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Latin American Bicentennials and Strategic Thinking in the 21st Century – Analysis – Eurasian Review

The following are the most important challenges to the worldwide agenda for these Latin-American two-method occasions of independence, which require actual strategic considering and originality that isn’t the results of other continent fashions

Globalization may be distinguished from regionalization processes to stability its results
and reach a world that leads the international group removed from every little thing
One-sidedness. This requires an endangered analytical imaginative and prescient in area:
Our, South American Continent


The world is altering. Globalization is a phenomenon and a historic process
unprecedented velocity. The present time needs to be thought-about problematic
the time when world experience strikes to multipolarity. Bounds
between the world, regional and nationwide policies is turning into more and more unclear. Bounds
their spheres weaken to type a triple dialectic relationship
local, regional and international

In this second millennium (beneath western parameters), the two-means movies of the numerous declarations of independence take place throughout South America, the peoples of the Spanish constituencies lived in the Balkanization process, the three elections and the basic The captain became 9 republics: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador , Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. In contrast to in Brazil, which has a totally totally different historic improvement in its territory

In the 19th century there was a strategy of clashes between "liberals" and "conservatives", which ended with the subjugation of latest states to the foremost hegemon of the century: the British Empire. The British Empire placed us in a "world" where the International Working Group delivered suppliers / producers of raw supplies and low cost food and consumers of excessive value-added products. Introducing, as well as the "world market" economic theories that accepted the process for a moment for some new nations

On the other hand, it was the similar power that promoted the controversy that
ended with large wars between South People (Conflict of the Triple Alliance:
Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay towards the Paraguaya or Pacific Warfare: Chile
In Bolivia and Peru), on the other hand by way of financial loans
The International Activity Pressure, which we’ve got already introduced, produced
complicated management mechanisms in battle situations

Properly, the fundamental concept of ​​this work is to acknowledge that when America resigned from the XIX century in Spain and tried to get a destiny aside from the peoples of South America, the strategic considering was lacking from the elites who took power to move to colonial rule, and that later twentieth during the twentieth century, in the midst of the two world wars, when the nations of the region (notably Argentina and Brazil) started robust industrialization and import options. an efficient strategic and geopolitical concept that gave good outcomes

For example, it ought to be famous that Juan Perón, who is
Busy Nature at the Nationwide Army Faculty in November 1953
stated: "We should break the arch between Rovan and Santiago
creates a new South America.

Subsequently, given the geopolitical modifications and the shape of the New World Order, which is the reason for the clashes between the nations we call: the Atlanticists towards the continents. We are going via the first quarter of this century with a brand new alternative to save lots of and outline a real strategic and geopolitical concept for our continent: South America ; Subsequent we develop:

Creating Analysis

“Since 2001, we have to acknowledge the reappearance of geopolitical and geostrategic tensions in worldwide conflicts.
us as revealed truths and we’ve got this crucial and pragmatic considering to
to have adequate freedom of thought to design our personal state coverage and not just be
viewers of worldwide change. However we’ve got to start out from this critical international
evaluation and concrete hypotheses to make this important
personal strategic considering.

It has by no means been so obvious that each good political or nationwide and regional
the strategy begins and depends upon profitable information and rational interpretation
a world government that might be installed and stay in every country.
interpersonal relations (families, clans, tribes, scams, nations or no matter)
have taken energy. And while some interested analysts want to do us
believes that there are good powers and dangerous powers or talks
Imperialism is a "populist" basic, reality exhibits that even at present
the international politics that’s strongest is the one who places its interests and theirs

Briefly, the geopolitical and worldwide political gamers of the 21st century are described, and at first glance it may be stated that the mannequin of the world order created in the publish-conflict part of the Second World Struggle is an outdated or crucial robust reform that also meets the challenges of our time.

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, the finish of communist methods in Japanese Europe, the Soviet invasion of the 15 new states and Yugoslavia in six others, after bloodshed, ethnic cleaning and massacres survived in the final 30 years; The USA came to the United States for a short period of hegemonic domination. History has proven as soon as again that the dominated hegemony in the world is just not sustainable over time and the 11 September 2001 terrorist assaults meant, as we’ve got seen in other works, the begin of the second half of the Pax Americana.

