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Is the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan The right thing to do last in America's longest war? – OpEd – Eurasia Review

When President Donald Trump announced a brand new technique for South Asia last yr, many in Afghanistan saw the American presence in Afghanistan as a crucial political change.

At that time, President Trump stated: – No arbitrary timetables – guide our strategy now, ”. "American enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait for us." However this yr, plainly the White Home's outlook has basically modified.

Just because President Trump was never in the presence of American troops in Afghanistan. When President Trump advised about his technique for Afghanistan last summer time, he described his strategy to withdrawing from building a nation for what he referred to as "principled realism". He stated: "My original Instinkt had to pull out and historically I want to follow my instincts," "But all my life I have heard that the decision is much different when you are sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office."

In the 2016 marketing campaign, President Trump typically questioned the nation's improvement in Afghanistan, the place it described it as "complete waste".

Nevertheless, the reality is that pulling American troops from Afghanistan was one of President Trump's marketing campaign promises, so he has been desperately ready to discover a affordable approach to negotiate an exit technique to end the longest warfare in US historical past.

The choice to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan instantly got here after President Trump's choice to pull to the United States. Syria. Initially, President Trump ordered the United States to scale back the number of troops in Afghanistan to over 7,000, which is about half the number of US troops in Afghanistan, but it appears that evidently President Trump will ultimately pull all his troops out or depart only a small group

Regardless of what a choice in the right state of affairs, the reduction of American troops is peace talks and the Taliban demonstration that the US administration is prepared to do what is required to put an end to the bloody struggle

“President Trump's declaration immediately revealed the American political division, as many politicians met their views, regardless of their biased views. Senator Lindsey Graham of the Republic claimed that the sudden announcement was "blind", while Nancy Pelosi stated that the decision was based on "personal or political goals" rather than "real national security interests".

critically criticized Syrian troops, his decision on Syria was the right thing. I argue that his decision to negotiate an exit from Afghanistan is also the right way to end America's longest war. However, the real question is how to negotiate an exit strategy that does not compromise the achievements of 18 years in Afghanistan, and to protect the interests of Afghanistan and the United States? The possible peace agreement must also mitigate the risk that Afghanistan will become a haven for international terrorists, as well as the removal of the possibilities of the ordinary Taliban regime.

The war in Afghanistan is one of the most expensive wars of recent years. world. In one review about. $ 1.6 trillion is being used for war and reconstruction in Afghanistan. But unfortunately, most analysts around the world claim that the United States has failed in Afghanistan because of its own policies and tactical mistakes. And one of the key strategic shortcomings of the United States was the overlapping of a double game, Pakistan's fraud and fraud over a decade.

According to the US Department of Defense, 2,166 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and more than 20,000 wounded since 2001. In addition, 28,529 Afghan security personnel who died in Taliban attacks, contradictions and "collateral damage" since 2015. ] Reports suggest that the Taliban state is controlling more territory than at any time when their administration was abolished 17 years ago. It is worth mentioning that after 2014, when foreign troops moved from their mission to the Taliban to support, train and advise Afghan forces, and the responsibility of the battlefields was given to the Afghans alone, the number of Afghanistan has increased rapidly. force the cause. This is mainly due to the fact that after 2014 only Afghan troops will fight terrorists on battlefields. Afghanistan statistics even show a high number of deaths over the last five years.

These figures show that this expensive and bloody war must be stopped.

At the same time, President Trump is not just afraid. In the war in Afghanistan, 50 billion a year, but also because the US presence in Afghanistan is apparently very low and the Americans are not proud of the victory at home at the end of the day.

there is now a strong national, regional and international consensus that the conflict and war in Afghanistan cannot be overcome by military action alone. Almost all parties consider that the best solution for ending conflicts in Afghanistan is a comprehensive and viable political solution.

Trump President of the Union speech, said: "I have also accelerated for a negotiated political settlement in Afghanistan. Our troops have fought unparalleled – and because of their courage, we can now pursue a political solution to this long and bloody conflict. "

Although President Trump has been in cognitive dissonance from Afghanistan from the beginning, and has made a number of words that made headlines, his speech on Afghanistan in the EU state is a clear statement on the political solution to the war in Afghanistan.

