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Madonna's Performance in Eurovision With Rapper Quavo, there was an occult ritual with every living soul!

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult meaning of Madonna's controversial performance

As a result of Madonna performs her new music Future with Rapper Quavo, the world is literally on hearth.

Mark four: 9-12 "And he (Jesus) stated: He who has ears to listen to, he hears [1945900]. 10 And when he was alone, people who have been around him requested him a parable. 11 And he stated unto them, Ye are given to know the mystery of the dominion of God but to those who are without, all this stuff are made as parables: 12 That can see and see ; and hear that they will hear and don’t perceive ; that they should by no means have been modified, and their sins must be forgiven. ”

Mark eight:18“ Don't you see, look? Take heed to you and hear ears? and don't you keep in mind?

The phrases in this passage apply to the elite that tells the plenty that the longer term shouldn’t be for them.

Not everybody involves the longer term
Not everyone has discovered from the past
Not everyone can come to the longer term
Not everyone is right here final

See the phrases of the whole music here because it helps to unite factors. Mild should flicker into your life if you learn what is being provided next! If this doesn't happen, hold it properly Jeremiah 33.3 ”Call me and I’ll answer you, and will inform you nice and great belongings you don't know .” [1945901] ] [19659005] ”One of many first things I discovered concerning the elite is that they have an moral code. Their moral codes are usually not the same as … these of us who consider in the phrase of God and the Bible … one of many elements of their moral guidelines is that they have to inform the world what they will do before they do it and right here is the phrase "buzzwords". – Lindsey Williams

Lusifians tell us what they’re going to do in time

Demise by Numbers – Do Lusifians Tell us They're going to make their time and in that case, what have they planned subsequent? Read extra right here

Now, talking of numbers, I appeared on the occult which means of "Quavon". W hat I discovered the identify of Rappers, which was very fascinating with Madona. Stay with me now once I consider it describes Lucifer!

Which means of Quantity

In typical numerology, two numbers, comparable to 22, are counted as one quantity for analysis. It’s because multi-digit numbers are stated to get their energetic essence from the one-digit root numbers that notify them.

This doesn’t apply to certain numbers referred to as Grasp Numbers. Numbers akin to 11, 22, 33 and 44 are referred to as host numbers and have their own energetic core.

Grasp number 22 is associated with Master Builder vibration, which has the power to turn loftiest goals into concrete ones. Supply

Masons are thought-about Master Builders, and the efficiency was freed by Masonic symbolism, as you will notice later. BTW, Lucifer is the god of the Masonic! The one grasp whom God had pressured was the Apostle Paul, and he referred to Jesus Christ!

1. Cor. three: 9-13 “For we are laborers with God; You are God's cultivation, you are God's building. 10 According to the grace of God which is given to me, a wise master builder, I have set the foundation, and another builds on it. But every man takes into account how he builds it . 11 For no other foundation is able to set it than that which is set, which is Jesus Christ. 12 But if any one ascends the basis of gold, silver, jewels, wood, hay, stub, 13 Every work must be obvious, for the day declares it because it appears. fire; You will come to experiment with the work of every human being . ”

You see how necessary this scripture content comes in:

Quavo with the number 22

the primary architect. You have got a singular present that may assist you understand something in the archetypal world – infinite and divine – and you will show some that it’s on earth. You're an amazing dream. Every aim is large. You dream of creating something that lasts for centuries. Your want is to vary history. You need to make your mark on humanity. There isn’t any limit to what you’re capable of and nothing to dream about doing. Of all of the numbers you’ve the greatest potential achievement.