Notice in this respect that the two wars that the United States fought for
Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq both lost, which meant the end of the era
Almighty American Hegemon.

So the new gamers got here to the geopolitical part that had asked
Russia and China first in the former Soviet Union
The Union and the different in the Pacific and Central Asia

In this process, entitled "The New (North) American Century", the United States emphasised its privilege in army terms, achieved its objectives, and not the control of "space", as was the case with World Conflict II, but the major suppliers of both uncooked supplies and comparable consumption. market "for geopolitical conquest. The idea was always: "Americanize the world with out US globalization".

This allowed the first ten years after the Soviet invasion
The USA was a hegemonic superpower on the entire planet
in a means that is multiple in the world in Washington
it was attainable to attract a map of the nations that have been going to survive
meant to be misplaced. The top of the story was real and every thing was going
new world order, one-sided.

This required totally different administrative authorities in the United States
Republicans or Democrats from the 1990s onwards' won’t stop strongly
protection spending to face a globalized world and modernize its armed forces
Be at the peak of this strategic plan to take care of its international attain
In the USA, the "Republic of the Imperial Republic" seemed to succeed in Zen
its power. But "No Empire is forever" with the historian Paul Kennedy
In 2007, a guide was revealed in which he claimed that the United States started his invoice.

The query is when will this invoice feel and how will this bill be if will probably be
controlled and organized landing like english? Or chaotic as some kingdoms
disappeared. That is why we consider that this reduction of worldwide power
The Hegemon pressured the US to withdraw from many contradictory situations and
their direct influence on their territory. What is aside from
the entire American continent to which South and Latin America are.

Subsequently, the actions that befell ten years ago usually are not strange here
There have to be a return to the political, economic and army in the US

In this sense, it is very important research the objectives of the southern command.
cancel its sphere of influence by establishing army doctrines
Governments which are loyal to Washington and surround hostile, because
The National Security Area is established in Central America and
Caribbean, geographically situated in Amazon
A river that limits an area that can’t be its economic, political
soldiers and troopers and now new national safety directives
Administration of Trump, which pressured Russia and China to grow to be enemies

But how do other international gamers in this authorities work together in everlasting stores?


China: Continental Asian – It is crucial to increase and keep a degree of progress and it will undoubtedly place it at the heart of a serious authorities that imbalances its movements in the brief time period leading to present powers, within the framework of sustainable progress, certainly one of its important international aims is to determine itself as a priority in a multipolar system. In addition to making certain that there will not be enough assets. Because of this, the United States sees it as a serious menace to its international hegemony, and whereas it is too late to eliminate it, it’s making an attempt financially to attempt, by all the means at its disposal, to restrict its progress and improvement.

China needs to diversify its sources of raw supplies, China has made a robust effort
investment contribution to the "forgotten" African continent that has set the USA
alarmingly, after China has agreed to develop the Darfur area by itself territory
the infrastructure to acquire the oil assets that the United States responded by including it
Sudan is on the record of members of the evil axis, from which it finances
in other phrases, terrorist groups overthrow the government of that country.

As a US strategist's concern, China signed a large-ranging
agreements with Russia not solely with power, but in addition with know-how and army
strategy to India. Presently, they have agreed not
to intervene in an area of ​​power assets that may make them one
necessary economic continents in this period of globalization

On the different hand, China's army doctrine has included the battle with the United States as a hypothesis for the conflict and the "war without constraints" co-employee Liang and Xiangsui. Strategic Cultures and the Try and Break the Lure of the SSRS's Collapse of Arms, Expanding Conflict Operations to All Areas of Human Activity, "Crack Stock Market, Computer Viruses, Rumor Causing Bank Access, etc." , Which is called an asymmetric warfare.

