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Nenah Sylver On Rife machines, color therapy and saunas heal

Nenah Sylver On Rife machines, color therapy and saunas heal

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Did you know that each one pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast) vibrate at a sure frequency? Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Riche have been capable of finding out what these frequencies are and use the counter frequency to kill them. Think of an opera singer who breaks the wine glass utilizing the sound of his voice. This is large because which means all pathogens that trigger the illness might be destroyed.

You possibly can extrapolate it as you’ll be able to see. We don't make any claims to remain beneath the radar. This interview with Nenah Sylver blows you off.

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We talk about the following and rather more:

  • What’s Rife Therapy and How Does it Work?
  • What circumstances does Rife Therapy use and how profitable is it?
  • How lengthy does it take to seek out out?
  • If Rife Therapy is so effective, why didn't everyone hear about it?
  • Is it potential to buy my very own gadget and where can I purchase it?
  • Is there a specific position for water, food or food supplements on this therapy?
  • Are the EMF waves truly in our our bodies?
  • Infared Saunas vs. Common Saunas
  • Permits individuals to be symptomatic
  • Why Gluten Is So Dangerous
  • How does earth help?
  • Bio-modulator machine from Dr. Jerry Tennent
  • Using color therapy to heal illnesses

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Date Added: 10 / 10/2012

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Customer Info: The writer, coach, artist and musician, Nenah Sylver, has devoted her life to learning psychological, emotional, physical, and religious healing. His early music coaching led to later religious and physics research – all complementary paths to his lifelong passion, the science of frequency.

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Nenah had fifteen years of personal follow in body and mind psychotherapy based mostly on the pioneering rules of medical and naturalist Wilhelm Reich. In 1996, he acquired a PhD from the Union Institute for Transformational Psychology, an interdisciplinary program of holistic health, psychology and gender analysis. Then, Nenah began learning Royal Riffe and her innovations with different electro-medical remedies when she started serving to her own health challenge. His in depth information of effective and protected comprehensive protocols was ultimately merged into The Rife Handbook. As Dr. Sylver's information base grows, the 448-page paper guide of the Rife Handbook grew to a hardcover quantity of 768 pages, the newest launch of which was released in 2011 by The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.

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Podcast transcript:

JUSTIN: Alright. Thank you very much for becoming a member of at this time. I really respect it and have a nice good afternoon or a great evening for you. I hope you’ve a fantastic day, anyplace. This is and we are at present sending international know-how in southern California, and we respect you becoming a member of us.

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Earlier than I current our friends, Dr. Nenah Sylver, I want to speak about our schedule. We’ve superb friends who’re lining up for you, as much as the top of the yr. This Friday we now have Nadine Artemis, the master of important oils. He also does quite a lot of work on dental protocols to assist improve tooth. If you recognize something about your tooth and how essential they’re, you’ll undoubtedly need to tune it. Then we have now Ramiel Nagel who wrote Remedy Tooth Decay. It is a nice guide I’ve, and he’s speaking Monday about the right way to reform your enamel and tips on how to fix the cavities via food plan. You by no means hear this out of your dentist, I can guarantee it.

We have now acquired Dr. David Steenblock on Wednesday 17th. He does a whole lot of top-level analysis and information about therapeutic using chelation and stem cell therapy. He works with victims of stroke and heart attack victims and cancer patients. She is a tremendous man and is in Orange County, California. So check out this exhibition whenever you get a moment.

I'm actually enthusiastic about today from the overseas, Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D, who is admittedly, really exciting. You will discover his website at I’ll learn a few of his biography earlier than his introduction. He is a author, educator, artist and musician, and he has devoted his life to learning the religious, emotional, physical, and religious ranges of therapeutic, really holistic. His early music schooling led to later religious and physics studies, that are complementary paths to his lifelong ardour, to the science of frequencies. For 15 years, Nenah had a personal follow of physique and mind psychotherapy based mostly on the pioneering principals of the medical and naturalist Wilhelm Reich. I'm positive you might have heard.

He then acquired him in 1996 as a Ph.D from the Union Institute and Transformational Psychology, which is a multidisciplinary holistic well being psychology and gender research program. He then had his personal well being crises, and he started to review Royal Rift and his inventions with other electro-medical remedies. His in depth information and highly effective and secure comprehensive protocols are lastly combined with the Rife Handbook, and Dr. Nenah Sylver's information base grew, the 448-page paper jam within the Rife Handbook elevated to a hard-core containing 768 pages, which is unimaginable. I have a e-book, and the newest version of this ebook was written and revealed in 2011 and known as The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.