While all Afghans are satisfied with the peace talks, the political side of the equation in Afghanistan has been expanded. On the other hand, the Russian government is trying to exploit Afghanistan's political opposition to sabotage the US peace process, and possibly to overthrow the Afghan government, and on the other side, Pakistan still has the dream of supporting the Taliban or Mujahideen to establish a weak, underestimated government and Islamabad government in Afghanistan; Taliban or Mujahideen.

There are also claims against the Iranian government that supports the Taliban forces. The recent conference in Moscow, where warlords and failed opposition leaders of Afghan demagogues were invited to negotiate with the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan, was a clear signal to the US government that the Russians are no longer cooperating with the United States and play a major role in Afghanistan

If the US government does not understand the regional The dynamics, the chances are quite high, that they face a similar defeat as the Soviet Union has experienced in Afghanistan. That is why it is important to hear President Ashraf Ghani, as he rightly stated at the World Economic Forum in 2019, that the peace agreement without the regional dynamics of peace is exposed to chaos

. The incorporation of India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran into the peace process certainly failed to convince Pakistan and the Taliban of this involvement. India, with its balanced role, is literally out of the game, and Iran and Russia are trying to play their own game at their own discretion. Although the European Union, the UN and other humanitarian agencies can play a decisive role in the peace process in Afghanistan, it seems that the United States is also isolating them. This is an example of the great strategic and political failure of the United States

. The real question of peace in Afghanistan is what should be considered as the principles that the US and the Afghan government should negotiate with the Taliban, which must ensure that the genuine national interests of the United States and Afghanistan have been met, while the opportunities for Afghanistan to return to war or the Taliban radical government have been removed? It is an important issue, because peace studies show that if peace negotiations are not carefully negotiated, there is a great chance of failure. Therefore, the solution should not only be sought for long-term peace, which is not a temporary peace.

I believe that the US government should take at least the following elements into account with the Taliban:


Hurry spoils carry [19659025] The first principle that must be taken into account when negotiating a peace treaty in a failed state, such as Afghanistan, is tolerance. The peaceful peace agreement must not be what the US government should aim for. Most of the peace studies show that all the peace agreements in the emergency negotiations are likely to have failed. Several analyzes show that, without reaching a long-lasting and comprehensive peace agreement, Afghanistan is likely to return to a more deadly internal war. Some analyzes show that even foreign troops will stay or go, the prospect of peace in Afghanistan will remain as far away as ever.

Therefore, with these factors in mind, it is absolutely necessary to use patience and wait a little longer, but the end of the day; achieve something worthwhile. In his speech at the World Economic Forum in 2019, President Ashraf Ghani rightly stressed the importance of achieving long-term peace and not negotiating an interim peace agreement. She has released a paper in 2009, where she has given examples of hundreds of peace agreements that could not succeed because they were negotiated in a hurry.

Cook all the curry and then share it with each other

Getting in the case of Afghanistan requires great involvement of different groups and parties. If the US government wants long-lasting peace, they must cook all sides and then divide them in a selective political way; after a thorough understanding of the dynamics of power sharing in Afghanistan. When distributing cheeses among different groups, it should be remembered that the right balance is the key to sharing power in Afghanistan. It is important that no group or party be excluded from the peace agreement. Appropriate strategy and mechanisms for ensuring fairness and inclusion during the peace process should be adopted

Withdrawal of all US troops

One of the most important things, in my opinion, can immediately change the military dynamics of Afghanistan. Full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. This is because most Afghans are xenophobic about the presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

The complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan not only greatly reduces the cost of war to the US government, but it also removes the Taliban's religious legitimacy to fight against the Afghan government. Just because the Taliban and many Afghans think that the US government has attacked and occupied Afghanistan, they often hesitate to fully support the government. Hence, adapting to the withdrawal schedule is effective when reaching a peace agreement.

However, the withdrawal of US troops would not mean that no American should work with the Afghan government. In fact, Afghanistan needs American support at all levels. Therefore, there should be a small number of US advisers to help, educate and advise Afghans in different areas of government. It is very important that the United States remains a strong ally and partner in Afghanistan for a longer period.

US BATNA in talks with the Taliban

BATNA is a term that Roger Fisher and William Ury created in their best-selling book 1981, "Yes." BATNA is the best thing you can do if another person / group refuses to negotiate with you or it is the best thing you can do without them. When you analyze the situation in Afghanistan, the US BATNA talks with the Taliban in the peace negotiations are rather unfavorable or, in other words, we may say that there is no better BATNA in the United States except to agree on a peace agreement.

