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The Natural Look of Luciferianism – Revealing Satanism and Witchcraft

and the mechanism behind their many years of international events on the examination of individuals I have develop into maybe somewhat obsessed with one specific matter – the source of evil and motivations. This fascination is just not because of the simple sad curiosity, but the strategic want to know the enemy. A lot as the destroyer must understand the conduct of the cockroaches, I attempt to perceive the conduct and nature of organized evil.

One essential thing that must be clarified first in individuals's minds is that evil actually does exist. Established propaganda has spent an enormous quantity of time, effort and capital making an attempt to honor society to consider that evil is nothing however a social structure – an opinion. The evil is presumably within the eye of the spectator; product of spiritual air con. This can be a lie. Simply because the concepts of beauty, the ideas of evil are actually attribute of our psyche of start.

Two particular areas of human psychology help this reality:

First, the work of Carl Jung (and extra broadly anthropologists corresponding to Joseph Campbell) was revealed to all individuals, regardless of the place on the earth they have been born, probably the most isolated of the Amazon From tribes to America's largest metropolis, carry the same archetypal symbols to their psyche. In other words, we all have the identical psychological parts in mind regardless of the surroundings.

This reality alone is so overwhelming for a contemporary man that some individuals even refuse to acknowledge it as a chance. We now have been educated by a laboratory for rats to see just one path via the maze; we’ve got been advised once more and once more that every little thing is "relative"; that each human being is a totally environmental product and that all of us start with empty "empty chunks".

The evil attacks on Carl Jung by the establishment (together with the lies he made with the Nazis) reported that Jung was very close to the character. He had come throughout a really dangerous plant;

Secondly, the indeniable existence of human conscience suggests that we have been born with an understanding of duality. Which means, just as Jung found, in our psyche there are innate good and dangerous ideas that influence our determination and our reactions. Jung referred to dangerous or psychologically damaging impulses as "personal shadow" and "collective shadow".

Most individuals have an intuitive relationship to good and evil. They feel nervousness once they face evil deeds or ideas, and they feel personal guilt once they know they’ve accomplished something improper with different individuals. Some might name this a "moral compass". I check with it as half of the soul or spirit

In any case, there is a contingent on the earth that doesn’t have it – a small part of the inhabitants born with out conscience or who finds it straightforward to disregard conscience. We’ll get to those individuals in a moment, however first of all we should always in all probability outline what is dangerous.

Evil is above all a measure that seeks to destroy, exploit, or enslave in the identify of private victory or satisfaction. Unfortunately, dangerous acts are sometimes misrepresented to the group, which makes them morally acceptable. The wants of many are more likely to exceed the needs of a couple of, and so the evil is rationalized as a "positive end" to "greater good".

Generally, nevertheless, damaging actions don’t serve the interests of the bulk, and finally only give more wealth and energy to the elite minority. This is no coincidence.

The evil begins to disclaim the existence of conscience or to disclaim the existence of selection. Each human being is born with the power or freedom to decide on. We will take heed to conscience, or we will ignore it. We will do good, or we will do evil. Evil says that the choice is relative and that morality is relative; that there isn’t any distinction between a sensible choice and a nasty selection, or that the flawed selection is the only selection.

We additionally have to define motivation that drives evil. Psychology would recommend that devastating self-serving actions outcome from an obsessive want to realize or management things that we can’t or shouldn’t. Additionally it is fascinating that some religions train us, but we stick with earthly research.

As talked about above, there are a selection of individuals on the earth who don’t see good and evil, as most of us do. Their psyche works in a totally totally different means with no filter of conscience. These individuals have the traits of narcissistic sociopaths. Full blown high-degree narcissistic sociopaths symbolize about 1–5% of the whole inhabitants, and most of them are born, not their setting. Additionally, 5-10% of individuals contemplate the latent options of narcissism or sociopathy, which often rise to the floor of an unstable crisis middle.

I have written extensively narcissistic sociopaths and globalization in a number of articles. I have also outlined how such individuals, versus the overall perception, will not be separate from each other. They really arrange teams for mutual benefit.

