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New addition to Big Kahunan – Janet Evanovich

New addition to Big Kahunan - Janet Evanovich

(scrolling down to a new addition CHAPTER 2)

Kate O & # 39; Hare's favourite outfit was her blue windbreaker, whose letters FBI have been written on a yellow back, worn black T-shirt and black Kevlar vest. Kate was reluctantly falling behind my small closet, which was now filled with designer garments and the resort's shoreline. Design costumes and seashore footwear have been all bought throughout his current secret work. The instruments of the commerce, he advised himself. Sadly, it was Nicholas Fox's deal. He was an excellent man and a world class thief. He arrested him two years in the past, and he attracted his approach out of a lifelong jail by offering his unique talents to assist the FBI take the worst of the worst offenders.

Now it was unimaginable for him to work as his caregiver. When typical police work did not work, the FBI hit Fox unfastened to push questionable legal hardships and secret operations from absent evil.

For a couple of days, Kate questioned if he was appearing or controlled by Nicholas Fox. Immediately was a type of days. It was at midday, and he stood in the midst of the fifth road of Beverly Hills dressed in black, black and white striped shirt, purple braces, white gloves and a black beret. His face was painted utterly white apart from his shiny purple lipstick. He is surrounded by a sea of ​​similarly dressed men and women, probably lots of. It was flash mimes, they usually all made basic mime tips, making an attempt to get out of invisible bins, making an attempt to climb the invisible ladder, and struggling to be blown out of non-existent wind.

"This is ridiculous," Kate stated to the mime who was next to him. “In fact, this is the most ridiculous, humiliating plan you have ever made. And it says a lot. ”

Subsequent to Mime was Nick Fox. He quietly threw a flowery glass in Kate and pretended to pull him in with him.

"Get a grip," Kate stated. "Does not happen."

"You have a short memory," Nick stated. “Dressing like mime cannot be compared to the humiliating situations that we have experienced together. And this is all your boss's fault. He gave us this case. I just got a great plan to solve it. ”

A rising variety of consumers and salespeople had gathered around the flash crowd. Kate scans the room. The whole store was fond of the spectacle, together with two guards

"Think about it," Nick stated. “Over the past five years, three high-end jewelery stores have been robbed in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas, while flash-mobs disturbed viewers. It's really great. Arrange for an anonymous flash mobile on the Internet and you have a crew of one hundred people who involuntarily aids in complete crime, all without having to share money in a hundred ways. And it's designed as a surprise for performance art, so participants are encouraged to keep their time and place private. ”

Kate narrowed her eyes and stared at Nick. “I understand that. we should be partners in this task. ”

“ You are a world-class man. Mostly. ”

Nick glanced at the spirited grin at Katie. Even with the white face makeup, Kate was reluctant to admit that it was an enormous smile, and Nick Fox was extremely attractive in her tight black mime pants and black and white striped shirt.

Nick stated, "and the flash crowd is supposed to break in three minutes. If it does, it’ll come quickly. ”

Kate looked at Graff's jewel counter. A pair of Manolo Blahnik's shrouded legs penetrated behind the counter, toes up.

“Crap,” Kate stated. "Man-down Graff."

Nick and Kate pushed their approach into the visitors jam of mimes and stared at the lady who had been stretched behind the counter. She was lying on the ground, respiration however not shifting. He had a pink skirt, nametag, who recognized him as Beth Nice Jewellery Supervisor and a soothing dart that grabbed his thigh. The counter was open when the important thing was nonetheless locked.

Kate pulled the dart out of Beth's leg and felt his pulse. "She feels good," Kate stated, "however she should come out. Why not have higher security here? ”

” Safety officers take a look at a flash crowd. ”

” Name medical help after which name for safety. ”

Nick placed the call and spent the entire room in a young mime-mime with a black mini-gown and striped knee-highs. "Well, that's something you don't see every day."

Kate rolled his eyes. – Miniclip? Significantly. ”

” No. “Nick showed 110 carat pink, yellow, inexperienced and blue diamonds on the lady's wrist. "Mime, who has a $ 55 million Graff clock."

"How do you know it's $ 55 million viewing," Kate requested.

”It's a Graff Hallucination watch. It was released in Baselworld in 2014 and is the costliest clock ever created. It was loaned to Beverly Hill Graff this month. Let's take a better look. ”

Kate positioned an unconscious lady next to the duck and marked it after Nick. “Didn't you have a holiday in Switzerland during Baselworld in 2014.”

”Have you learnt I might have been. Strange coincidence, no? ”

“ No, ”Kate stated.

”You are not going to ask me if I will think about turning off the clock? "

" No more, "Kate stated once more, Kate stated. “I already know the answer.”

The black minidress lady turned, staring straight at Kate and Nick's face and shifting toward the exit. Kate pushed apart a number of mimes and nails from the audience. Nick was right behind once they fled out of the deal for Wilshire Boulevard. They pulled up when the guy jumped into the white Econoline van on the road, and the van took down Wilshire.

“This is turning a role for me,” Nick stated in his hand with hips, grabbing his life. "Usually a beautiful woman chases for me."

Kate thought she might refer to her as an attractive lady, however she was not prepared to make investments cash in it. She cried out of the purple Ferrari at idle in entrance of the shop. "The FBI. I’ve advised this car. ”

Nick jumped into the passenger seat and gave a ten dollar lie and prayed for thanks. "Why shouldn't we talk," he stated to Katie. "It's about telling the story in body language."