BATNA The United States must continue its presence in Afghanistan and fight the Taliban only after they have been completely destroyed and eliminated. But when we look at 18-year-old military history in Afghanistan, this seems to be rather difficult and expensive, if not impossible. If the US wants to continue the war, it will not only cost them billions of dollars and hundreds of lives, but will also invest in their international leadership and hegemony. It also leads to a more deadly war in Afghanistan. Therefore, the best option for the US government is to negotiate a reasonable exit strategy and end the longest war with a viable political solution.

The Taliban government is not the solution?

When the United States attacked Afghanistan, their main commitment and mission was to destroy the global terrorists that caused the fall of the Taliban government on 11 September, found democracy in Afghanistan and secured an effective economy in Afghanistan's stability. After so much 18 years of war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is by no means comparable to Afghanistan during the Taliban.

The dynamics in Afghanistan have been fundamentally changed. Afghanistan is now one of the most advanced countries in South Asia. Composition of the Afghan population now varies the number, sex and age. Afghanistan is one of the youngest countries in the world, and these young people have grown under the roof of progressive democracy

Today, there are more women in the Afghan Parliament than in the US Congress. Millions of girls come to school and women are proud to work everywhere, including the public, private and non-profit sectors. These changes may lead the Afghans to disapprove of the normal Taliban regime, where even basic rights were not granted. Therefore, thinking of surrendering to the Taliban to establish the 15th century old ideological government in Afghanistan in 2019, is not just a terrible strategic mistake, but if such a government is formed, it will not survive six months. Thus, the US government should realize that the ordinary Taliban government cannot be an option or solution

Isolation of the Afghan government is a terrible strategic mistake

When the President announced the rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by the United States. Trump, many of the Afghan leaders were shocked. Because they thought the South Asian strategy was applicable on the spot. For many in the Afghan government, this rapid strategic change quickly became a disappointment. Not only the Afghans, but also some of the oldest American officials who worked to make a peace treaty, weakened

President Ashraf Ghani in a recent interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria expressed concern over the secret peace treaty and said: the debate, but the debate must be shared. A discussion that does not apply to the region will not last. Afghanistan has national dimensions, neighborhood dimensions, regional dimension, India, Russia, Gulf, Islamic and international. If we don't get all the pieces right, one piece is not enough. "

He is right if we cannot get a consensus at national, regional and international level, the potential peace is very fragile. While many think that President Ghani is unnecessarily hampering the conclusion of a peace agreement with the Taliban, in reality it is the opposite.

President Ghani, as a contemporary theoretical student in the history of peace in the world, knows that quick peace by dealing with national dignity and constitutional values ​​is not a wise solution to ending the conflict and war in Afghanistan. This is especially true of the situation in Afghanistan, as a similar trade was carried out by Benon Sevan, who was then the UN Humanitarian Aid Department in Afghanistan with Mujahideen and President Najibulal. This trade was not just a failure, but ended up killing President Najibullah and creating a devastating internal war that literally destroyed all of Afghanistan's infrastructure and led to the killing of at least 65,000 Afghans; only in Kabul

President Ghani's suspicion of peace is a terrible strategic mistake. It should not be forgotten that this was President Ghani, who has lobbied the peace agreement with the Taliban and brought peace to the international forum. He announced a historic ceasefire with the Taliban and at the same time negotiated a peace treaty with Gulbadeen Hikmatyar.

In the latest An exclusive interview with Tolo News, President Ghani said: "Not only my chair, I can even scarify my life to achieve peace in Afghanistan, but I'm president, that I have to be sure about the contents of the peace agreement."

He said: "The solution is not temporary peace but a long-lasting and stable peace that can guarantee dignity, values ​​and safeguarding national interest. ”Thus, little question his will for peace makes a huge mistake. so he can't simply say "yes" to any locks in the United States and the Taliban. in Afghanistan, so he has the right to settle for or reject all agreements. He ought to subsequently give you the chance to use his constitutional energy and carry out his duties.

