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We're All State Enemies – OpEd – Eurasia Review

John W. Whitehead

We have now crossed this street many occasions before.

If the federal government is consistent about one thing, it is this: it has an unwavering tendency to benefit from crises and use them

As David C. Unger, editor of the New York Occasions New York Occasions explains, "Life, Freedom and happiness have given way to permanent crisis management: to control the planet and to combat the wars that prevent ideological control, usually in the face of our enemy's chosen and favorable terrain. Limited government and constitutional responsibility have been left aside by the Imperial Presidency, which our constitutional system is specifically designed to prevent. "

Cue Emergency State, a Machiavellian version of the federal government's crisis management that justifies any type of authorities tyranny referred to as Nationwide Safety.

Terrorist attacks, massacres, "unpredictable economic collapse, loss of a functioning political and legal order, appropriate domestic resistance or insurrection, comprehensive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters": the federal government has anticipated and ready for such crises for years.

It's all part of an enormous plan for complete management.

Authorities Proposed Response to Current Mass Investigation Rounds – Purple Flag Arms Laws, Obstacle Control, Fusion. facilities, menace assessments, mental well being assessments, inadvertent births – are simply more

These techniques have been used here in the USA and elsewhere by different totalitarian governments with devastating outcomes.

It's a simple enough components: first you create worry, you then use it.

For example, President Trump, in his remarks on the mass investigations in Texas and Ohio, promised to offer the FBI "everything needed" to research and disrupt hate crime and home terrorism.

Let it sink.

In America after September 11, Trump's pledge is sick of all remaining remnants of freedom. By way of this pledge, which was blatantly given with none clear thought of constitutional denials of such a breach, the President has given the FBI the inexperienced mild to violate American civil liberties in any means.

That's how the state of emergency works, in any case.

Although the injury brought on by these coups has been most evident in current presidential administrations – led by Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton – the seeds of this current insanity have been sown, in accordance with Unger, in 1940 when President Roosevelt, "the current out-of-constitution the founding father of a covered federal state for legitimate domestic political activity, "declared a national emergency.

So what does the federal government's rigorously calibrated response to this present crisis mean freedom as we all know it? Compliance and management.

At first, contemplate adopting Trump's purple-flag weapons laws, which permit the police to take away weapons from individuals suspected of being threats, solely including to government power.

Because the Washington Submit stories, these legal guidelines "allow a family member, roommate, beaver, law enforcement officer, or other type of medical professional to petition [with a court] for a temporary home on firearms. It does not require any mental diagnosis or arrest. "

Warning: These laws, which are gaining reputation as a legislative device to grab weapons from people who find themselves thought-about to be a hazard to themselves or others, are another Computer virus, a police stealth motion to realize extra energy over the unwell-thought-about and largely unbelieving population.

Seventeen states, plus the District of Columbia, now have pink flag laws of their books. This quantity is growing.

Legal guidelines on the confiscation of weapons – the Extreme Danger Safety Ordinance (ERPO) – might, within the midst of what looks like a genocide epidemic, can reassure those that consider that much less weapons in the population will make our society safer.

In fact, it doesn't all the time work that method.

Something – knives, automobiles, airplanes, strain boilers – can turn out to be a weapon when handled for deadly purposes. These purple flag weapon laws are supposed to disarm people who’re potential threats.

"We must put an end to dangerous people before they act": This is the rationale why the NRA supports these pink flags, and at first glance, it seems completely affordable to need to disarm those who are clearly suicidal and / or "imminent danger" to themselves or others.

However take into consideration what happened in Maryland after the police officer's attempt.

On Monday at 5 a.m., two cops appeared on the house of 61-year-previous Gary Willis to serve him. a courtroom order requiring him to give up his weapon. Willis answered the door, holding the gun. (In some states, a simple reply to a door held by a gun is enough for the police to kill you. They have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.) Willis initially put his gun aside while speaking to the police. Nevertheless, when police tried to serve him with a confiscation order, Willis reportedly turned "furious" and retook his weapon. At that time, the battle that led to the gun happening continued. Though the battle didn't harm anybody, one of many police shot and killed Willis.