Because of this, we imagined the era of awakening with the Pacific.
weight as the "business ocean" to the detriment of the Atlantic, comparable to Kissinger

Presently, the largest planet investor in Africa is China and main trading
many Latin American nations, and will probably be there

China has made decisive progress in chopping-edge know-how, particularly in the so-referred to as "high-tech". aviation and area know-how, biotechnology, and so forth. Additionally in the improvement of an infrastructure and improvement bank with extra capital than the World Bank, there is just one instance given and many Asian and European nations shortly joined it; however it all started with the Shanghai co-operation settlement, which at the moment sets it as a worldwide landmark and since 2013, when its president Xi Jinping launched China's largest geopolitical venture "Strategic Megaproject of China and Russia", referred to as "Belt and Silk Road",

Russia : Eurasiatic / Continentalist – Former Communist army superpower, has returned to seek out his destiny in the arms of Vladimir Putin. He has put him again on the worldwide stage, not as a forceful army drive, reminiscent of during Soviet occasions, but as an financial and technological pressure to defend the geostrategic and geopolitical significance of power assets right now, the European Union and China demand it. It must also emphasize Russia's present sovereign and disgusting angle in the direction of the United States once they needed to install so-referred to as missile safety in nations that have been satellites of the former Soviet Union, reminiscent of the instances of Poland and the Czech Republic,

. inconceivable state of affairs.
hegemony, certainly, the Ukrainian means of joining the Crimea
The peninsula is a clear indication of our findings of change.

It must be noted at another degree that the United States and its Western activities
Companions (at this time, not so loyal) Russia started a deep cope with China
becoming a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement and, more lately, the Japanese European Financial Space
The Discussion board, often known as the Vladivostok Forum, was the key
Two Korean convergence final September (2017) and 2007
Transcendental understanding between Russia and Japan
during 2018; railway practice improvement venture
Japan travels between islands in a dispute between the two nations to attach
Russia with Trans-Siberia and from there to the European market and
In Central Asia. This is essential for the second mixture
Regional Group headed by Moscow, Eurasian Financial Union (EEU)
assembles Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia
Strengthening the Integration Course of in the Submit-Soviet Area

Regardless of the above, Russia's largest presence on the international geopolitical panel has been the army intervention of its Air and Air Drive in the struggle towards the Syrian Arab Republic's battle towards worldwide terrorism, co-ordinated with the Iranian Islamic Elite Fee in a struggle decided by exterior actors. . On the different hand, it hit NATO with selling arms and contracts with the region, returning to compete in the world of high-tech weapons.

We determine that the international unstable geopolitical board is at this time multi-polar: The first three ranges: China, the United States and Russia.

Different essential but much less gamers in the geopolitical chess of the world:

INDIA: India did not grow to be a large geopolitical state that was unbalanced and contained China (as the North American hegemon needed). India and China improved their relations regardless of the demon strations in the Tibetan area and the Kashmir region, which both India and Pakistan claim. Nevertheless, India is in an analogous process to China, whose financial progress additionally causes a change in the pursuits of the country to make sure the similar in the long run, and additionally collided with the concept of ​​unilateralism.

has already handed 1,200 million inhabitants and
growing quicker than in China, suggests that it’ll quickly be on the podium
the influence of the world's great powers. We consider this won’t come
to be speedy, because India must first remedy large social problems
inequality, extreme poverty, recession and abandonment

Like China, South People, India is simply starting to seem
horizon. We should not overlook that each have been until the mid-19th century
economies the place colonial empires of the period tried to overcome them
market because they have been the most necessary in the world, and at this time they’re back

The European Union: -Atlanticist – The current state of the European Union is an financial big in crisis, stagnation and a political dwarf. It has strategic limitations, as a result of in the army part it is a North American recreation soldier, a sworn statement of its involvement in the Afghan assault or its paralysis in the Balkan disaster, which allowed the US to take full duty for this geopolitical movement. The division of the EU with the Iraqi attack also confirmed its lack of political unity on worldwide points, and it reversed it as a participant on the world board, solely from the business flows of the French and German economies.

The European Union has quite a lot of power dependency in its weaknesses
mainly with Russia, which prevents it from appearing as an actor
outdoors NATO, though NATO now has a globalization coverage (for which it’s.)