I also needed to say firstly of the interview that we misplaced about 1-1 / 2 minutes of the interview and I apologize. We're going to select up right now once we left off, so let's reduce proper. Again, I apologize, but right here we have now this interview with Nenah Sylver, Ph.D.

NENAH SYLVER: You’ll be able to destroy or disable it. Some listeners could also be conversant in the previous Memorex trading, which had a soprano singing with a very excessive, pure, targeted voice, and he broke the crystal glass. It could actually occur, nevertheless it's not as widespread as Memorex. This means the purpose of the resonant frequencies. Every universe has an inner vibration. Royal Rife realized that should you might work out what the vibration price was in the microbes affecting the varied illnesses once you stopped the killer microbial system, your body's immune system cleans up the waste and without the constant microtoxic launch of those microbes, the individual would start to heal.

So his first experiments in the early 1930s have been principally eye illnesses and cancers, and they did rather well. Now, as an awesome machine, because I exploit this time period basically, any electro-medical system based mostly on Royal Riffe's formulated rules transmits frequencies in two methods. One is the current, very small amounts that an individual can get into his body by holding on to the electrodes. It’s clear that you’re not going to get it at a very high volume as a result of the thought isn’t harm or uncomfortable, however the stream goes into the body and targets the microbes.

One other means to offer frequencies to the physique is thru a plasma-filled tube. Plasma is a super-charged fuel. Royal Rife crammed the tubes with Argon and helium. He experimented with totally different noble gases, and when these gases have been sent to full-bodied tubes, they ignited and came into plasma, which is the second state of matter and the frequencies have been truly handed via the air by way of an electromagnetic subject. So it's the unique Royal Rife hardware. It's utterly protected, and as I stated before, it's not invasive. In the event you get the fitting frequencies, it's virtually 100% effective.

I want so as to add a warning to it. Whether or not or not someone has improved with Rife remedy, it depends so much. It relies upon, as we talked about above, on weaning channels. We have to ensure that the physique is ready to deal with all of the microbiological waste of the diseased pathogens. We have to make it possible for the individual is consuming correctly and consuming sufficient water. It’s really essential as a result of the physique uses a whole lot of minerals when it’s poisoning. In my ebook I’ve an entire protocol of what to do once you give yourself a session, how long the remedy must be, how lengthy for each frequency, for a way lengthy every session it is best to do for every session, throughout and in the course of the interval. And it relies upon quite a bit on the illness you might have, though it is in fact tailored to the individual's needs and how much they will handle.

JUSTIN: Have you learnt what I also like about your guide, after I walked via it, I favored it to be like you stated at the start that it is a holistic primer as a result of what we're making an attempt to do In fact, it isn’t that folks grow to be symptoms, right? In our tradition, individuals say, “I have a headache, so I'll take Advil. I flip my head towards the wall, but I take Advil. Your ebook talks about liver well being and perhaps discover out why a few of these things occur to you so that you may give yourself the chance to turn out to be your personal physician so you don't just have symptoms, use a sure frequency, eliminate it and then return to previous life.

NENAH SYLVER: That's right. You're doing it rather well. Even Royal Rife doesn’t need to see individuals utilizing remedy in an allopathic means, which means a pop capsule and getting rid of the signs. An instance is that you’ve most cancers. Many individuals assume they will eliminate cancer by eradicating the tumor. However you could eliminate it regionally, where the tumor has been eliminated, however the physique circumstances that trigger the tumor should first be resolved. Otherwise, there are "people who get it again". Nicely, they never removed it, you don't get it once more. Because of this, there are cleaning, essences made of four herbs which are actually efficient and juicy. I also have Vitamix, and I adore it.

You need to deal with the whole individual. I additionally converse of my feelings in my ebook as a result of when we’ve got worry or worry, or anger and hatred, all of this substance is a coalition of biochemical hormones produced in our body. These hormones are acidic, and when there are too many acids in the physique, they type and cause all the cascade of Ph problems.

JUSTIN: Have you learnt what during my studying, and I'm positive that you simply, too, it has lastly began kynnyttää me that it appears to me that the health and robust vibrant human being is actually power. If you consider it, the meals we eat is just info and vibration. Similar as water. So food occurs to be a solution to get nutrients into the physique, nevertheless it's virtually like we cross food once we do issues like meditation and prayer, using a variety of know-how and decreasing stress. These are all ways to deal with yourself within the innermost core of the weight loss plan as an alternative of weight loss plan. The food regimen is, in fact, large, however it feels a lot deeper than it. Food plan can also be typically the frequency and vibration.

It's just fascinating. I additionally needed to ask you about your e-book. I needed to speak slightly, you mentioned cancer and talked about Candidan, but principally the record is infinite, issues you need to use for atypical machines. Right?

