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Reading a Customer Book

Take a peek inside BIG E and the SANTA MAN


If you’re in a bookstore, you learn the first few pages of a guide to see for those who prefer it before buying. You’ve an analogous choice at, too. When you click on on a ebook’s cowl picture, a Look Inside link seems.

Look Inside Amazon Book

In case you click on Look Inside, you’ll be able to learn the primary seven pages of my rock & roll Christmas fantasy.

I’d wish to make it even easier for you to do this right right here, so you’ll be able to see what the story is like, how Elvis is portrayed, how nicely the writing is completed, and so on. Please learn following Chapter 1 of the guide. I’m assured you will take pleasure in it quite a bit, and perhaps you’ll be motivated to click on on this Amazon link to buy a replica. [Note: the illustrations are not in the book, but it is a blogger axiom that you must break up large chunks of text with pictures.]


Harsh and Desolate Frozen Landscape


– Chapter 1 –

A Trek to the North Pole


Late September, 1977…

The relentless arctic wind swirled over a harsh and desolate world. Glacial fields, broken by jagged ice outcroppings, stretched between ridges of foreboding mountains. A solitary determine, with a backpack and guitar case slung over his shoulders, climbed up one of many decrease slopes. He slipped and stumbled, crushed by wind-driven snow, as he fought to succeed in the highest of the ridge.

With out warning, his footing gave approach and he slid downward at a daunting velocity. His shoulder bounced off a big crag, slowing him down. He flailed wildly with both arms, and grabbed an outcropping to cease his fall. The person clung there, panting, and shifted his ft around until he discovered a strong foothold. He pulled himself collectively, checked to see that the guitar case was undamaged, then struggled on.

He clawed himself to the highest and saw the thing of his unimaginable trek – an inviting valley, bathed in daylight, with lovely evergreen timber and holly bushes all around.

Santa's Castle at the North Pole

And, proper in the middle, stood Santa’s citadel. Not far from it, a tall pink and white object stood by like a sentinel. Even from this distance, the traveler felt certain it was the North Pole.

He took a deep breath and started down the incline toward the citadel with new resolve.  Instantly, a shaft of power shot down from the sky, locked onto his physique, and lifted him three ft within the air.

“What the heck!”


“Weasel, put that man down immediately.” The thin previous man’s outburst shattered the quiet hum of the spacecraft’s command bridge. He managed to get his anger underneath management, but his disposition remained as dark and grim as his soiled black lab coat and tangle of unkempt hair.

Weasel jutted out his chin, flashing his displeasure with the command, however he grumbled, “Yes, sir,” and moved a lever on his management panel.

The previous man continued his rant. “You need to get over this idea that I’m merely a brilliant scientist. I’m also the commander of this spacecraft, and you guys don’t make the decisions. I do. Sometimes you Humbahs are so stupid.”

Weasel headed a gaggle referred to as the Humbahs, four elves who had washed out with Santa a number of years earlier. They have been all surly and stubborn, especially Weasel. He had purple spiked hair, and wore a closely studded, sleeveless black leather jacket. His face sported a number of piercings, and numerous tats coated his little arms.

The commander turned again to his telescope monitor display and watched because the traveler settled slowly back to the mountainside. Dammit, I actually should maintain these Humbahs beneath tighter control, he thought. Evil elves with no qualms about ruining Christmas should make the correct crew for my plot, however typically that unbiased streak of theirs drives me loopy.

Scrooge the Villain

Then the previous man twisted to face the elf once more. “Weasel, what the hell did you think you were doing?”

“Just having a little fun,” he stated with a tone of insolence. “I wasn’t going to hurt the man – just shake him up.”

“We’re not here to have fun. We’re here to complete a mission.”

Weasel straightened up in his chair and puffed out his chest. “Well, we’ve tested our prototype transporter beam on big rocks and stuff, so why not on a person? It didn’t do any harm.”

The scientist snorted at Weasel’s continued defiant angle. “You better hope there’s no harm. That man is obviously going to Santa’s castle. Suppose he tells what happened to him, and Santa gets suspicious and figures out we’re back with another plot this year to ruin Christmas.”