On this sense, the solely member who was reliable and privileged hegemonic
power in England (now BREXIT outdoors the Union). The EU leads
strategic relationship with the United States after World Struggle II
was sterilized with every option to match international weight
and it might only be an economic big inland. A critical one is added to this
inhabitants getting older and lack of it
inhabitants progress that makes it dependent on overseas work
resistance to social inclusion, which is already in disaster
conventional political buildings with the so-referred to as excessive proper rise
Political events

Politically, the accession of latest members to the Union adds EU members
difficulties in reaching a consensus as a result of, for example, the concept of ​​restarting
The European Constitution was curbed by the French and European referendums
The Netherlands (2005), and now Poland was abandoned. That’s
why they had to resort to the Lisbon Treaty and not using a structure
by listening to their residents. We must additionally keep in mind that after the trash disaster
housing loans in 2008, Europe usually couldn’t absolutely recuperate from the financial system
There are two European regions in the European Union: peripheral and
another Central (which is not in the UK), added
robust instability resulting from the emergence and status of the Eurosceptics
in many nations, which makes the European Union unlikely

Lastly, the growing energy of the Asian and Central European nations
The Pacific catchment space signifies that, in the presence of this block, the medium is in decline
time period. Finally, sanctions are already being questioned by necessary EU members
To Russia at the request of the United States. Italy has already introduced this position
and German Chancellor Merkel additionally said that it will not impose new sanctions on Russia,
notes that Germany is the only actual financial power in Europe and its territory

Japan: – Atlantic – The so-referred to as Atlantic economic giants who for years have misplaced their place as a serious competitor in China. The country with which it did not definitively finish the wounds brought on by the Japanese occupation in earlier occasions and during the Second World Struggle

Japan with the agreements signed after its absolute surrender to the Allies in 1945,
in follow, cannot participate in international politics militarily, however it is just
offering diplomatic and financial help to resolve army expenditure
corresponding to the struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Final Japanese
The administrations have tried to get out of this terrible loss part (it's the only one.)
a country that has been attacked by nuclear weapons) but its inhabitants is

Simply as Europe depends on strategic assets, primarily power, and militarily
is dependent upon its ally from the United States. As a result of there are a number of army bases in Japanese soil
are key practices to guard North America's security before intimacy
North Korea

From an financial perspective, Japan has invested closely in the area,
in Southeast Asian nations, in specific, "Asian Tigers", and
In Central Asia, acquire the power assets which are important for its excessive maintenance
know-how. It is extremely attainable that the improvement of international occasions and
New geo-financial realities lead Japan to think about new geopolitics
China, which might strengthen them with the many contributions of each nation

There are other regional actors, but this work is geared to the geopolitical position and the primary players concerned in the area of our South American subcontinent. Particularly, the BRICS nations "differ" from at present's lost Western media, whose fundamental member is South America's big Brazil. (If it is a part of our geopolitical area and performs an important position in reviewing the situations)

Different actors are: The Group of Nations.
Nations -Alatists, 53 unbiased and semi-unbiased states,
who emphasized Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as. ,
Southeast Asian Nations Association of Southeast Asia and Asia -Professional
Atlantists-. However they do not have the international roles described above.

Unstable authorities and its penalties to the south
On the American continent

On this unstable government, we stated in an article revealed in October 2006 that
The new world situations of this century are people who come out
the wrestle for useful resource control and the United States
developed a collection of ideas that have been carried out by the administrations of the 80s and 90s
clearly, and whose axis was to create absolute and international army superiority
and for which the geopolitics of slope management (Eurasian edge) have been utilized
following the primary strains of Geostrategist Spykman
army bases round the world because it needs to be naval
The guts of Eurasia.

And never only a army dominant place but in addition keep and control
Renewable and non-renewable natural assets "Man Militari"
assets, making certain its availability and degradation to its entry

The thought behind these methods is that "the Ministry of Economy and Industry"
Continental amenities can be related in the 21st century and that
there can be robust competitors for his or her hegemonic ideas, which is obvious
The coverage can be to stop such a character from forming in his backyard
US nationwide security. It’s apparent that the new
worldwide gamers face this army, financial and financial unilateralism

We synthesized this unstable disc as we speak in 2019, as this

1. Highest degree. Multi-polarity with three facilities: Washington, Moscow and Beijing.

2. Excessive diploma of self-willpower. The European Union and Japan, India.

Three. Degree of resistance: Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Iran, who have the capability to limit the disruption of globalization in their very own area. That is, they’ve the right of self-willpower and very restricted exterior self-willpower.

