there

Prabowo also said that he admired China (Tiongkok) and Chinese tradition by saying that
life was influenced by Chinese philosophy. One among the Chinese words that he
It was reminded that: "There are too few friends and one enemy is too many." 19

Former social gathering Titiek Suharto and leader
members of his celebration. At night time there was one sudden program. After giving him
In his speech, Prabowo, who was still on stage, instantly announced that he needed to be invited
Titiek Suharto sings the track on stage. He advised the public that Titiek's interest is
singing including the track Mandarin songs

Titiek, who was in Indonesian conventional gown, walked on stage and acquired a microphone from MC. He moved to Prabowo, checked out him and commenced to sing the common Mandarin track "The Moon Represents My Heart" (月亮 代表 我 的 心). He was capable of sing the entire track in Mandarin, and Prabowo remained on stage with him, the entire music. The Suharto household nonetheless has a robust economic energy; they just lately
based a brand new social gathering, Partai Berkarya, which supports Prabowo in the presidential election.

The aim of this occasion was to point out that there are Chinese Indonesian businessmen who help
Prabowo; At the similar time, Prabowo additionally despatched a message to Chinese Indonesians
that he’s not an anti-ethnic Chinese and that he is capable of adapt to Chinese tradition.

In the interview, Chalra Suwono stated that
he hoped that Prabowo would turn into a new president. He additionally defined that donations
have been volunteers, and never all members have been requested to donate to the Prabowo campaign fund.
21 Plainly the Chinese businessmen concerned have been small and small
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and none of the Forbes listing was Tycoon.
Donations have been collected at the end of the gala dinner and an inventory of donors, 15 individuals
The whole was released the next day. It managed to collect 435 million rupees
S $ 43,500). 22, the largest donor was an individual referred to as Kasidi alias Ahok, who has
similar nickname with former Jakarta governor.23 This individual donated 250 million
rupees (S $ 25,000). The sum of money collected at the gala dinner was small, but
it exhibits that Prabowo has Chinese supporters.

As mentioned earlier, rich Chinese tycoons usually did not brazenly categorical
Jokow or Prabowo, because this may not serve their interests. However SMEs
Chinese businessmen shouldn’t have this worry as a result of they don’t seem to be well known and subsequently not

Nevertheless, there’s one rich Chinese Indonesian Tycoon who has publicly supported Jokow. This is Hary Tanoe, President of Perindo. During the 2014 presidential election he had supported Prabowo. 24 It isn’t clear what his choice has changed. He stated he would help Jokow this time as a result of Jokowi had executed an excellent job in creating the infrastructure.25 Social media said that Hary Tanoe was in conflict with Tutut Suharto at a TPI TV event. "Suppression" of an Supreme Courtroom Officer.27 This once more exhibits that the fashionable saying is respectable: There isn’t any permanent pal or lasting enemy in politics, however lasting self-interest!

* About the Writer: Leo Suryadinata visits ISEAS-Yusof Ishaki Institute Director

Supply: This text was revealed by ISEAS

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