Weasel shot again, “Even if he does, there’s nothing Santa can do about it.”

The commander shook his head in exasperation and turned back to the monitor display.


The traveler settled gently onto the mountain slope. He sat there for a second, unharmed, questioning what simply happened. Then, he seemed forward and locked his eyes on Santa’s fort. His thoughts spun back to the task at hand, and he stood up, shrugged, and continued his journey.

About halfway down the mountain, the traveler realized it was getting hotter – however the snow was not melting. The decrease he went, the warmer it obtained. When the slope leveled off, he thought, it seems like a stunning spring day, but there’s snow on the bottom. That is fairly cool. He unzipped his heavy parka and pulled back the hood.

Quickly he reached some extent where he might make out the small print of the North Pole. It appeared to be virtually two ft in diameter and over thirty ft tall. The traveler hadn’t recognized what to anticipate, but its large measurement stunned him.

The traveler noticed two younger elves ahead enjoying within the snow. They seemed up and stared at him, then scurried off across the corner of Santa’s citadel and out of sight.

As the traveler handed the North Pole, he observed a small compartment door about three ft off the bottom. It seemed like it may cowl some kind of management panel and had a mixture lock securing it. He questioned why it was so low, then smiled when he realized the answer. That door is about for elf peak. I’ll guess one among them opens it up and works some type of switches or dials. Marvel what it does?

He trudged ahead to Santa’s fort, a sprawling stone construction with multiple turrets and Tudor-style wood trim on the gables. The snow on the roof made it a picture-perfect picture, and it beckoned him with an irresistible pull.

The traveler reached the steps, climbed as much as the porch, and paused in front of the door. Properly, that is it. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

In a number of seconds, the door opened to disclose a well-known face. Santa smiled broadly when he saw his new visitor, and stated, “Welcome to the North Pole. We don’t get many visitors right here, but we’re real glad to see you, Mister….“ Santa paused.

He didn’t greet me with ‘Hello Elvis,’ so I assume he doesn’t know, or else he’s cuttin’ me some slack. Yeah, that’s in all probability it. “Well, sir, aaah, aaah…you can call me… aaah….Big E.”

Santa reached out and shook his hand. “Well, Big E, won’t you come on in?”

“Thank you, Santa,” he stated as he handed by means of the door. “I’m really sorry to show up unannounced like this, but I’m hopin’ I might be able to stay here for a while. There’s some stuff goin’ on with my life, and I need to get away, you know?”

“You’re welcome to stay here as long as you like, Big E.” Santa appeared at the guitar case. “I presume you can play that guitar or you wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to lug it up here.”

Huge E laughed. “There’s some debate about that, but I can hit a few licks.”
“Well, four of the elves entertain us with music occasionally,” Santa stated. “They would like to play rock and roll, but it’s not going so well. Maybe you could work with them and help them along.”

“Oh, I’d love to. It would be great to get back to makin’ music again, just for fun.”

“Excellent. Say, can I help you get that heavy parka off?”

After Massive E shed his gloves and coat, he tugged on his unfastened pants and shirt. “I guess I lost about fifty pounds making this trek. It’s been years since I’ve been this trim.”

“That’s nothing,” Santa stated. “It’s been centuries since I’ve been trim.” They each laughed.

Massive E appeared round and took in the grandeur of Santa’s front room. Large beams and sturdy wood decking towered over rough-sawn walls and a dark-pegged hardwood flooring. A huge couch and two overstuffed armchairs shaped a semi-circle dealing with the huge stone hearth. Christmas decorations adorned the tables and partitions, and a sturdy Christmas tree by some means supported an in depth display of ornaments.

“Oh, wow,” Huge E stated. “This is some place you’ve got here.”

Santa nodded. “It suits Mama Claus and me quite well. Say, let’s go out to the kitchen and I’ll introduce you to her.”

As they headed throughout the room, Massive E requested, “I noticed the temperature around your castle is quite mild, but the snow doesn’t melt. Why is that?”