4. Degree of habit. Different nations, practically all Latin America


Crises are opportunities, as said in the previous description, that the world is
reconfiguration and thus in crisis. And then keep in mind that history, like
in the first decade of the nineteenth century, puts us once more before
obtain a brand new part of independence and not only a formal coverage, but relatively a t

Immediately, international modifications permit us to strengthen a regional unit
which allows us to limit the disruption of globalization in their own territory,
Use pure assets to make use of the hungry world. ,
to strengthen science and know-how and to succeed in
Industrial Revolution 4.zero. "Political Realism" is then set to:
the one that permits us to comprehend theoretical idealistic tasks with a certain skepticism,
but that doesn't imply we’ve got to cease considering and attempt to implement them.

satisfies the interests of the people who make the most of the Group or its technique. Right here
On this case, we must see South America on the "continent" with more than 350 individuals
million individuals (only in two languages, together with between them) 50,000
miles of delivery lanes with 30% of the planet's freshwater reserves and every little thing
Century strategic minerals with an area of ​​18 million km2
double Europe and twice US.

That’s the reason South America is considering of itself as a geopolitical entity with its own
and thus take an essential step in the direction of eliminating its present fragmentation
the continent. So the extension of the proposal to all of South America is
Cautiousness and Strategic Conception

And since the American Century concept is in disaster, as we now have been
To date, it’s virtually certain that its strategists and assume tanks try
Manage invoices by strengthening areas with higher control and there

“Self-centered economic industrial continental space”

This explains the continuity of plans and the willpower of free trade agreements.
from an financial perspective to close the area
overseas rivals or the progress of army bases on our continent
Keep goals closer to their area and facilitate control and influence
What they despise in their "backyard".

This unstable government system, previously described, have to be interpreted properly
South American and Latin American nations, its political, army, and t
Trade unions, intellectuals and college leaders avoid making mistakes about what
everlasting national and regional interests, and considered one of them is our imaginative and prescient
and the relationship to a new globalized world. Being strategic
thoughts over the last 27 years (1991)
overwhelming hegemonism that led to recurrent political-financial and social crises.

Subsequently, it is crucial that South American states have an extended-time period imaginative and prescient that
lets us plan for the next 20 or 30 years in this competitive world, which is not
Only states, but in addition their affiliated corporations, should have a strategic imaginative and prescient
financial significance. On this public and personal
cooperation priorities have to be created via state insurance policies
The strategic objectives of high improvement and progress, the results of the nation as a hole

Reality exhibits that if South America and Latin America actually need to occupy a worthwhile and affordable place in a creating new world, the place it deserves is the history of the greatness of its residents and the vast area of the continental region they own, essentially keep in mind the geopolitical strategy and the worldwide politics of the great Iberoamerican individuals and South America.

The advantage of this great state is that it isn’t the creation of ex nihilo ; it is the predecessor of ALADI, the 27-year-previous Mercosur Creation (Asuncion Settlement 1991), together with the Andean Treaty expertise, then UNASUR.

Four nations are liable for attaining this aim: two, on the ground
Pacific: Colombia and Peru and two in the Atlantic Ocean: Argentina
and Brazil.

And we will observe with a certain view of the risk that "political
The realism of "continental geopolitical strategies" has a whole lot of horizon
broader than the limitations of every "small country" (Patria Chica)
Perceive us in Latin and South America "Great Patriotic Land" (Patria Grande)
the only option to get forward and move on in this XXI century, if not
The good Brazilian thinker Helio Jaguaribe stated that we are the particles of history and rubbish

* About the writer: Carlos Pereyra Melé, chairman www.dossiergeopolitico.com / international and geopolitical analyst


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