There’s an ideology or belief system that defends what’s conscience, which tells us to be "good", and this technique is luciferianism. The truth is, Luciferianism appears to have probably the most effect on the current damaging "islands" in our society (including socialism and globalism). My principle is that Luciferianism is a religion or a cult designed by sociopathic narcissists for the socialist narcissists

Typically the actual sacraments behind Luciferianism are troublesome to recognize as a result of the Lucifer individuals refuse to admit that the system is a faith at all. They prefer it as a philosophy or technique no less than in public. The system also seems to encourage lively disinformation to stop or mislead others. The historical term for this spiritual secret is "occultism". I call it "elitism"

There are some elementary beliefs that the Lucifer individuals brazenly admit. First, the purpose of Luciferianism is to achieve divinity. In different words, they consider that some individuals have the power to develop into gods via the gathering of knowledge

I’ve written up to now deity of the goal up to now, by outlining how quantum physics and Kurt Gödel epätäydellisyystodistus to make a universal scientific and mathematical statement and understanding unattainable. However mathematical reality doesn’t forestall the luciferic circles from destroying what they don’t have. By expanding, scientific information that isn’t practiced in discipline, wisdom, and moral compass can result in catastrophe. Material information is all the time distorted by those who search divine energy.

The concept of self-service is the core function of sociopathic narcissists; Luciferianism solely codifies it as if it have been a advantage. Another drawback associated with the thought of ​​turning into a god is that one inevitably develops a want for followers and worshipers. What is a savior with no flock? But how does an individual get a flock and turn out to be extra god?

Secondly, the Lucifer individuals claim to seek to extend the power of the individual usually. In the minds of many, this doesn’t sound unfavourable at all. I have even asserted the significance of individualism in the midst of social control. In contrast, all ideologies may be taken to the acute.

The follow of particular person satisfaction could be pushed too far to the purpose that the individuals around us start to endure. As a result of of the elitist nature of Luciferianism, they don’t essentially search the elevation of ALL people, but certain "earning" individuals. There is a tendency to think about non-supporters "worse"; foolish individuals who must be minimize as sheep from those who carry the overwhelming dream of private deity.

This angle can also be mirrored in the joint actions of narcissistic sociopaths, who haven’t any capability to affiliate or exploit individuals round them as assets, feeding non-parasites. They think about this a suitable apply because they contemplate themselves to be particular; they are supposed to succeed in more than the ignorant rabble. They’re presupposed to do nice things, and their picture is meant to close right down to history.

Elitism of Luciferianism is hardly hidden. The Lucifer individuals declare that they don’t seem to be excited about changing other individuals. As an alternative, supporters have to be "smart enough" to have the ability to come into the system of faith alone. Nevertheless, their aim of influencing residents by means of social and political fields is sort of obvious.

Political gatekeepers who usually are not brazenly luciferists have a tendency to slip their connections sometimes. Excessive-degree left-wing organizer and democratic gatekeeper Saul Alinsky praises the rebellious Lucifer in his private confessions for his political beliefs on "Radical Rules", through which he says:

shoulder recognition for the primary radical: all our legends, mythology and history (and who is aware of mythology and historical past) (and who is aware of mythology leaves off and history begins – or whatever it’s – the first radical recognized to the man who rebelled towards the plant and did it so effectively that he no less than gained his own kingdom – Lucifer. ”

Luciferianism can also be widespread in international institutions. For instance, the UN seems to be very involved in ideology by way of teams akin to Lucis Belief, Alice Bailey, an avid promoter of luciferianism, who additionally owned Lucifer Publishing Firm. Lucis Belief is headquartered in a UN constructing in New York and nonetheless has a personal library of occult books from the UN in the present day. Former UN leaders, comparable to Robert Muller, have been intently associated with Lucis Trust and Alice Baily and brazenly promoted Luciferianism. Muller performed a central position within the UN's international coverage on schooling for youngsters and established quite a few branches according to international governance. You possibly can read Robert Muller's white books about forming a worldwide authorities on his Good Morning World website.

Luciferians strategy international governance, as they do every part else – with the assistance of heavy propaganda spin. Muller argues that the aim have to be put to the general public with the thought of ​​"protecting the country". In other words, he believed that environmental safety was the key to convincing the plenty of the need to centralize full power within the palms of international establishments. Luciferia's beliefs are sugar-coated in many floral and noble-sounding patterns. However what do they really do?