Santa stroked his chin. “For now, let’s just say that it’s one of the many magical properties of the North Pole. I’ll explain it all to you later, but you’ll be happy to know that anyone living at the North Pole never gets any older.”

Huge E smiled but did not reply. Oh, man, that is going to be even better than I assumed.


Big E and the Santa Man

I hope you loved the first chapter of BIG E and the SANTA MAN. Like all good writer, I attempted to work in as many issues as potential to hook the readers. There’s our two iconic title characters, an evil villain and his bad-elf henchman, hints about all the magical properties of the North Pole, and point out of the 4 musically-inclined elves who will pair up with Huge E to play some critical rock & roll.

In fact, the entire concept is complete fantasy, however it positive makes for a fun story. I say this yearly: BIG E and the SANTA MAN is the right Christmas current for Elvis followers. Please click right here to go to the Amazon web page, then e mail the hyperlink to your sweetie with this in the subject box: I would like this e-book for Christmas.



Or. should you reside within the U.S. and need a signed copy, and you’ve got a PayPal account, send an e-mail to philarnold@constitution.internet.  Tell me what inscription you need in your e-book, and I’ll maintain the remaining.


Santa's World Cover

I want to finish by paraphrasing the message on the above journal cowl.

Who is that this Massive E man?

And can he be underneath your Christmas tree?



Phil Arnold, Unique Elvisblogmeister




Who Are These Two Guys?

 Santa and Big E in Jet Sled

Even in case you are just studying ElvisBlog for the primary time, I’m positive you recognized them as Santa Claus and Elvis Presley. Nevertheless, should you’ve been a reader for the past two years, then you realize them as Santa Man and Massive E, the characters in my rock & roll Christmas fantasy.

Why have they got totally different names? In my story, Massive E is how Elvis launched himself to Santa when he first arrived at the North Pole. Santa Man is just a playful nickname that Huge E gave Santa once they turned good pals.

OK, so what’s the strange-looking factor they’re flying around in? Again, first-time visitors to this weblog may say: “Appears like a gold Caddy convertible with runners as an alternative of wheels and some sort of purple propulsion flame coming out the back. Lengthy-time weblog readers know that is Massive E’s jet sled. It was specially made for him by Santa’s elves, and it plays a big half of their teaming as much as save Christmas in my e-book BIG E and the SANTA MAN.


Big E and Santa in Jet Sled

This sorry-looking drawing was the jet sled image on the primary printing two years in the past. I traced the strains of a 1959 Cadillac and drew the runners. I used to be making an attempt to maintain the costs down because graphic artists are costly. I did should pay for her so as to add flames and sky background and to chop and paste Santa and Massive E into the jet sled.

I knew it was fairly amateurish, so I put it on the again cowl. I spent the actual money getting the designer to make a professional-looking front cowl. Then, last yr, I noticed this image.

Runners to put on Jet sled

I used to be like “Wow,” that’s the sort of runners I would like on Huge E’s jet sled. Extra to the point, they might be the sort of sharp, trendy accessories Elvis would want on a prized car. I had made somewhat cash on guide sales, so I forked out a few of it to have the designer put them on my so-so drawing.

Jet Sled Picture to use in Promotion

The shiny metallic runners look so a lot better, and the purple flames have been an enchancment, so this image went on the again cover last yr. Nonetheless, I wasn’t actually proud of it. Then I found this image on the internet:

Caddy Convertible front view

I sent the picture to the graphic artist an requested, “Can you change it to gold, and replace the wheels with runners, and put Santa and Big E in it?” She stated, “Sure, but it will take some time and cost you some real money.” I swallowed onerous and stated, “Yes, do it, but be gentle with your bill.” What she produced was excellent, so it was time for a new cover.

2017 New Front Cover - Big

The title font is identical as on the first printing, and two weeks ago I defined concerning the change in the tag line.

Arising with a e-book cover is a studying expertise. A number of people steered that as a result of there are two title characters, they need to both be on the duvet. This was not the case on the first printing, and I might see their point.