Kate held his white glove middle finger to Nick, pressed his foot to the accelerator, shattered the rings and went from zero to 70 mph in three seconds.

Vans left very far to the north of Camden Station, jumped off the parked automotive and swept wildly earlier than receiving control. Kate spun around and grabbed the van simply as it turned to the appropriate Santa Monica Boulevard.

“Nicely, you grabbed them. Subsequent? “Nick requested.

The again doors of the previous ones have been discharged and two semi-automated AR-15 rifles-armed mime was taken to Ferrari. Kate turned to the best and the left aspect of the automobiles hit the bullets. Mime took the objective again and Kate remained on the left, leaving a set of recent bullet holes on the appropriate aspect of the automotive.

Nick appeared on the holes. "I'm positive these weren’t here when lainit this automotive. I hope your insurance coverage will cowl your order. ”

The Van bike owner turned to the appropriate Rodeo station and accelerated the Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang shops. It was slicing automobiles, blowing visitors lights, and barely missing individuals making an attempt to cross the road. Kate was under the size of the automotive. He had one hand on the bike and the other on the horn.

She turned to Nick. "Do you have a seat belt?"

Nick tightened his seat belt. "I'm not sure I like where this is going."

Kate pushed the accelerator on the floor and Ferrari turned forward, squeezing Econolin backwards, dropping two weapons and sending them round wheels on a van and placing Ferrari airbags off.

Nick hit the airbags down and seemed out on the prime of Ferrari. It was locked behind the packet, which tremendously eased Rodeo Drive, pulling behind Ferrari.

Pedestrians shout and conceal to get out of the best way.

“It's like they've never seen two mimics driving Ferrari at high speed, with international jewels,” Nick stated.

"Trying to slow down this freight train," Kate stated,

Nick appeared on the automotive's wheels. The brake pads have been non-smoking and fueled by tires that have been lined up behind the road. Econoline slowly lost velocity, nevertheless it continued to speed up.

“At a zero point you have reached your destination,” Ferrari's pc introduced.

Nick appeared on the map on the touch display. “It looks like this car was designed to find a Beverly Wilshire hotel before you ordered it. You know, Rodeo Drive is dead at Wilshire Boulevard, right? ”

Kate was still in his hand in the horn. “Holy shit pickles. Stay. “The van and the interchangeable, nonetheless locked, handed by means of the intersection factors of Rodeo and Wilshire. They jumped to the sting and plunged into the Beverly Wilshire Lodge's outside eating area, unpacking the desert basket, but marvelously avoiding beating the friends.

Two automobiles crashed by means of the glass windows into the lodge lobby and eventually acquired startled in front of the concierge desk.

"You've reached your destination," Ferrari announced and exploded into flames.

Kate and Nick attacked Ferrari, rushed to a van and pulled three corrupt mimics into safety before they fastened them. The lodge employees rushed with hearth extinguishers and worked as a fireman. Police cruisers and firefighters shouted at a distance.

"When you think of dying, it really makes things from a point of view," Nick stated, swiping the uninteresting cheesecake from Kate's cheek… now a lifeless dessert basket. "Money does not mean too much if you have no love in your life."

Kate pulled shut to Nick, received her coat and pulled the hallucination arm. "This explains why you have leveled this 55 million dollar clock?"

Nick grinned at Kate and ate a cheesecake together with his finger. "What can I say. It's my nature. I see great beauty, and I have to get it." twenty minutes. Waiting was not an excellent sign. Once they lastly reached the doorway, they sat over the Jessup desk for thirty seconds, gazing fifty Kentuckian whipped cream before he broke the silence.

two say, you have got to say to yourself? ”Jessup stated extra judgmental than the question.

Kate leaned ahead. We captured mega-profitable criminals who needed to decrease, and we saved the world's costliest watch. ”

Jessup held his hand and looked at Nick. "And you take the morning to the events?"

"I want to skip the right to good stuff," Nick stated.

”“ Good stuff ”?

Nick nodded. "You realize. The half that tells us how the mayor took the enormous's chew out of your ass and how you informed him we have been a few unfastened cannons and the way if we screwed it once more, will probably be our signal. But, secretly, you assume we are the perfect tips within the police drive and we hope you’d have a hundred aside from us. ”

“ You are not a police officer and you have no sign, Jessup said. You are lucky not to be in prison. ”

“ Yessir, ”Nick stated, taking a look at Kate and kissing quietly:" The best devils by force. "

Jessup shook his head disgustingly and turned to Kate. "Purit million dollar Ferrari, shot at the Rodeo station, and set the five-star hotel on fire."

chasing cheaters, ”Kate stated.

Jessup didn't buy it. "Because of the work that was encrypted last year alone, you have destroyed three sports cars, a helicopter and a ten million dollar boat." "The one he tried to stop me."

"And the bus," Jessup stated. “The point is that you two are like a bullock in China. That's why I've added a new team member. He follows the rules. She will fill her paperwork in time. He doesn't destroy buses or Ferrari or hotels. ”

Kate labored to hold her composition. "With all due respect, sir, I don't think we need a third team member."

O Hare, all deserve this staff member . "

" He's driving me loopy, isn't he? “Kate stated.

Jessup smiled for the first time. "Yeah. And that's not the best part. I have a real humdinger for you and Nick and your new partner. You love it."

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