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Project for Blue Beam Real! – Uncovering Satanism and Witchcraft

Project for Blue Beam Real! - Uncovering Satanism and Witchcraft

Revelation 1: 7 Behold, he cometh with the clouds; and every eye shall see him, and also people who pierced him, and all the tribes of the earth shall forged upon him. That's proper, Amen.

Have you ever ever questioned how anti-Christ cheated the plenty to consider that he’s all powerful and god? Know-how is right here and it gained't be long earlier than fraud begins!

Matthew 24: 23-26 “If any man say unto you, Behold, here is Christ, or there; believe it. 24 For false Christ and false prophets are born, and they show great signs and wonders; so that, if possible, they deceive the chosen . 25 Behold, I have told you before. 26 If therefore they say unto you, Behold, he is in the wilderness; Don't go out: look, he's in secret chambers; believe it is not . ”

Don't disappoint individuals! ”I shout as soon as, shame. Cheat me twice, shame me. ” The one drawback is in case you drop it for the first time, there isn’t a“ cheat me twice ”!!!

In case you are part of the "selected", which suggests you’re born once more and the Holy Spirit leads and guides you, you’ve gotten a distinctive character and know what’s FALSE! All of the others are like Lemmings and the fall of deception!

Pepsi says he uses a man-made constellation hanging over the night time sky subsequent to the celebs to advertise an power drink.

Orbital Billboard

A Russian company referred to as StartRocket says that it is launching a cluster of cubic meters into area that runs on "orbit" that illuminates large advertisements in the night time sky as synthetic constellations. And its first customer says PepsiCo – who makes use of the system to advertise a "campaign against stereotypes and unfounded prejudices against players" on behalf of an power drink referred to as Adrenaline Rush.

Yeah, the undertaking feels like creating a prank. However Russia's PepsiCo spokesman Olga Mangova confirmed to Futurism that cooperation is actual.

“We believe in the potential of StartRocket,” he wrote by e-mail. “Orbital billboards are a revolution in the communications market. That's why Adrenaline Rush – PepsiCo Russia produces non-alcoholic drinks, a brand innovator, and supports all new and atypical – we have agreed on this partnership. ”

SponConstellation ] Futurism stories for the primary time on StartRocket in January, when the company introduced plans to design big advertisements in the night time sky using cubic meters of Mylar sails that mirror daylight again on earth early in the morning or evening.

“We are dominated by brands and events,” undertaking manager Vlad Sitnikov advised Futurism at that time. “Super Bowl, Coca Cola, Brexit, Olympics, Mercedes, FIFA, Highest and Mexican Wall. The economy is the blood system of society. Entertainment and advertising are at the heart of it. ”

The thought aroused a robust battle amongst futurism readers who opposed the thought of ​​invading the night time sky.

“This launch created AI to read every dystopian fiction novel and has to translate it into cursed ramblings for business plans,” wrote one.

The researchers have been also concerned about this concept.

“It does not make sense to start such art projects without commercial, scientific or national security,” stated Patrick Seitzer, Professor of Astronomy at Michigan College, to Astronomy.

Now StartRocket claims that he has examined the method with a helium balloon that introduced one among its reflectors into the stratosphere – where it was visible from the ground.

after launching, we determined that the check was successful, ”Sitnikov stated.

StartRocket plans to launch a system for orbit in 2021. It at present collects funds, and a $ 20,000 funding to buy eight hours of promoting at night time sky. Read extra right here

What’s David Openheimer's Blue Beam Project

April 16, 2000 From the AlienAstronomer web site, which has been restored by means of the WayBackMachine website

It includes two issues. Technologically simulated "second input" and rebuilding of latest "MONTAUK" sort tasks that have the power to soak up an entire bunch of individuals in a "blink" -type state of affairs and whip the entire crowd ever to land.

Paradoxically, elements of holographic predictions have the power to rework the planet into unity with God. Unfortunately, this works on the condition that man becomes one way or the other a human God and manages different men and dictates all actions and ideas.