Big E and the Santa Man Final Cover

Some observers stated the primary cover was too busy, too much stuff. I might see that, too. However, another thing stunned me. Half of the parents I asked had no concept what the constructing was. This was regardless of the presence of Santa within the title, the North Pole nearby, and the phrase Claus over the front door. One non-Elvis fan even asked, “Is it Graceland?” Give me a break.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, the tag line within the pink decoration didn’t give any clue what the story was about. So, once I had the new jet sled image, it was time for an entire entrance cowl redesign. I’m really proud of it.

And you may be completely satisfied, too, in the event you get a replica of this e-book. It’s obtainable on Click on right here to go to the e-book’s web page where you will get it for $7.99 or the Kindle eBook for $2.99.

Amazon Page - Big E and the Santa Man


There’s additionally one factor I failed to say within the first two Christmas season promotional pitches. Although I wrote the e-book to attraction to Elvis followers, it can be loved by adolescent or young grownup readers. The story is squeaky clean. I need to get Graceland to purchase my guide and make it into a one hour animated Christmas particular, which would be watched by all ages. Plus my possibilities with Graceland might be enhanced if Huge E is portrayed as straight-arrow type of man. We all know he used some saucy language in actual life, however not in my story.

The phenomenon of Elvis’ continued reputation is as a result of new generations of followers hold coming alongside. The place do they get this inclination from? Principally their mother and father or even their grandparents.

So, when you’ve got a younger member of the family who doesn’t find out about Elvis like you do, give them my nifty Christmas fantasy. As soon as they’ve learn BIG E and the SANTA MAN, they may like this Huge E guy, and you’ll have an opening to tell them all about Elvis.

But don’t overlook to get a replica for yourself or copies to provide to others. The report for books bought by one individual to provide to others is eleven. Like I’ve stated before, this is the right Christmas present for all Elvis fans. So, how about clicking on this Amazon hyperlink and getting a replica?



Phil Arnold





Sure, that might be quite a dream… Elvis goes as much as the North Pole, and Santa welcomes him to reside in the fort with him and Mama Claus and the elves. But there could possibly be extra to this fantasy.

Rather more!

Suppose there’s a diabolical villain hovering above the North Pole in a space station, intent on ruining Christmas.

What if he has invented a tool that might allow him to do exactly that? And when he places his plot into motion on Christmas Eve, he forces Santa to dump all of the presents over the aspect of the sleigh. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, Santa’s sleigh crashes in the course of the frantic try and land again at the North Pole.

At this point, the dream is more like a nightmare about Christmas being ruined.

But, that’s where Elvis jumps into motion. Huge E, as he is now recognized to the North Pole household, emerges as a dynamic, resourceful foe for the villain. Do you keep in mind how young Elvis was enamored with Captain Marvell Jr, and fantasized about doing all that type of hero stuff? Now as an grownup, he gets his probability, and he’s up for the challenge. Not even Captain Marvell Jr obtained to save lots of Christmas. But Elvis does in my guide…




Don’t get the concept Santa is simply alongside for the journey while the confrontations play out. Rest assured that Santa comes via with a couple of clever tips up his sleeve, too. He could also be jolly previous fellow, but he has internal power to draw on when needed.

Sure, teamwork between Santa and Huge E is the important thing to saving Christmas. This story follows the most effective traditions of what are often known as buddie films. Elvis never made a buddie movie, so that is as shut as you’re ever going to get. You will just love Santa and Elvis teaming as much as save Christmas. You simply will — in case you buy this guide.

BIG E and the SANTA MAN 2017 Front Cover


You’ll notice this cowl design is totally different than the one I posted the last two years in the course of the e-book’s promotion on ElvisBlog. Gone is the subtitle:

Subtitle on Christmas Ball Ornament

I really appreciated this at first because it was such an correct description of the story. In reality, if had a style referred to as Rock & Roll Christmas Fantasy, my e-book can be the most important seller. Because there has by no means been another guide billing itself as that.


However regularly I began to assume a better subtitle would assist potential readers perceive what the two title characters do within the ebook. What I wanted was a brief, concise line, so nothing might be higher than:

BIG E and the SANTA MAN new subtitle


There’s also an enormous change within the image on the duvet of BIG E and the SANTA MAN. I’ll speak about this in the subsequent promotional submit here on ElvisBlog. Between now and Christmas, I can be discussing my e-book a number of occasions. However I’ll hold the regular posts coming as properly.

