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Second Surlievor Memo – More Dr. Mengele, Smoking Chimneys and Nonsense Murder by Yehuda Bacon | Elie Wiesel Worsens the World Another Surlievor Memo – More Dr. Mengele, Smoke Chimneys and Awful Murder by Yehuda Bacon

Yehuda Bacon says he has taken this father's "portrait" that rose to smoke at Auschwitz when he was 16 years old. He became a professional artist.

Posted on October 1, 2016 at 11:43

Yehuda Bacon says he has drawn this father's "portrait" that rose to smoke at Auschwitz when he was 16 years previous. He turned an artist and instructor recognized for his unbelievable Holocaust imagery.

Carolyn Yeager

Bild, Germany's most popular tabloid, has reported a brand new memoir with one other Holocaust shock "world famous" artist Yehuda Bacon (not to be confused with Yad Vashem's Yehuda Bauer). Yes, Bacon is the surname of this Orthodox Jewish man, apparently truthfully, in case you assume it's a nasty joke.

Elderly Yehuda Bacon at Jerusalem Studio in August 2008 with a few of his "world famous art" inspired by the Holocaust

topic. Which means Bacon can’t write himself. Some have been launched to Bild and inspired the hack writer to supply a sensationalized article that seems on Day by day Mail On-line. Day by day Mail is a British tabloid, pretty much like Bild in Germany. The Holocaust tales are a feed for tabloids – they love and can't get enough of them.

I'll start with Day by day Mail – hold you studying as a result of there's much more to this story. Their title was "Mengele WHISTLED Mozart, when he chose victims for gas chambers, reveals the family." Cute, proper? I'm unsure we've heard it earlier than.

It begins: "One of Auschwitz's most horrifying officials has revealed a survivor … who was only 15 years old when he looked at his father being removed for killing. "

". Bacon said, "He has to love Mozart as a result of if he was bored throughout the selection, he all the time hated Mozart." "

Might this 15-year-previous even acknowledge Mozart's melody, let it all the time be when Dr. Josef Mengele went by means of the alleged selection process that was imagined to happen steadily and elsewhere around the camp? an in depth relationship with this Nazi that he knew even why Mengele hated. ] orphaned boys who claimed to influence Dr Mengel to be added to the record. he is aware of Mengel's moods and habits? I'm unsure. However Bacon also stated Mengel to extend his bonus: "He was always right, he never won us children" who recommended that others did or the physician may need gained adults. In reality, Mengele was a really friendly man whose position in Auschwitz was actually to keep the camp and the individuals in it free from the disease.

The Day by day Mail article was brief, its solely objective is to deliver out the "whistling Mozart" state of affairs that helps the Nazi-favored theme of superficially cultivated barbarians, and German culture is a suspect. In case you assume individuals are too clever to fall into this, simply read the publish-article feedback. Londoner wrote: "Oh God, I whistle all the time, I never read this again … .."

The Bild interview

For the Bild article, they themselves write that 15-year-previous Bacon escaped Auschwitz What? It's the similar factor Bild wrote about Joshua Kaufman! Nonsense and disgrace in Bild (though they haven’t any disgrace). Nothing has been stated that Bild revealed in the interview. I simply copied a few photographs.


Yehuda Bacon Drawing: Pastries that circulate out of the crematorium chimney at night time, bare in an electrical fence, and railway tracks – all symbols of the Jewish Holocaust story that haven’t any grounds

Manfred Lütz : The Finish of Auschwitz

Jehuda Bacon : January 18, 1945, we needed to take everybody who stayed there. Some tried to cover as a result of it was clear: This is the end. Now the Russians are coming. We heard the weapons from afar. Everybody had to take part … we even received bread for the trip and we waited until everybody was there.

[…] [19659959] Then we went out. I still keep in mind clearly, and precisely once we marched out, the crematoria have been blown. We nonetheless heard these voices and saw it. Then we went to two or three nights with no break to Blechhammer camp

Lütz : It was virtually 100 kilometers, day and night time with out sleeping


Bacon : Day and night time with out sleep . That is very troublesome. If you don’t eat, if you do not sleep, when it is so chilly, if there’s loads of snow, then the time can be lowered. And it's a battle for survival. Such a struggle is tough to explain.

[Donottakeacloselookatwhata"shotgunwasabouttomiss"InanycaseDrLytzantahastogotoaBaconorthodoxstoryofastereo"inhumane"SSofficerarmorofthemonsters Richard Stashevsky .

Bacon : Yes. Mauthausen was actually utterly totally different, originally meant for political prisoners. But now it was already half messy. The stays of Auschwitz came to Mauthausen, but in addition Hungarian Jews, even from an excellent background, ladies, fur and every part.

I noticed the Hungarians who arrived and have been nonetheless dressed in rings that had not yet been taken.

And the picture I can't overlook: It had a wagon carrying containers (ships with one normally collected waste)) and it was soup, actually just water, perhaps two potatoes. And now this trolley drives and shakes somewhat, so this water-soup spills out and drops the stream together with the dust in the wagon corner. So the prisoner comes with a small ship and manages to collect these few drops.

And because the SS man sees it and thinks it steals, he takes him and shoots him before the pit.

[Details?ArethereanyWitnesses?Isanyonenamed?By no means

Bacon additionally claims that SS was poisoned by bread, however for that cause I might never work out. That is the quality of the "memoir" of Yehuda Bacon. Who is that this, Yehuda Bacon?