NENAH SYLER: That's right. The sections of the guide are divided into pathogens, bacteria, viruses, Candida, fungi, molds and yeast, and additionally parasites similar to carpets, flakes and the like. After which the frequency listing, which is Chapter 5, a few of the categories are arthritis and joints, bones and skeleton, most cancers, chemical poisoning and cleansing, dentists, ears, eyes, digestive tract, glands, headache, heartburn, accidents, insect bites, liver and gall bladder, lymphatic system and males, sexual exercise and productive organs, feminine producing organs and breast. There is a separate class, thoughts and emotions, muscle tissues, nervous system and mind, degeneration and healing, respiratory, tuberculosis, benign tumors, ulcers and urinary tract. It actually covers all elements of the body, all the signs and every official medical identify as well as common well-being. Particularly there are two therapeutic remedies. Originally, Rife designed its know-how to deal with microbes with disabilities. You talked about that we are all frequency and power, most of the frequencies in this guide are able to stimulating the cells of the body to perform higher.

JUSTIN: Fascinating, so you may virtually use it as a solution to improve your degree of health if in case you have no problems.

[1945901] NENAH SYLVER: Yes

JUSTIN: Wow, it's fascinating. So these are the 2 primary ways to use a Rive machine. I needed to speak about cleansing routes and issues like that. Should you take away using the micro-organism, do not actually have two things that the physique has to cope with? What other toxins may probably be saved in that organism, as well as the precise carcass, I assume, can be a good way to put it yourself?


JUSTIN: So your physique needs to be robust sufficient to be able to separate each substances when an enormous session is completed, proper?

NENAH SYLVER: Nicely, most frequencies do not break down microbes, which is an effective factor, because really talking about microbial degradation, you need to be wasting waste material. Then there can be extra junk in the blood vessel. The web video clip is absolutely impressive, on Dr. James Naked's web site. He took the pond, it’s paramecium, and he revealed it to a certain frequency, and you possibly can see that the creature is admittedly nervous and begins to vibrate because it is rather accelerated.


NENAH SYLVER: Sure. I have this minimize within the slideshow I show to individuals. It is rather dramatic, however for probably the most part, the frequencies might partially or partially block a specific microorganism, comparable to mixing, so that it simply matures out and it really will get drained and stops shifting. It's truly cheaper since you need the smallest amount of waste materials in your blood. But no matter how microbes are injured, killed or dispersed, which is the expression of Dr. Rife's views
when microbes are not viable, immune cells present "oh, here are some junk food that has been killed" and then that individual immune cells, and other toxic area units start to maneuver the stuff out of the system. That's why it's really essential to drink water since you need to dilute the quantity of floating toxins in your bloodstream. If individuals don’t drink water, they should not do that remedy

JUSTIN: Right, it is sensible. You want to have the ability to remove all lifeless materials. I additionally needed to ask you that I know you bought a totally separate guide concerning the sauna and how individuals can use the sauna for well being and therapeutic. You also have an entire portion of the superior guide that talks about color therapy, which I feel was fascinating. In addition to color therapy strains, you mentioned that some colours have been pink because they have been less aggressive and blue for therapeutic. So, tell us somewhat bit concerning the additional handbook on color therapy

NENAH SYLVER: Yes, colours have been used again to totally different cures. It is recognized that in the event you put a pink material on somebody and the muscle mass check them, they will be weaker than they are saying in the event you put a green material. Pink is enjoyable, which is, as I mentioned in Chapter 3, the jail partitions of males's prisons painted in pink. It is deliberately made to scale back the level of aggression. However there is a better approach to use color, and then you definitely use mild wavelengths that aren’t necessarily pigments on material or paper, but for those who intend to interrupt the sun's prism into totally different colors, every color has a selected frequency. There have been many people who have used these color frequencies. One in every of them was Dr. Babbitt, but Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali, on the turn of the century, took and improved the Babbitt color therapy protocol.

You've obtained something Spectrachrome-names, and I’ve used it. I put it on the market from my guide because it's actually reasonably priced, anybody can do it and you don't need to plug it in. Though it works somewhat slower, to some extent it is extra far-reaching, as a result of principally for those who lack a specific color of the aura or your body, there are totally different symptoms that we call the illness. So, what Dinshah did, he took very exact colours from totally different glass basins, shone the sunshine by means of the glass that shone on the individual in the dead of night room, and you’re principally swimming your power cells at a sure wavelength, and it needed to be the special colours, especially inexperienced, It couldn't be a forest inexperienced or emerald inexperienced, it had to be greener. It couldn't be pale yellow and it needed to be shiny yellow.