The resistance of the new religion, the New World Order, and the brand new "Messiah" means the loss of humanity on a big scale within the following "holy wars". The “Blue BEAM PROJECT” pretends to be a common achievement of previous prophecies; as vital occasion as 2000 years in the past. Principally, it makes use of the sky as a holographic projection display for area-based mostly laser turbines (screensavers). These projectors show concurrent photographs on four corners of the planet, in all languages, by area.

It discusses the spiritual facet of the NEW WORLD ORDER

"The System" has already been tested. "CHRIST IMAGE" holographic predictions have already been seen in some distant desert areas. Of these, solely tabloid papers have been reported, so they’re instantly controversial. They will additionally get footage of overseas boats, aliens, monsters, angels.

Holography is predicated on very almost similar alerts that mix to supply and capture, or hologram, depth perception. This applies equally to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF) waves as to optical phenomena

Particularly the "show" consists of laser projections of several holographic pictures on totally different elements of the planet, each receiving totally different pictures in response to the prevailing regional religion. A single space isn’t excluded. The computer animations and sound effects that appear to return from the depth of area, the superb followers of various religions, testify to their own after returning to the Messiah with a powerful vivid actuality.

The pictures of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and so forth., merge with the ONE after the "correct explanation" of mysteries, prophecies, and revelations has been disclosed. This "ONE God" truly acts as "Anti-Christ", which "explains" that totally different scriptures are "misunderstood" – that previous spiritual individuals are accountable for brother, nation towards nation – that world religions have to be eliminated to convey one of many world's religions GOLDEN AGE (NEW AGE), which represents one God they see before them.

Naturally, this completely organized, full-scale production results in social and spiritual disorder on a big scale. Wondering what spiritual broadcasters do on the identical day?

But above all, they need to undergo 4 totally different steps to get the Blue Beam undertaking.

1: The first step considerations the decomposition of all archaeological knowledge. It discusses earthquakes in certain precise places across the planet, where the supposed new "discoveries" finally (to them) clarify that the meanings of all the students' primary doctrines are the world's biggest religions are "wrong". This falsification is used by the inhabitants to consider that each one spiritual doctrine has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. Counterfeiting began with 2001: A Area Odyssey, TV collection STAR TREK, STAR WARS, E.T., all dealing with "invasion" and "protection" of area. The purpose of JURASSIC PARK was to boost the idea of evolution

2: The second stage offers with gigantic area by displaying 3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of a number of holographic photographs all over the world, every with a unique image its predefined unique nationwide religion. This new "god" picture speaks in all languages. For example, the Soviets (the actual Russians) have made refined computers and programmed them on minute psychological particles on the idea of human body anatomy and biology studies, and their anatomy, chemistry and electricity studies. the human mind. These computer systems have also been introduced in several languages ​​of the world.

three: The third step considerations telematic digital two-method communication with ELF (Very Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency). the waves get to the individuals of the earth inside their brains, when every individual believes that his personal God speaks to him of his personal soul. Such satellite tv for pc-derived beams are fed from pc memory that store plenty of details about the human and his languages. These rays alternate with the processes of pure considering to type what we call ARTIFICIAL TALK.

four: The fourth stage incorporates common supernatural manifestations by digital means

This step accommodates three totally different developments:

The primary is to make mankind consider that an alien attack is occurring on every major earth. The aim of that is to convey every major state back to its nuclear power. On this approach, each of those nations can be utterly disarmed before the United Nations after a false attack.

The second is that the "Christian" believes that there is a great revival, with a simple "played" divine intervention of the alleged "good" alien power that may save good individuals from a brutal satanic assault. Its objective is to eliminate all the key resistance to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The third development is a mix of electrical and supernatural forces. On this case, the waves (frequencies) used permit the transcendental forces to cross via the fiber optic cable, the coaxial cable, the electrical and telephone strains in order that they will penetrate all digital units and units.

The aim of this part is to cope with Satanic ghosts, streets and poltergeists around the globe to convey all populations to the edge of the wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorder.


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