Some Luciferians adopt a Gnostic place on the devil's character and claim to solely value the idea as a mythology as a devil that exists as a literal power. Some Gnostic Texts describe Devil as a "good friend" and God as a "bad guy" within the Genesis story; God is a ruthless slave grasp and a serpent "liberator" who brings to mankind details about the material world. Lucifer is introduced as a sort of Prometheus; Titanium, who stores hearth from God and gave it to man

This publication of "Lucifer as a Heroic Savior" is quite common. Manly P. Corridor, a 33-degree freemason and influential New Age author, is quoted in his assortment "The All Seeing Eye":

Lucifer represents individual mind and will that rebels nature domination and tries keep itself towards the impulse of nature. Lucifer within the type of Venifer is a morning star spoken within the Revelation, to be given to those who win the world.

One luciferic mannequin solely depicts an archetypal idea, a mythological comfort felt that helps us face the loneliness of existence. They don’t consider that the physique of the physical God exists, but wonders how they will reconcile the existence of pure psychological archetypes with that concept? Where did the archetypes come from when there isn’t any artistic design or meaningful which means for mankind?

Extra unobtrusive luciferans are typically claimed to have Lucifer's mythological determine separated from the "Satan" Christian image. The identify "Lucifer" isn’t talked about immediately in the Bible in relation to Satan (regardless that the phrase "morning star", the direct translation of the phrase "lucifer" is mentioned in reference to Satan). But this statement seems slightly absurd and uncomfortable. For hundreds of years, the term Lucifer has been synonymous with the satan in public consciousness. Luciferians appear to attempt to separate themselves from the unfavorable meanings of Satanism by way of the twisted type of the word and semantics.

However why do they care? Until, of course, they seek to affect public consciousness and they perceive that it’s troublesome to promote individuals to Satanism, they need to put one's face on previous and ugly thought. Satanists typically discuss with Lucifer and Satan in the identical spirit as the same chapter. On this document, Anton LaVey, who’s a nicely-recognized representative in Satanic and Luciferian circles, does just that.

LaVey is taken into account worse by irritation of probably the most advertising luciferous groups. I think that his publicity about what the Luciferian perception actually is is seen as too trustworthy. These individuals consider in secrecy and initiation. They do not just like the darker aspect of the world to see and consider.

Directly to Antithesis Anton LaVey as Michael Aquino, a army intelligence skilled specializing in psychological warfare. Satanic Church, however left to start out a extra marketable Temple Of Set. Aquino is greatest recognized for his tactical dissertation on psychological warfare, which he wrote to Common Paul Vallely (written as "Paul E Valley") referred to as "From Psyop To Mind War". The thesis describes the use of propaganda and other methods to show the goal inhabitants towards itself, both to destroy the population concerned or to regulate it more simply with out ever having to make use of direct army pressure.

Aquino's Thoughts Struggle presents the luciferian perception in "magic," but no magic in how fashionable tradition understands it. Luciferians consider within the power of magic phrases and symbols in the type of psychological key phrases and archetypes. In different phrases, they have introduced archetypal psychology, however when Carl Jung used archetypal psychology to improve mental and emotional sicknesses, Lucifer individuals use archetypes to control and control basic considering.

That is typically the case with widespread tradition and films. Truthstream Media has produced a superb document on this subject, which I recommend.

There are more apparent examples, reminiscent of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, through which the Androids rebelled towards their slavery and creator and ultimately kill him. Then there’s extra repulsive entertainment, such because the unpleasant occasions of Netflix, which starts with the enjoyable of the comic youngsters's story, however ends up displaying the essence of each luciferian perception as a prerequisite for moralism, moral relativism, useless and dominating God's character surrounded by cycophants, and even a snake with an apple that accommodates "knowledge" to save lots of the protagonists from the horrible fate.

Solely Luciferianism must be enough to warn individuals of their promises and claims. Mankind has spent an element of 2000 years making an attempt to get rid of the consequences of the key occultist elitism (excessive priest class) on our political and social buildings. Nevertheless, these individuals are uncompromising in their energy

Regardless of what the luciferans undertake their ideology, the fruits of their actions converse rather more strongly than propaganda. Via globalization efforts, I see it as a want for cancer to regulate civilization and all elements of human considering. I additionally see the distortion of nature as they search to get what they call "divinity." Transhumanism and genetic manipulation carry all of the characteristics of the Luciferian excellent. Regardless of their spiritual ties, it is troublesome to seek out any value in your system. The whole lot about it endangers the pure conscience.

If it’s a must to lie concerning the motives of your philosophy to embrace your philosophy, your philosophy have to be dangerously imperfect or direct cataclysm.

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