Isaiah 14:12 -15 How did you fall from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning! how have you minimize the ground, which weakens the peoples! For you stated in your heart, I will rise to heaven, I’ll increase my throne above the celebs of God: I will even sit on the mountain of the church, on the north: I’ll rise up to the clouds; I am the Highest . But you’ll be brought right down to hell, the edges of the pit. ”

Quavo's Inside Heart Analysis 1

]” Your overriding need is to be unbiased and guide your personal life in response to what you consider. Your dream is to turn into a pacesetter in any area you give. Whether or not it's enterprise, group, or your basic expertise, you're pushed right into a dominant picture. You will have the courage and confidence to steer others. You firmly consider that your judgment is choice for everybody else. "

Revelation 12: 7-9" There was a conflict in heaven: Michael and his angels fought towards the dragons; and the dragon fought and his angels 8 And didn’t win; and their place not discovered in heaven. 9 And was thrown out an excellent dragon, the previous serpent, referred to as the satan and Satan, deceiving the entire world : he was thrown out to the ground, and his angels have been thrown out of him .

Quavo's Character Evaluation with Character Quantity three

”You’re very engaging. Many men with three personalities are very good-looking; Ladies are often amazingly lovely. Your vibration is filled with life. You're uplifting, inspiring, and charming. You’re a fun individual. Your clever and glowing character will make you social gathering life. You’re extroverted and optimistic. You recognize superb clothes and jewelry and luxuriate in dressing a bit. Ezekiel 28: 12-15 "Son of man, make an attraction to the king of Tire, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord GOD; . You could have been in Eden, God's Garden, every valuable stone was your quilt, sardius, Topas, diamond, beryl, onyx and jasper, sapphire, emerald and carbuncle, and gold : your soul and your tubes was made in you on the day you create. You’re anointed cherub that covers; and I’ve set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; you walked in the middle of the fires. You’re good in your days on the day you created until injustice was discovered in you. ”

Madonna, together with Quavo, to sing the music“ Future is NOT a coincidence. The track "Future" with Quavo is admittedly the longer term with Lucifer !!!!! See more of the origins and the doctrine of Devil here

I'm crazy once I saw the similarities with Lucifer?

Madonna's Performance is one other face of your face in Satanic Ritual, what Lucifer is planning for humanity! The good news is that the reborn believers will not be events to his plan – the remaining are!

Right here is Vigilant Citizen

Madonna's presentation Eurovision was controversial for numerous reasons. First, many have been dissatisfied with the fact that Madonna went to Israel to complete the entire Palestinian query. Second, his music was horrible. It was torture. He was simply the night time's worst performer.

Although these issues have been extensively addressed in the mass media, the most obvious was ignored: his presentation was a pseudo-satanic, New World Order, an occult ritual. And, as normal, Madonna utterly replenished her position in the good Priestess of her area

Before starting the performance, it’s also essential to note that Madonna is a Kabbalah – a Jewish mysticism that’s among the most rooted faculties of Western occultism, comparable to Freemasonry. In addition, the truth that this presentation befell in Israel can also be relevant to the current symbolism

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult significance of Madonna's controversial performance

The performance began in a cathedral-like surroundings with hooded males singing "Madonna" as a spiritual spell.

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult The importance of Madonna's controversial performance

After singing her identify, the Grand Priestess appears on the stairs, dressed as if she was involved in dark occult rituals

  The Eurovision 2019 finale and the role of the occult in Madonna's controversial performance

Madonna reveals herself. She has a crown (Grand Priestess) and an eyepiece with the letter X.

Madonna lately created a Madame X trade individual, who she describes as "representative" with many individuals. As you’ll be able to see in my article, Madame X, the whole thing is about Monarch programming.

Madame X is consistently using the eyeglass, a handy solution to constantly present one eye sign – proof of the presence of the occult

Then Madonna begins singing like a prayer track about mixing sexual acts with spiritual devotion. Madonna sings this pseudo-satanic music on a regular basis (she carried out it on the 2018 MET Gala) because it’s the good object for the black mass.

Aside from the fact that Madonna sings terribly, she also sings with a thick accent that seems like an Israeli or maybe an Japanese European. Why? Modifiers for MK slaves could be programmed to have accents. It seems we are listening to Madame X's totally different track.