FDA pounded him too, not stunned, however what we’ve now, his life box that used glass was destroyed, however the Dinshah Health Society has books that inform you the way to use colors, and additionally they have locations where you should purchase Clear plastic sheets, which are the color wavelengths originally used by Dinshah. These plastic sheets may be obtained from theatrical supply homes, and what they’re, principally, are the gels that you simply put into Vera lighting. So you possibly can name these locations and say, "I need a full set of Dinshah colors and they know precisely what you mean and you will get them.

NENAH SYLVER: They're all in the guide. deal with, dark, or you’ll be able to take sheets in daylight and just lie down and put the plates on the bare pores and skin of the areas you need to cope with. It also works. JUSTIN: In your e-book, you mentioned that you could wrap these color plates over a glass of water and use it in a approach, and you’ll be able to drink water. 19659004] NENAH SYLVER: Sure

JUSTIN: Are individuals using these color therapies for actually critical illnesses like most cancers, or are they primarily used

NENAH SYLVER: ] You need to use it to treat cancer and Lyme disease, the identical belongings you use for remedy and color therapy.

JUSTIN: It's superb.

NENAH SYLVER: I feel many people don't actually recognize how powerful this color remedy might be. Partly as a result of in many instances it doesn't work as fast as restless remedy. Perhaps some individuals are quite simple.
All you do is put a coloured sheet on your body and lie down. It's a bit incredible, however when you consider it by nourishing your power subject with the lacking wavelengths, there are not any frequencies and in this case it is visible mild as it is half

JUSTIN: It's superb. We are going to take a short break, but I have acquired a whole lot of questions for you. Thanks all for joining us as we speak. This is Nenah Sylver and her web site is and we are returning after this brief break.

Hi, what are all? All I need to do is speak to you somewhat paleosummit, which a man, Sean Croxton, put together. This can be a summit held for eight days, and I consider there are 23 video shows, 23 audio information, 18 hours of high-end info and 300 pages of transcripts. This program is actually a tremendous program. In case you are on the lookout for some permanent modifications in your weight loss plan, and in case you are preventing fats by doing or losing a few pounds, and you’re scuffling with food abuse and on the lookout for a everlasting answer, that is

You will discover it at and they speak concerning the sensitivity of gluten, the way to curb meals issues and reduce urge for food, how animal meals and cholesterol-like things don’t cause heart disease or degenerative illnesses, and the best way to cope with bone loss, most cancers, muscle pain, autoimmune illnesses, fat burning and all types of such stuff. So if you wish to change your food plan ceaselessly, remember to test it out. It is at

Right, return to this interview.

We are with Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. on his website and advocate that he get his e-book. It's value it. Nenah. I needed to ask you all of those questions we’ve immediately with EMS, wall radiation, wall wiring and grounding, and all these problems on the electromagnetic degree. What are the belongings you do to protect such radiation?

NENAH SYLVER: That's a superb question? Earlier than accepting it, I simply need to make it clear that the frequency of electro-medical gear or power emissions that use machines are utterly totally different from the harmful EM subject you’re talking about. Some could also be apprehensive about this.

Dangerous electromagnetic radiation is definitely a real drawback. Personally, I have these small stickers that put my telephone on the planet that harmonize radiation in order that it neutralizes it by about 90%. What this dangerous EMS does is chaotic and interferes with an individual's atomic structure, so in case you intrude with somebody's atomic construction, you’ll be able to imagine all the biochemicals…

JUSTIN Sure, but there are loads of issues you can do to attenuate EMS exposure, and one is using wired internet and I do know that for many people wireless internet is a rivet. I felt a very massive difference in my house once we had a wi-fi connection. I have jittery, antsy and unclear.

JUSTIN: Sure, we did the identical factor just lately. We still have a wireless router, but we all the time hold it away. We lately visited our telephone once more and we not have cordless telephones.


JUSTIN: I'm sitting here right now, grounded on the carpet. I don't know if this know-how is sweet or what, however I exploit it. You recognize about it

NENAH SYLVER: Many people find the carpet helpful. One factor that is utterly free and straightforward to do is to stroll barefoot on sand, filth and grass, and you’ll get therapeutic electrons from the ground. It's very, very highly effective. I used to be in Korea to provide a seminar final yr, you already know 13 hours trip, jet lag and return in time zones. It was really a multitude and one of the things they talked about at the convention the place I used to be, was how essential it was. I went to the lodge, took off my footwear and put my ft on the bare grass, and it was tremendously helpful.

JUSTIN: It's superb that you simply see individuals like New York City who reside on a 33rd flooring condo. I feel that over time, it just places emphasis on your immune system, I might imagine.

So, back to your personal guide, there are several types of saunas in the guide. Some might know, and some might not, two major varieties are typical traditional saunas and then have an infrared sauna.