Surprisingly, some People might imagine that President Ghani loses individuals in Afghanistan due to its failure at the end of the struggle, he has lately mobilized extra individuals and recognition than ever earlier than; nevertheless, especially after he has strongly opposed the Taliban's radical and anti-Afghan circumstances

President Ghani could not do a lot to put an finish to the struggle, but introduced to Afghanistan the reforms needed to construct a modern state in Afghanistan. His international politics have been unique and undeniably useful, his artistic economic reforms proved to be a reviving financial system and turning the corner. His economic policies and tasks are creating a new hope for a secure, environment friendly and self-adequate financial system in the long term, and his entire coverage is very welcomed by the nation as an entire to isolate tribal leaders and warlords. As the Afghans think about the end of the warlord, feudalism and the conventional political structure to be an important concern to restore Afghanistan. His reform to convey young individuals to energy and provides them high public positions will present a robust foundation for the brilliant future of Afghanistan. His coverage of growing the number of qualified ladies in key public positions may be seen as a serious achievement for democracy and ladies's rights in Afghanistan. Subsequently, any try to jeopardize the Afghan government, especially President Ghani, is a serious strategic mistake by the US government

Ambassador Khalizad is on the lookout for a shortcut

Ambassador Khalilzad is undoubtedly one of the greatest US specialists in politics in the Center East and Asia. He has completed such an ideal job of negotiating a peace treaty with the Taliban, however it seems like he’s on the lookout for a shortcut to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. He could also be underneath strain from Washington, but it isn’t the right thing for Afghanistan. He should not do something that jeopardizes the future of Afghanistan. The US government ought to understand that a brief-term answer is under no circumstances worthy

Negotiating and negotiating

There are some negotiable and a few non-negotiable issues in the process of settling peace. For instance, you possibly can agree that US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan, however you can’t hand over the complete government to the Taliban when establishing an Islamic Islamic emirate of odd Islam. Similarly, you possibly can agree on a constitutional change to a peace treaty, however I do not agree with altering the key pillars and values ​​of the Afghan Constitution, and so on.

That’s the reason I consider the demands of the United States are a minimum of as follows: [19659056] 1. The Taliban shouldn’t permit Afghanistan to turn out to be a world terrorist

  • 2. The Taliban ought to settle for the democratic government
  • three. The Taliban shouldn’t implement Pakistan's program of instability in the region
  • 4. The Taliban shouldn’t attempt to weaken or finish Afghan troops or state establishments.
  • 5. The Taliban ought to undergo a disarmament demobilization and reintegration program (DDR)
  • When analyzing the so-referred to as "disarmament". The position and positions of the Taliban in Qatar and Moscow can simply be understood to imply that the Taliban's calls for aren’t very expensive. Although the Taliban Abas Stanikzai spoke earlier about the demolition of the Afghan Nationwide Military, he at the moment corrected himself and stated that Afghans should give attention to reforming Afghan troops.

    The US government should agree on the following:

    • 1. The withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan
    • 2. Acquiring Taliban from International Terrorist Record
    • 3. Approval of the Taliban as a authentic political group
    • four. Minor Modifications in the Constitution of Afghanistan

    Following the withdrawal of US troops, the US authorities ought to undertake the following:

    • 1. The US government stays an ally and associate in Afghanistan
    • 2. The US authorities supports Afghanistan to achieve self-sufficiency
    • three. The US authorities ought to defend Afghanistan for overseas army intervention
    • four. The US government ought to help Afghans in strengthening democracy, ladies's rights and the financial system
    • 5. The US authorities should assist Afghanistan's national troops (military, police and security company) in the long term. They need to give them the opportunity to type a regional military.

    To sum up, the US government understands that Afghanistan is their ally and companion, so they should not maintain Afghanistan charitable. They need to understand that Afghans are preventing at the forefront of the world battlefield and have misplaced countless lives in the battle for international terrorists. It will be important to mention that the US authorities shouldn’t be in Afghanistan because of the Afghans, however 9/11. The US government ought to understand that each one Afghans need to end this bloody, inherited and nationwide conflict, however there isn’t any time in Afghanistan's historical past for Kabul to surrender to the radical government of the Pakistani management. I would really like to make the last assertion as follows:

    If the US authorities negotiates the peace process on behalf of the African grassroots and silent majority, the Afghans will struggle dignity and dignity with or without the United States government. I firmly consider that such a change in the US government is considered a political suicide in the United States

    * Zarif Aminyar is a professor and politician in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is an alumni at Harvard and Columbia College. He may be reached by way of [email protected] or twitter @zarifaminyar