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12. July 19, 2019
Jean Froissart

(Thanks for the medieval scribbler Jean Froissart for outgoing mail, episode in his famous journal. -Ed.)

The palms of males dwelling in France throughout this meeting to deliver concerning the enlargement of Christian religion and awareness. , there have been different men who had utterly given up in Limousin, Auvergne and Rouergue.

regularly made evil for these nations that thought of themselves as security.

The King of France had induced the weapons to be publicly announced to the masters of freebooters, especially Perrot le Béarnois, Chaluçet Governor, Amerigot Marcel, and others who had been publicly named in the work, and have been assured that if the weapon had been damaged to a minimal, its perpetrators ought to be punish impunity with out hope of grace. A few of the captains who feared a shameful dying or brought about the king's disapproval stored the peace nicely; others that they paid severely, as you hear during this history. You’ve gotten heard that it joined these journals, I, Sir John Froissart, Chimay's treasurer, and Canon, how peace was agreed with most of the chiefs of castles in Auvergne and other locations via John. Abrmagnac and Auvergne Dauphin, to whom that they had given their castles to totally different amounts of cash; they usually have been committed to following the figure to Lombardy or wherever they could possibly be led.

Rely d & # 39; Armagnac and Dauphin had worked exhausting to get these captains, and the country had severely abandoned their taxes to eliminate them: nevertheless, Amerigot Marcel and his garrison continued to do a lot evil and could not be a part of.

The Assault Fund, he determined to continue with it and needed to take over a robust fort, referred to as La Roche de Vendais, he and his companions arrange there, and once they acquired the place fortified and made it as powerful as they might. This happened, they started to cross the neighboring nations – to make prisoners and redeem them. They have been positioned within the stores of meat, meal, wax, wine, salt, iron, steel and different important merchandise; for nothing came to them that was not too scorching or too heavy. The individuals of the country have been amazed at this, as a result of they thought themselves to be good safety because of the weapons; However these robbers seized all the things they have been happy with their houses or fields, calling themselves adventurers. Amerigot and her husband have been the horror of the whole neighborhood. The states of Auvergne and Limousin have been in constant alarm, and the knights of Squires, the cities of Clermont Montferrant and Riom, and the cities of Allier decided to send a revelation to the king

When the companies that had been disbanded and have been now unpaid, it was recognized that Amerigot Marcel continued Warfare, lots of them got here to supply him their providers, and he quickly had greater than he needed; none of them asked for cost of wages, however merely retained them, for they knew properly that his subordination can be sufficiently stripped of what he gave to his males. Typically he made trips to the highest of the district and typically in the other way; There was nothing to talk about in Auvergne and Limousin, but La Roche de Vendais was robbed, and was tremendously afraid of them.

The Chaluçet garrison, led by Perrot le Béarnois, stayed steadily and was a lot indignant once they knew that Amerigot was disturbing the land. The King of France and his council heard the injury of Amerigot and his companions immediately, turning their attention to the matter and sending Viscount de Meaux to the lads of the good man to resist them. Amerigot was getting ready to destroy the land between Clermont and Montferrant when he was advised that the viscose was progressing, and this intelligence made him postpone the meant excursions as he predicted that his fortress can be attacked

. Roche de Vendais was another fortress, referred to as St. Soupery, beneath the federal government of Amerigot, the place his spouse lived, and the place he had sent most of his wealth; He gave orders to the servants and horses to receive the fortress for better occasions. La Roche de Vendais was naturally robust, and the present garrison had strengthened it by all means; it was separated from the encompassing high mountains and sat on an insulated rock, on one aspect of which the garrison had so strongly affirmed that it was attainable to strategy it only in entrance of and assault the attacks. The violence that passed off in entrance of the Viscount de Meaux promoted and drew a place; it was about mid-August, the weather was warm and nice, and all the knights have been comfortably positioned underneath the cottages manufactured from green timber.

The siege of La Roche de Vendais lasted nine weeks, and there were constant fatigue between the parties the place many have been injured. The shipowner had plenty of drawers' curiosity and I’ll inform you how; they might eat out every time they have been completely satisfied because it might have required no less than 6 males who utterly surrounded this citadel. When the siege first occurred, Amerigot felt flawed; but turn the factor so much into his favor as he might, and if potential to maintain La Roche de Vendais, he decided to send certainly one of his men to England by proxy King and Lancaster Duke. Thus, his uncle Guyot du Sel, who was with him within the citadel, he taught a well-trained varlet and despatched him in three letters, one to the king, one to the Lancaster Lord, and the third to the royal council. The person carried out his journey satisfactorily and was lucky find the king, his two Lancaster and his uncle in York, together with the Council at the Westminster Palace, making an allowance for the problems of Northumberland, and what power they need to ship.