NENAH SYLVER: Do you imply scorching stones within the standard method?


NENAH SYLVER: ] Nicely, I clarify my sauna therapy from several types of heating. Think of the warmth at totally different frequencies it’s. When you’ve scorching stones, there are a number of frequencies. Infrared saunas are very particular wavelengths for this thermal spectrum. Wavelengths that trigger physique progress, hatching eggs, life and help the body poison. Subsequently, long infrared wavelengths are 9.35 microns and microns on this vary. You’re speaking a few very slender range of measurements, which corresponds to a lot of the advantages of saunas.

JUSTIN: Is my understanding of a far infrared sauna proper? Mitä pitkät infrapunasaunat menevät, olen oikeassa sanomalla, että jopa tämän saunaryhmän sisällä on erilaisia, tiedät, että joillakin näistä saunoista on erilaiset taajuudet.

NENAH SYLVER: Kyllä. That’s why in my Sauna Therapy e-book I have a chart of the electromagnetic spectrums that explains precisely the place within the frequency continuum the whole lot is, Seen mild, extremely violet and infrared and that sort of factor. It’s also reproduced in my rife handbook, in appendix C. Appendix C is reproduced on my website and it’s downloadable for everybody as a free PDF. It’s referred to as Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapy. It explains very scientifically however very practically, so that the lay individual can perceive it, how exactly rife therapy works, how straightforward it works, how lasers work, why LED’s work, what the idea is for color therapy. It takes a superb sampling of several types of electromagnetic units, including pulse magnetic fields and it explains why they assist heal the body.

I just acquired an e mail from this lady, a couple of days in the past, who stated ‘I’m really sick and I feel very drawn to Rife therapy, but my husband pooh poohs it and he doesn’t consider in it’. I informed her to go to my web site and obtain an article. That article, which is appendix C of the Rife handbook, has been translated into Korean and German and it has additionally appeared in three English language journals, not to point out any number of websites. It’s a very good overview, so anyone who’s just a little bit hesitant or skeptical, or doesn’t quite know what to make of this therapy, this can be a really good introduction.

JUSTIN: Yes, it’s essential to get a bit of bit of data behind you. I feel, too, some individuals is probably not believing in such a stuff, since you don’t see this on Channel 9 information, otherwise you don’t hear about it from docs, so if we trust them, as we do in our tradition, with our well being, you then wouldn’t consider in this type of stuff.

NENAH SYLER: Right, and the thing is that these things is so incredibly scientific. There are over 2,000 articles revealed during the last 40 years on using frequencies on magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields and the healing of the physique and the eradication of disease. That’s all in my guide. It’s also on my website. You’ll be able to go to the original website that has all of these articles compiled and read them yourself. It’s not voodoo and it’s not mysticism. It’s sound science, however sadly it’s not taught to students within the U.S.

I gained a contest to Germany where little moveable frequency units which you could wear round your waist, concerning the measurement of a giant distant control. You possibly can go to your doctor, get a analysis, the doctor will create a program for you on a bit of chip card and give it to you in your machine. You put on it for every week and you get the frequencies by way of electrodes passive. You possibly can both maintain onto the electrode cylinder, or in the event you just need to wear it and do different issues, you’ll be able to put electrode patches on your body, the identical sort of patches which might be used on TENS machines.
And you then go back to your physician in every week or two and you’ll be informed you’re better, let’s do one other program otherwise you lastly don’t have to return back.

They laughed at us in Europe as a result of we are so backward right here, though it’s because of misinformation and deliberate
omissions by by huge pharma and numerous docs are so swamped that they don’t have time to read about these things. Some docs are very close minded, by which case I might recommend that you simply get a special doctor. Some docs are nice. There are various docs who’re utilizing this therapy. They could not promote it because they might lose their licenses in the event that they do, however some docs and other holistic practitioners handle to squeeze it into their practises.

JUSTIN: That’s truly fairly surprising contemplating the standard of care, you understand.

NENAH SYLVER: Properly, there are some docs who’ve been very open about utilizing the units, and all I can think of is, bless their hearts, and hope that they don’t get into any hassle. That’s why it’s so essential for individuals to get their very own machines. I don’t have a fantastic love of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel. Something that’s designed to disempower individuals actually rubs me the flawed approach.

In my guide, apart from perhaps a few issues in there, the complete guide, all of the complimentary therapies in chapter three, mild, sound, color … therapies, colloidal silver, put it in a degenerator and make it yourself, all of those therapies are designed to provide individuals probably the most empowerment, probably the most flexibility to treat themselves, however they don’t should rely on, not solely someone else, however strategies which might be questionable, as as to if or not they will actually assist.