  Eurovision 2019 The meaning of Finale and the occult after Madonna's controversial performance

Madonna goes down the stairs slowly. Notice the inverted cross on his cloak (image of Satanism).

The setting is extraordinarily symbolic.

  Eurovision 2019 The Occult of Finale and Madonna's Controversial Performance

Classical Masonic Photographs depicting stairs between pillars

At first of the efficiency, Madonna stood at the prime of the steps, representing the very best "lighting". Taking place the stairs, Madonna symbolically lowers himself to the extent of the plenty. In this case, he introduces the reverse cross because they need the plenty to consider.

  Eurovision 2019 The role of Finale and the occult in the controversial performance of Madonna

Here hooded characters deliver pillars to put them on both sides of Madonna. Why do they build stuff when Madonna sings?

This scene is a transparent reference to the rebuilding of the Solomon Temple, which is an important a part of the Masonic teachings.

Two pillars of Masonic symbolism are references to the pillars of Boaz and Achin of the Solomon Temple.

The place of the Solomon temple is in Israel and there have been fixed rumors of an elite making an attempt to regulate the temple so that it may well build the Solomon Temple. Briefly, Madonna principally refers back to the morning of the new era beneath the control of the elite.

Then issues worsen

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and occult importance of Madonna's controversial performance

and bathrobes go to Madonna. He tells them something and then kills them by breaking his neck. Do these individuals characterize the plenty spoken and killed by the elite?

Then Madonna says a wierd speech that appears to threaten a gaggle of individuals.

“They’re so naive. They assume we aren’t conscious of their crimes. We know that we aren’t just able to act. The storm is just not in the air. It's inside us. I need to inform you about love and loneliness. Nevertheless it's too late now. Can't you hear your higher hood from the wind that begins to sigh?

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult importance of Madonna's controversial performance

As Madonna says these words, we see totally different Christians. Their new age is decided by the destruction of Christianity

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult significance of Madonna's controversial performance

Then Madonna blows the wind of demise into disguised individuals (who characterize the plenty) and all die. Within the background, the Statue of Liberty is broken.

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult The importance of Madonna's controversial performance

As a result of Madonna presents her new track Future with Quavo, the world is literally

The phrases in this paragraph apply to the elite that tells the plenty that the longer term does not for them.

Not everybody comes to the longer term
Not everyone has discovered from the previous
Not everybody can come to the longer term
Not everyone who’s right here will endure

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and occult meaning Madonna's controversial performance

] Then Madonna, Quavo and different individuals go up the steps. Are they on the street of lighting? Not Actually

Despite all the current symbolism, 99% of the media targeted on the Palestinian flag beside the Israeli flag and other people being offended.

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and occult significance for Madonna's controversial performance

When individuals at the prime of the stairs rotated and jumped to their deaths, it looks like suicide. One other great message for watching tens of millions of young individuals.

  Eurovision 2019 The role of Finale and the occult in the controversial Madonna performance

At one point we see the Church's reflection on the steps. Another method to present the reverse cross

  Eurovision 2019 Finale and the occult meaning of Madonna's controversial performance

Then the words WAKE UP seem in the background when Madonna and Quavo move to their dying

. goes wild. Did they perceive anything about what simply happened? In all probability not


Eurovision 2019 was an agenda for elite soldiers and elite. It was simply concerning the MK symbolism, the occult symbolism and now the inevitable sex-blurring. Nicely enough, the exhibition ended with a highly symbolic and ritual Madonna efficiency that summarized the elite's complete philosophy. It additionally conveyed complete hatred and contempt for the plenty, even celebrating their demise in the "future."

It's all, it's all in our face and it's extra blatant than ever. For those who don't see it, take a hint of Madonna and WAKE UP.

Now take a look at Johnathan Kleck's video by analyzing performance. He is on the street in a number of the merchandise he produces, but I consider the Lord has given him a present to interpret enemy plans. Under is a video that he proposes to observe first.

Madonna Performance

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