Yehuda Biography

A Holocaust survival show-Biz and a simple life that lives as a 'extremely acclaimed artist', despite the fact that he has no talent, and his work and drawings lack inventive benefit. Because he was "in the camps" in his youth, he has been capable of tell excessive stories about what he noticed and skilled there, drawing and painting "horror" photographs that only occurred in his imagination

Yehuda was born into a Heidi (orthodox) household, who lived in the city of Ostrava (Czechoslovakia) in July 1929, when he turned 10 months youthful than Elie Wiesel, who was additionally born into the household of Hasid. Bacon is now 87. Though he has been recognized since 1945, his family's info is missing. His mother and father won’t ever be named, solely his sister might be named Hanna. Was their surname really Bacon? It isn’t a Czech or Jewish identify; it is, actually, as far as I can find, German-Norman-English, so wonders what the surname actually was and how he came to make use of Baconia.

His family was sent to Ghetto Theresienstadt in the autumn of 1942 when Yehuda was 13 years previous. In Moravia, southeast of Brno turned a metropolis the place Germans become an experimental “Jewish model” for educated and completed Jews. Because of pleasant dwelling circumstances and many cultural activities, the Holocaust propagandists have invented horrifying things that have been presupposed to continue there. Individuals's Socialists made a film referred to as "Terezin: A Documentary on Jewish Resettlement", which exhibits a nice existence in a thriving cultural middle, but most of the movie was destroyed after the conflict.

Bacon remembers collaborating in youngsters's opera. However in December 1943, the household was transferred to the Auschwitz-Birkeau camp in the family camp. Six months later, Jehuda, he was separated from his father, mom and sister. He claims that his father was simply removed from in the future into the fuel chamber and at about the similar time his mother and sister have been expelled to Stutthof's camp east of Danzig when he stayed at Auschwitz. This does not make sense. But I discovered what actually occurred when I discovered this text from the Birkenau boys.

At the starting of July 1944, a choice was made to choose the camp, which meant actually the family camp. Only 3500 of the present men and ladies have been then discovered to have the ability to work and left this place to demise. The remainder of the prisoners – previous, sick and mothers – have been faced with fuel chambers [more of the fable].


Among them have been tens of boys between the ages of 14 and 15. Then certainly one of them discovered the braveness and requested the camp "doctor" Mengele to pick individuals who might work properly [from]. Surprisingly, he agreed, and there have been quite a few teenage prisoners marching once more. Among them, he collected a gaggle of about 90 boys, which he then moved to a close-by males's camp, marked B II d. …

Some Birkenau boys meet again at Terezin – the former Theresienstadt ghetto. Is it in the middle of Yehuda Baco?

The boys have been placed in the males's camp in block 13, referred to as crime. The prisoners there – the Poles, the Germans, the Russians – have been subject to tighter administration and acquired more durable work. The Czech boys drew consideration to this, however the block supervisor did not limit a lot of his activities; they played football or singing Czech songs collectively. […] Their days have been principally crammed with work – they helped in the kitchen, bringing in the issues [the camp?] wanted to restore the roads or the homes of heat. A few of them worked even outdoors the camp

After a number of weeks, numerous "capable" boys have been chosen to work in Reich

But not Yehuda – he remained till the evacuation. He was in all probability small and small, and perhaps typically in another methods not match. His father, mother and sister who have been capable of work have been despatched to other camps to work in very important ammunition factories. Bacon's Wikipedia web page says he saw his father murdered in fuel chambers. This is, in fact, a terrific, greasy lie that he has all the time advised.

The Story of His Liberation

Bacon argues that the “death” from Auschwitz started on January 18, 1945. It was a 2-day walk to Blechhammer then a couple of days to relaxation, and he he entered the flagship of Mauthausen, where he was clearly not killed. Regardless of the undeniable fact that he appeared to be ineffective, he continued to feed and stay the Nazis. At the beginning of April, he was converted to Gunskirchen, a camp 50 km away. There he stated that he and the different boy solely visited someday and met with the US Military on 5 Might. He was taken to the Steyr hospital, after which he went to Prague but did not find his member of the family. From there he went to France (perhaps Jewish orphanages the place Elie was?) After which Israel, the place h studied painting, drawings and graphics and finally turned professor at Jerusalem. Miracle definitely because he can't draw. His portray is claimed to "turn the Holocaust artistically" and in the present day "hangs on Yad Vashem and the US Congress."

"Art" by Yehuda Bacon

  pecan painting

The paranormal, magical, marvelous nature of the natural narrative is epitopic on this drastically decreased Bacon portray, which is installed in the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem. The primitive type is a self-taught novice.

Writing such a piece for his work is roofed by his lack of talent in the chosen career.

His owl consists of synergistic interaction: on the other hand, Bacon deals with the experiences of childhood and youth in concentration camps, and on the other hand he seeks understanding by way of artwork.

That is how Jewish critics cover dangerous Jewish art, but Bacon is particularly solely a Holocaust promoter who creates primitive and ridiculous descriptions of fantasy. Most of his works are additionally very small; most are measured in centimeters. Of specific curiosity is he who took the "gas chamber" inside which I introduced in my ebook Auschwitz: Underground Guided Tour. These insignificant strains can’t be in memory, however he was informed what it should include.

See extra Bacon Œuvre right here .

  Yehuda Bacon's typical Jewish art.

Yehuda Bacon's typical Jewish artwork.

<img class = "wp-image-4718 size-full" src = "http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bacon_yad-vashem-collec.jpg" alt = "Drawing with a Chimney Crematorium / Fuel Chimney in the Yhuda Bacon Collection, Yad Vashem Collection. 19659077] A Tiny, Crude Illustration of a Crematorium / Fuel Chimney with a Hearth Chimney Using Yehuda Bacon. -Jad Vashem Assortment