JUSTIN: In your guide, you additionally speak about which machines you advocate and issues like that, so that folks can get your ebook and know precisely what machines you assume extremely of, and issues like that.

I’ve heard about something referred to as the biomodulator from Dr. Jerry Tennant. Is that related to the rife machine in any approach, or is it totally different?

NENAH SYLVER: It’s totally different. It’s related in as a lot because the biomodulator is designed to impart life giving voltage or electrons into the body, so that a layman can use. Some individuals just don’t have sufficient power to do what it takes to get higher, so even for those who disable microbes, if the individual is absolutely depleted they only don’t have sufficient power to utilize no matter it is they’re given. I have a biomodulator and I adore it. In truth, I encourage individuals, if they want extra info on the biomodulator, to go to my website, and contact me and I will send them info on the biomodulator.

The biomodulator is specifically designed to provide to the body the precise amount of current that the mind and the nervous system wants so as to heal. TENS machines impart current into the body too, however they don’t actually heal, they help get rid of ache by numbing the c-fibers of the nerve cells, so that the c-fibers are so dampened and frayed that we will’t even really feel the pain. However that’s just putting a bandaid on it.

The biomodulator offers a few fraction of what a TENS machine does, so that the brain and nervous system can truly take that info and use it in a means that they will heal. So the power in the biomodulator is biocompatible. Once I harm my again, I caught electrode patches, one on either aspect of my lower backbone and I wore the biomodulator round my waist in a fanny pack, it’s fairly small, and at first I might barely rise up, however after about three hours, I felt properly sufficient to go to the health club and have a workout.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s loopy. It’s superb how there’s this type of know-how on the market and it’s type of surprising, and type of not, that folks don’t find out about it. I assume that’s what our aim is at the moment, to get this info out.

We’re going to only take a quick break and we’ve obtained one last phase arising, after the break, with Nenah Sylver at

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It comes with about 5-1/2 hours of video shows, it comes with audio shows so as to download them onto your ipod, it has lots of of pages of useful resource materials, an e-book and bonus information. You get all types of things like chi chi meal plans, tips on how to breast feed, how lengthy to breast feed, natural birthing. He’s acquired the entire thing coated from A-Z in this course. I extremely advocate, when you’re trying to get pregnant, or you already are pregnant, you’ve obtained to verify this out. It’s The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser, and again, yow will discover it at

Okay, we are with Nenah Sylver from And Nenah, I needed to ask you a couple of practical questions. Do you employ the rife machine each day, and in that case, for a way long?

NENAH SYLVER: I don’t use it daily and it relies upon what’s happening. If I need to detox or if there’s a specific well being situation I need to tackle, I will use it. I exploit it for my canine. I’ve a radiant plasma unit referred to as the Pro, which is a very wonderful machine from Canada, and that’s additionally in my ebook, together with footage. When my canine have been having problems with mange and pores and skin circumstances, I was utilizing it for them and it actually helped.

JUSTIN: Wow, I have a couple of private questions for myself. I’ve a torn ACL in my knee and I’ve not had surgery on it. I tore it about four years ago. I assume I’m curious if it will work on that, and if it wouldn’t regrow a tissue and I did end up having surgical procedure, wouldn’t it help me recuperate from surgery.

NENAH SYLVER: It will. I might use the biomodulator for that also.

JUSTIN: Okay, and that might truly restore voltage, virtually like a constructive method for that, right?

NENAH SYLVER: It will provide the power that your physique needs to get rid of waste, regrow tissue and it will feed the cells power in order that nutrients might enter the cells and waste might depart.

JUSTIN: I was studying in your guide earlier, we just had a spot for The Wholesome Child Code by Chris Kresser, and in your guide you speak about ladies utilizing this throughout pregnancy and these varieties of issues. Can you speak just a little bit about the way it works if ladies are pregnant?

NENAH SYLVER: Nicely, if you understand a lot of the medical literature isn’t homeopathy labeled. They are saying, don’t use if pregnant, and that’s awesome as a result of we just don’t know what the consequences might be from a given remedy. I are typically somewhat on the conservative aspect needing to caution individuals, because regardless that I attempt as a lot as I can to elucidate in my ebook about individuals needing to comply with the rules to their own wants and their very own individual situations, typically they’re very literal and can’t sort of make the hyperlink between a suggestion and something that’s set in stone.

I say in my ebook that they need to be careful during pregnancy, primarily as a result of if a lady has a raging an infection, if there’s more microbial waste and yeast because of the rife periods, you don’t need to cross into the placenta to the child, however you recognize, what are the options? Taking antibiotics that poison your liver?
If I have been pregnant and I had an infection, I might undoubtedly use rife therapy. Individuals have used rife therapy for their youngsters, as well as on animals, and they are saying that they have had healthy babies. In case you’re in a state of affairs, particularly when you have lyme illness or you might have cancer, or you’re pregnant, attempt to discover a holistic practitioner who is conversant in rife therapy and he may give you some steerage.