For now, let me offer you a quick pitch. You frequently learn my blog and prefer it. In the event you learn my e-book, you will like it, too. Most essential, you want Elvis, and this can be a nifty story about him doing courageous heroic deeds to save lots of Christmas. Dozens of Elvis followers have read this ebook and stated great issues about it in emails and critiques. I’m confident you will really feel the identical means.


The worth is simply $7.99 on Get the guide for yourself or have someone give it to you as a gift.

Amazon Page - Big E and the Santa Man

So, why not click on here now and order BIG E and the SANTA MAN on Or, you will get the eBook in your Kindle at just $2.99. A discount, either approach.


Thank you, thankyouverymuch.

Phil Arnold



Elvis -- Diamond and Opal Ring - Side View

The previous two Auctions at Graceland have been loaded with Elvis rings. The one on January 7 (through the celebration of Elvis’ birthday) had five rings, and the one on March four (through the opening celebration for Elvis Presley’s Memphis) had six. And one ring at first appeared to have been bought at both auctions, however a better look revealed they are examples of Elvis buying multiples of the identical or comparable rings from his favorite jeweler, Lowell Hays. First, listed here are the rings bought in January.

Learn more

Elvis Presley's Pyramid Ring in Case

Within the final two two auctions I’ve followed this yr, eleven rings owned by Elvis have come up on the market. We’ll in all probability by no means know precisely how many he had through the years, but with this publish, ElvisBlog may have coated over sixty-five within the Elvis’ Fabulous Rings collection.

The primary eight rings right here have been provided at the Julien’s Rock Icons Auction in Might 2016.

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4 Elvis Rings from Auction at Graceland

Within the first 5 elements of this collection, ElvisBlog has featured over 50 rings Elvis owned.  He positive did love rings, didn’t he? The January 7, 2016 Public sale at Graceland had a couple of more, so let’s have a look.

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Five Elvis Rings

The earlier 4 articles on this collection required a whole lot of legwork. I might discover one or two rings at totally different auctions or websites, and over time would have sufficient to fill a publish. This time, I’m lucky. The just lately completed Auction at Graceland had eight fabulous Elvis rings, and 6 beat the estimates.

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I don’t know what number of rings Elvis owned in his lifetime, but ElvisBlog has reported on 33 of them to date in the first three elements of this collection.  Listed here are 9 more.


Horse Head/Horseshoe Ring;

Elvis' Horse head-Horse Shoe Ring

Learn more


It was a sluggish course of assembling the rings for Part 1 of this collection – 13 rings from ten rock and roll memorabilia auctions over a 4 yr interval.  Part 2 was just a little easier – eleven rings from four auctions plus the website Elvis Moments in Time.  For “Elvis’ Fabulous Rings — Part 3,” all of them came from one public sale that simply ended on August 14.  It was the Ultimate Elvis Auction held in Memphis by Heritage Auctioneers over Elvis Week.  Let’s take check out ten extra rings Elvis owned and gave away to a girlfriend, music associates, and Memphis Mafia buddies.


Diamond Cluster Ring:


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In March 2011, ElvisBlog introduced a pictorial essay displaying thirteen Elvis-owned rings that had bought at public sale within the previous 5 years.  A couple of more Elvis’ rings have changed palms in auctions since then, but numerous websites have offered pictures of other rings he owned, most together with vital historic or worth info.  So, let’s take a look at ten more of Elvis’ fabulous rings.

Diamond and Opal Ring:

The subsequent time you take a look at concert pictures of Elvis in his jumpsuits, take a look at his fingers.  You will observe that he often has three or four rings on each hand.  Elvis should have actually liked rings, however he was also very generous with them and gave many away.  Due to that, fairly a number of have finally ended up at rock and roll memorabilia auctions.  Through the past three years alone, 13 Elvis rings have been provided at ten totally different auctions.

Diamond Owl Ring:

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