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Is there an attack on the American and Iranian war? – OpEd – Eurasia Review

Donald Trump needs above all to make a new cope with Iran so he can identify it and congratulate the world. He does not need to control the change in Teheran in precept, but when he did not get to this textual content, he might push the translation of energy in Iran. At present, the highest leader, Aollah Ali Khamenei, the real chief of the Iranian state, has repeatedly rejected potential talks with the American "great Satan", he doesn’t think about dependable.

Drums of Struggle

must change this technique. “When he spoke these words in June 2017, before a mojahedin1 member of several thousand people, the organization against the Islamic Republic, John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, did not go out of his way. This millennium gathering in Villepinte in France, this neoconservative hawk, supporter of the war in Iraq, welcomed the change in tone Trump administration towards Iran and announced: "Ten years I have participated in this event, the United States declared that the policy should not be Tehran's mullahs control of pouring. "And this septuagarian with a lush white mustache, believed to be on the sidelines of the Iraqi fiasco (he was then US secretary for disarmament issues), appointed his day with the audience" in Tehran in 2019 ".

Today John Bolton leads the US Security Council and is one of Donald Trump's closest advisers. According to Wall Street Journal2, last September he asked the Pentagon about plans to launch military attacks against Iran. "People were shocked," says anonymous US officials on this economy every day: "It was amazing, his Cavalier's way of talking about Iran." According to the Wall Street Journal3, the Pentagon submitted the National Security Council's rapidly requested plans. These included the penetration of US aircraft into Iranian airspace and air strikes on Islamic military sites

After the Obama administration's convergence, during which the United States and Iran had become Iraqi objective allies against Daesh, the two "best enemies" on the planet are ridiculous after the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear power plant in May 2018. When President Trump informed President Macron that he was going to withdraw from the treaty, the latter asked him, "Do you want to go to war with Iran?" Lead to the War

Today, threats between Washington and Teheran are on the rise every day, questioning the extremely extreme balancing policy of both parties. : "Trump's Iranian politics are in danger" Colin Kahl4 believes that growing evidence suggests that the US President is heading for a war – Does he know whether or not 5:

"If Iran or its credentials respond to US pressures that pull American blood or deal with a major blow to critical oil infrastructure in the region. Unlike in the second half of the Obama administration, there are currently no high-level communication channels between Washington and Tehran to manage the crisis. And the hard lines on all sides are eager to fight, looking for opportunities to expand tension rather than tension. "

And, a lot of wisdom, advise the US administration:" call rhetoric ":

" Before things become uncontrollable, it would make sense for the administration to call back the rhetoric, open high-level channels with Tehran and declare its willingness to re-import the nuclear power plant as a starting point for new negotiations. But there is a zero potential that the administration will take for this course. It doubles to a strategy of maximum tension, and there is more and more evidence that it is a path to war – whether Trump realizes or not.

Despite the violent voice between the United States and Iran, political analysts continue to believe in the outbreak of regional war. According to these sources, US President Donald Trump is an unpredictable man, but so far he has shown that he prefers to threaten war rather than do it. This was seen in Syria and even in North Korea, where he had raised the tone many times, and always withdrew at the last minute, even going so far that his threat policy had reached his goal by pushing his opponents back.

US sanctions ineffective

This would be the same tactic that is being adopted today with regard to Iran, knowing that the sanctions that continue to grow will seriously affect the internal social situation in Iran. All in all, the Islamic Republic of Iran has become accustomed to a sanction system since its birth. It celebrated its 40th anniversary last February, and it has been through more serious crises, including the eight-year war in Iraq, which was supported by the international community and the United Nations, especially in the West, while at that time (1980) Iran had no allies and not in the world.

Since then, Iran has been able to secure its economic independence, enabling it to use its own products in practice without significantly relying on imports from abroad. . Its oil exports are 40% of its budget, but the biggest countries that buy Iranian oil, mainly China and Turkey, have declared that they have refused to comply with the US decision not to buy Iranian oil. Everything in this area depends on the American reaction when Iranian oil is transported to these countries.

The effectiveness of US sanctions against Iran Arti Sangar claims Daiz Reus 6:

. The war between the United States and Iran is small because it would be devastating for the whole region. Iran would not hesitate to hit the United States, where it can hurt, even if it certainly suffers. In addition, Iranian officials, including the revolutionary guards' officials who have recently been assigned by the Trump administration to the list of terrorist organizations, when it is an Iranian state institution, have increased threats against Americans in the last few days if

Another reason for closing the war alternative is that the administration uses the "threat" of the presence of the Islamic Republic in the region to strengthen its relations with the Gulf countries. In the logic of the US administration, if there were no Iran, why would the Gulf States need US protection? Really, this is a gold mine that the US administration would not be willing to give up.

Iran, in spite of the threats regularly given to the Americans, wished for the outbreak of war because it was aware of its consequences for the country, but also for the whole region. Iran is not going to release the war, but is ready to fight with all available means and places of choice if they are attacked.

Kian TajbaKhsh, an article entitled "Real Real from Iran", published abroad Issues7:

”US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has distinguished Iran from a singular dangerous regional actor dealing with peace and stability in the Center East. Simply final yr, President Donald Trump's administration has withdrawn from Iran's core business, saying its intention to scale back the presence of US troops in Syria and the wider area, and demanding what Pompeo has referred to as "Arab land" to stand towards Iran's regional advancements. Such political modifications have led critics to query the real intentions of the regime in the direction of Iran. Some ponder whether US coverage in the Center East has any consistency in any respect, while others are confident that the actual agenda of the administration is to launch a warfare for a change of administration in Tehran. Neither of those interpretations is completely applicable to the details, and each do not take into consideration the improvement of US policy over Iran over time.

Warfare is the Last Choice

Despite this kind of soothing strategy, the escalation spiral where the area appears to be shifting can slip at any time. The US President's newest statements about his want to deliver Iranian leaders to the negotiating table, however in accordance with his phrases, could possibly be thought-about at first looking for a approach out of the crisis. Virtually immediately, revolutionary guards responded by expressing their refusal to barter, however some diplomatic teams consider that this could be the beginning of the abandonment of conflict

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