By the best way nursing, in case you have an an infection and are using the rife machine, the microbial waste would come out in the milk, so what I recommend in my e-book is that ladies ought to categorical the milk first and freeze it. Freeze about 3, four or 5 days value, and then while they’re rifing, they might give the infant the milk that they have frozen. And then once they’re achieved rifing, they will return to nursing instantly.

JUSTIN: I see, wow. There are so many uses to the rife know-how. Another factor I like about your e-book, as far as giving individuals energy again to their very own health and start to turn out to be their very own doctor, is like I was saying before, it’s the whole holistic primer. I was interested in your thoughts on gluten. A lot of people are going gluten free lately, and some individuals are understanding the connection between autism and gluten and things like that. What are your thoughts about gluten grains?

NENAH SYLVER: I feel that everyone should avoid gluten grains. Even in ‘so called’ regular individuals, who do not check as having celiac illness, it has been recognized that it takes the body 72 hours for the intestines to get again to regular. The sticky proteins in gluten put on down the vilii within the gut and depart little projectiles that help us take in meals from the small intestines into the blood stream. If the vilii are worn down, or if they have holes in then, you’ll get all types of problems. As soon as the gut is compromised, you get incompletely digested meals particles going from the intestine to the blood stream, where the meals particles can then journey to cells, irritate them and trigger allergic reactions. Your physique also can have a direct immune or autoimmune response to gluten, so that you may manifest hypothyroidism, Hashimotos thyroiditis, that’s a mouthful. Principally, the proteins within the thyroid gland are very similar to the proteins in gluten, and the body will assault it’s personal thyroid gland.

Holistic practitioners are perceive more and more, that anyone with thyroid points must avoid gluten. I’m pretty straightforward going about a variety of stuff, however I’m virtually … on gluten, as a result of I have seen the injury that it causes. It’s additionally very addictive. The opiates in gluten latch onto the receptive sites within the physique, that ordinarily would obtain endorphins. So you’re changing the receptive websites in your body. The physique has receptive websites for endorphins, and as an alternative of getting it from endorphins, the receptive sites will obtain the protein from the gluten, and that causes habit. That’s why individuals are ‘breadalcholics’.

JUSTIN: Sure. Does it steal iodine out of your body too, which can also be related to the thyroid?

NENAH SYLVER: I am not aware of it doing that.

JUSTIN: What do you consider all the, you understand, talking of gluten and individuals’s diets, what do you consider this having an effect on individuals’s DNA? Do you assume that we’re truly damaging our cells on the DNA degree, and if we proceed eating this manner as a tradition and as a species, what’s going to occur to our genes in 4 or 5 generations from now, if we hold consuming this manner?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s an excellent question. Attempt one era. There was a research that just came out on babies whose moms had a prenatal sort of dietary indiscretions. You possibly can call major injury in a single era. A real good place to examine that’s Weston Worth’s e-book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’, I feel that’s what it’s referred to as. Have you learnt who he is?

JUSTIN: Sure, I feel there’s a free copy of his guide on the internet as nicely, I feel. Sure, I’ve read his ebook.

NENAH SYLVER: For the listeners who have no idea, he was a dentist who went around the globe many years in the past to see why individuals have been getting a lot tooth decay. To us now, it’s a no brainer, but again then the western weight-reduction plan had just grow to be really huge, which means white flour and sugar. He went all over and looked at native individuals. Most of them did not eat meat and that they had wholesome fat, good animal protein and the youngsters born of girls who had had a nutritious diet, he noticed marked variations in their dental arches and the best way the tooth have been shaped or misshapen and he took footage, which are fairly dramatic. An image is value a thousand phrases. You take a look at those footage and say ‘oh my god, I’m by no means going to eat this crap once more!

JUSTIN: Sure, it’s fascinating info. As we’re wrapping up here within the subsequent five minutes, I needed to ask you about, so far as the rife machines goes, perhaps some individuals don’t need to purchase them, as they could be just a little expensive for some individuals, are there places or docs that they will go to, perhaps an internet site or one thing, to figure out if there are docs of their area who use the rife machines?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s tough as a result of it’s not legal in the U.S. to make use of these specific frequency units for the remedy of drugs and illness. Otherwise, the docs would lose their license. The perfect suggestion I may give individuals is to hitch yahoo groups who cope with rife know-how or electromedicine and see in the event you can hook up with anyone in your space who may need gear. You may also get my guide, I mean it’s rather more than rife too so even in case you don’t have a rife machine or aren’t even considering of getting one. There’s sufficient to maintain you busy that you’ll really get a great handle on what else you can do.