In response to Anne Arundel County Police Chief, the capturing was a sign of the necessity for a purple flag regulation. What the police can't say with certainty is what they forestall by capturing and killing Willis.

There’s the danger of these purple flag legal guidelines, and particularly such anti-crime legal guidelines, especially whenever you put the facility to find out who is a potential danger within the palms of presidency businesses, courts and police.

In any case, this is identical government that makes use of the words "anti-government," "extremist" and "terrorist."

This is identical authorities that revealed a collection of 2009 studies by the Ministry of Homeland Security on proper and left wing "extremism" which broadly defines extremism as people, army veterans, and groups that "are largely anti-government, are dismissed by federal authorities in favor of the state or local government, or entirely. "

This is identical authorities as was first reported by the Wall Road Journa. L tracing army veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and characterizing them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats, as a result of they could be" dissatisfied, frustrated suffer the psychological effects of war. ”

This is the same government that continues to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows the military to arrest and detain US citizens without access to friends, family, or courts if they believe they are a threat.

This is the same government that has a growing list – shared with fusion centers and law enforcement agencies – of ideologies, behaviors, connections, and other characteristics that can make someone suspicious and lead to their potential state vi [19659002] For example, if you believe and exercise your constitutional rights (namely, your right to speak freely, to worship freely, to associate with like-minded individuals who share your political views, criticize the government, own a gun, demand an option before being questioned or sought or any other activity that may be considered anti-government, racist, bigot, anarchic or sovereign), you could be at the top of the Government's Terrorism Watch List.

In addition, the New York Times editorial warning may be anti-government extremist (alias) domestic terrorist) in the eyes of the police if you fear that the government will confiscate your firearm if you believe the economy will collapse and if you display an unusually large number of political and / or ideological bumper stickers in your car.

According to the latest FBI report, you may also be classified as a domestic terrorist threat if you support conspiracy theories, especially if you try to explain events or circumstances as a result of a group of Actors working secretly to benefit themselves "and" generally conflict with official or prevalent with. "

As well as, in response to Michael C. McGarrity, FBI Deputy Director of Counter-Terrorism. The division now classifies domestic terrorism threats into 4 essential categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government / anti-government extremist abuse, animal rights / environmental extremism, and abortion."

In other words, if you dare to accept views that are against the government, you may be suspected of being a domestic terrorist and be treated accordingly. 19659002] If many Americans go wrong, suppose you have to do something illegal or challenging government authorities to be mark as a suspect, mark the enemy of the state, and lock yourself in as a dangerous criminal.

The only thing you need is to question the state authorities.

Artificial Intelligence, Growing Up High Technique with the help of an arsenal of software, hardware and technology, government propaganda urges Americans to transform spyware and snooping, as well as social media and behavioral detection software, state spokesmen infectious spider webs into threat assessments, behavioral warnings, the purpose is to snipe potential enemies of the state.

It is the US police state's take on the hysterics of dystopia, pre-concealed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K. Dick. pre-crime and premeditated crime package.

In addition, the observant state-led artificialocrats do not even need to break a sweat by observing what you say, what you read, what you write, where you go, how much you spend, who you support and whom you communicate with. Artificial intelligence-driven computers are now working hard to appeal to social media, the Internet, text messaging, and phone calls for potentially anti-government remarks – all carefully stored, documented and stored for use against you one day at a time and in a place chosen by the government.

This is a world where science fiction writer Philip K. Dick described a minority report where the government is all-seeing, knowledgeable and all-powerful, and if you dare to step out of the way, dark-skinned police SWATs break a few main films management.