My ebook has an inventory of respected producers and how one can contact them. Most manufacturers could have a 30-day tryout interval, minus a restocking payment, which is a very good approach to see if rife therapy is for you. You will get a reasonable unit for about $1300 or $1400.

JUSTIN: Okay. That’s so value it, especially considering what the FDA goes to be doing as far as our entry to herbs and medicines and things like that. It appears that evidently they’re cracking down and making an attempt to make herbs unlawful. It might be good to have one among these machines, I assume in your arsenal, proper?

NENAH SYLVER: Completely. Also, relating to the state of affairs that you simply just described right here, I’ve one phrase, ‘stockpiling’.

JUSTIN: You realize, lately we had Dr. Bob Marshall on and I know that you recognize who he is. He does a variety of work with power and the plasma area of the body and that type of thing. We also had Dr. Gerald Smith.

NENAH SYLVER: You asked concerning the ….GD-4000 … that’s an excellent machine and it’s also listed in my ebook.

JUSTIN: Wonderful. What do you assume is going to be sooner or later for rife know-how? Are there plenty of advances happening in the area of power drugs, so far as arising with new frequencies and making the precise machines better and things like that?

NENAH SYLVER: Sure, in a word.

JUSTIN: In what methods? Is it a subject that’s rising, type of like the pc business, where it doubles each few years, or is it slower than that with the rife power medicines?

NENAH SYLVER: That’s a superb query. It’s in all probability not growing as quick as the computer business, principally because individuals don’t find out about it. However, there have been studies finished in a Philadelphia hospital which are headed by an oncologist, that’s mentioned in Appendix E I consider, of my rife handbook. They are utilizing type of a souped up rife machine, which is one of the simplest ways to place it, and they’re using frequencies to kill cancer cells. They have had actually good success with that. My solely concern with that’s that I don’t want the medical business to start out propagating a know-how that must be for everybody and I don’t need a state of affairs the place the one approach you can get rife therapy is to go to a physician, because that may put it proper again into the arms of the medical pharmaceutical cartel, which isn’t what I would like.

I feel the notice of rife therapy is growing. Individuals are very annoyed as they know that what they’re doing is just not working. They don’t need to really feel horrible with the ten zillion results of medicine that isn’t the impact they want, which the drug business calls ‘side effects’. They’re all results. Once you’re taking an antibiotic, it does kill a targeted microbe, nevertheless it also harms your liver, it ruins your digestive tract and causes an entire host of other effects. I feel individuals are really waking up to this. I feel the most important obstacle in a method is the media, because you’re not going to have a serious newscast say ‘hey, look at this great thing we have, a rife machine, and guess what people, you don’t want a physician, you should purchase one for $1500 and apply it to yourself, your folks and your family and there are not any negative effects or adverse effects, just drink water and maintain a superb eating regimen’. You’re not going to seek out that on the media. They completely bought out.

That’s why I’m doing this and that’s why I wrote the e-book. That’s why I give shows because I would like individuals to know that there are better options, viable options and they don’t have to hold themselves small and powerless and hopeless, that there are ways to overcome cancer. In case you be a part of these lists, and there are groups by the best way, in one of the appendices of my rife handbook, there’s an inventory of internet discussion groups which you could be a part of. Individuals are speaking about their successes. They’re also talking about their questions and what they understand as their failures. You recognize, it’s self help. But that is really the drugs of the longer term where everyone makes it some extent to study more and to develop into an professional on themselves because no one is aware of more about you than you do.

JUSTIN: Yup, it’s all about choices. Right? You already know, simply giving individuals options that may work, empowering individuals. There’s no have to… when you maintain your self, there’s no have to ever go to a physician. Until you get into a automotive crash or one thing catastrophic happens. But that’s what’s so cool about your ebook. I know we’re wrapping up here but… we didn’t even get into colloidal silver turbines, ozone turbines and all the superb stuff so if individuals are keen on power drugs, you must get this ebook. It’s so good. So go to and it’s so value it. Thanks Nenah for joining us at the moment.

NENAH SYLVER: Thank you Justin, it was a pleasure.

JUSTIN: Thanks. Would you thoughts hanging on while I shut out the show?

NENAH SYLVER: Under no circumstances.

JUSTIN: Nicely, thanks everyone for listening to another edition of extremehealthreadio. You will discover this present web page at and we’ll have all of the hyperlinks and info on that page, as well as the transcripts, which shall be a couple of weeks out, however we’re doing one of the best we will on those.

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Again, thanks a lot for listening everyone and have a fantastic day. We’ll catch you on the subsequent episode.