In Dick's dystopian police state, police combine extensive surveillance, behavior prediction techniques, data mining. and pre-emptive technology to capture potential criminals before they can do harm: crimes. In the movie Minority Report, a technology that John Anderton, the department head of the predecessor to T-crime in Washington, DC, trusts that his predictive policing has proven to be deceptive, identifies him as the next potential criminal and prevents him. As a result, Anderton not only tries to prove his innocence, but forces him to take drastic measures to avoid being imprisoned in a surveillance mode that uses biometrics and sophisticated computer networks to track his citizens.

American passes every day. the police state is moving much closer to mirroring the world of crime prevention, such as the minority report.

For example, police in major cities in the United States have used predictive police technology that allows them to identify individuals – or groups of individuals – most likely to commit crime in a particular community. Individuals are then informed that their movements and activities are being closely monitored and that criminal activities (by them or their partners) are subject to severe penalties.

In other words, the burden of proof is reversed: you are guilty before you are given the opportunity to prove you are innocent.

However, you dig the surface of such a surveillance / police state, and you find that the real purpose of crime preview is not security but surveillance. [19659002] The Red Flag Arms Act just pushes us much closer to a suspect society where everyone is potentially guilty of a crime and must be preventively rendered harmless.

Again, where many Americans go wrong, it is naive to assume that you are doing something illegal or harmful to get the flag and target it for some kind of intervention or arrest.

In fact, US police departments have been trying to identify and manage potential extremism threats, whether or not they can become real threats for some time.

Just as US patriotism law was used at the forefront of promoting a state-state, the government was able to establish far-reaching domestic espionage. The program that turned every American citizen into a criminal suspect, the government's anti-extremist program, otherwise makes legitimate, non-violent activity a potential extremist.

In fact, all you have to do these days to get on the government watch list or to be under strict control is using certain trigger words (like the cloud, pork and pirates), surfing the internet, communicating on a cellphone, dragging or stutter, driving, staying, meeting, expressing yourself in the social media, appearing to be mentally ill, serving in the military, disagreeing with law enforcement, inviting the sick to work, buying materials from the hardware store, taking flight or boating courses, appearing suspicious, seemingly uncooperative, or smell bad, appear in public while waving a toy gun or other weapon-like device (such as a water nozzle or remote control or walking stick), stare at the police, ask an authority, or appear to be a gun or advocates of freedom.

Be warned: When you get to this kind of government watch list – whether it's a terrorist watch list, mental health watch list, dissent watch list, or red flags watch list – there's no clear way to get out if you should be there or not.

You will be followed wherever you go.

You are designated as a potential threat and treated accordingly.

This is, on an ideological scale, a pre-crime of crime, and it's been a long time.

The government is building its pre-crime surveillance network with concert fusion centers (of which 78 nationwide, with partners in the corporate sector Tor and worldwide), data collection agencies, behavioral researchers, companies, social media and community organizations, and trusting in related epigenetics (where life experiences alter human genetic development) makeup).

If you're not scared yet, you should be.

Connect the dots.

Begin with the powers acquired by the government under US patriotic law, consider the government's ever-expanding definition of what it considers "extremist movements," then add governmental NDAA detention powers, National Security Agency's far-flung surveillance networks and fusion centers that collect and distribute, between the Länder and the Federal Police. [19659002] Add tens of thousands of armed, surveillance drones and balloons that are beginning to cover the American sky, a face recognition technology that recognizes and tracks you wherever you go and whatever you do. And then, to complement the picture, take them to real-time crime centers that are used in cities around the country. Attempts to "predict" crimes and determine so-referred to as offenses. Criminals earlier than they happen, with in depth oversight, complicated mathematical algorithms, and

I hope you've begun to know how straightforward it has been for the government to determine, mark, target, disassemble and arrest anyone it considers a potential menace to many from psychological sickness to army background and difficult its authority to only be on the federal government record persona non grata .

There’s all the time a worth to pay for the retention of authority.

Still, once I made it clear in my e-book Battlefield America: The Warfare on the American Individuals you don't even should be a dissident to get the government to flag for analysis. lance, censorship and arrest.

All you want is a citizen of the American police state.

John W. Whitehead is president of the Rutherford Institute and has written Battlefield America: Conflict for the People.

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