The messenger of Amerigot soon acquired a listening to, and he had studied properly and was not afraid to talk when he had written his letter so clearly why he was coming, His grasp, that he was listened attentively and that he had long advised the king to put in writing Viscount de To Meaux and Duke of Berry, as desired by Amerigot. Mr. Lancaster promised to do the same, and the letter must be delivered by the English Squire that he hooked up; The Derby Herald ought to cross the sea and comply with them once they gave letters so that they might help their success, for he was well-known to many Auvergne lords, especially the Duke of Berry. Amerigot was delighted by the return of his ambassador and informed him that he had made his right to his reward, so he rewarded him earnestly. The Squire of England and Derby immediately introduced La Roche de Vendais, and once they arrived at the place the place the chaplains lay, they asked the Meaux winches for which they introduced their letters. After reviewing the seals, they learn the contents of the numbers several occasions, and then stated to the squir and the listener: “Your personal males, the intelligence you will have brought, requires full consideration; I will advise you, and you’ll quickly have my reply.

Squire and Herald then withdrew and the Council was changed before the viscose made the letters he had acquired; The knights have been much stunned at how the intelligence of the siege could possibly be delivered to England to send letters because the siege didn’t final for a month. "I'll tell you what I imagine," stated viscose, "This Amerigot is an enthralling man, and when he discovered we intend to siege him, he sent a person to England to ask for such letters that have been written as you did before, what I obey or not, as I hope. ”After that, the messengers have been reintroduced, and Viscount advised them to take again the word that he was the topic of the royal king, and he had been ordered there:“ As a result, my gentlemen, ”he continued,“ I follow the commandments I have received strictly. and I sincerely acknowledge my duty, so of course I'm not going to move until I have a fort and a garrison who now reigns against me and my partners. ”

Squire and Herald then took their holidays, they weren’t proud of the message that they had acquired. has been a nasty success, "says Emperor," we’ve got to wait "He is the Lord of the whole country," stated Derby, "and if he orders the viscose to disassemble him, he should achieve this as a result of he dare not obey him. “They went to satisfy the Duke who, when he acquired the letters, read them twice after which gave so well mannered answers that each have been glad; for he stated that after his soul he would do all he might to satisfy their request; That is why he introduced himself to La Roche de Vendais for the siege and wrote for that objective viscose, which led to the truth that if Amerigot Marcel have been left in peaceful government, he ought to not abandon the land and that he should compensate the King of France for its violation.

Viscount, by receiving this revelation, stated to his associate: “Gentlemen, we will never get peace because the Duke of Berry is supported by Amerigo; Mr. tells me to lift the siege as soon as I read his letters; but I do nothing in my faith. ”

I now have to hitch what happened to Amerigot and his fortress. Amerigot had a quick imagination and decided on the idea of the continuation of the siege that the letters of the King of England and the Duke of Lancaster had failed. The primates and different places in Perigord, look for assist from different columns, and appeal to them with truthful speeches to succeed in Auvergne for looting, and then advance within the morning or evening to La Roche de Vendais and take the knights and squires before what would deliver them greater than 1oo, ooo their francs for his or her redemptions without decreasing the smaller looting objects. He explained his whole plan to his uncle Guyot du Selille and asked for his statement. Guyot replied that he accepted it properly. "Well, Uncle," stated Amerigot, "because you accept that I will do it, only I have to ask that during your absence you will never Sally get out of the castle and not open obstacles." "Yes," stated Guyot, "We will stay here until we hear from you."

Inside three days after Amerigot had left the fort, it was just subsequent to the page and without the compilers with out understanding his absence. The citadel continued to assault as regular, and at one time Guyot du Sel, who had forgotten his promise to Amerigot, was raised to the sally when he was stunned by the ambuscade, and was required to give up. The news of La Roche de Vendais's loss was transferred to Amerigot Marcel when he lifted troops to unleash the siege, and discovered that it was as a consequence of Guyot du Sel's ill-fated slit, he exclaimed, "Ah, previous traitor St. Marcel, if I had him right here , I killed him; he has despised me and all my companions; this misfortune can by no means be recovered. ”

Amerigot Marcel was actually sad; he didn’t know who to ask for recommendation nor return to Auvergne or go to Bordeaux, send his wife and get his happiness at the moment. If he had adopted this plan, he would have completed properly; but he did otherwise, and when the occasion appeared, it suffered. That's how Fortune treats your favourite; When he has raised them to the very best point of the wheel, he all of the sudden drops those dirt-witness Amerigot Marcel.

The silly man was helpful, as was believed in Auvergne, over $ 100,000 in money he misplaced in at some point together with his life. That's why I say Dame Fortune played certainly one of her tips she has played a number of occasions before, and she or he does the same for a lot of of her. In his nervousness, Amerigot advised himself a cousin he had in Auvergne, a tower referred to as Tournemine, to whom he determined to seek and search recommendation. This he did, and attended only one web page arrived at his cousin's fort, with which he thought to satisfy a great reception, however he was disenchanted; as a result of his cousin arrested him instantly, and soon after he was taken to Paris, the place his head was minimize off, and his 4 quarters have been hooked up to four totally different gates. This was the sad head of Amerigot Marcel; I don't know what his spouse or his wealth got here from. I have lived a really long time for his deeds, so that I might describe his life and dying; For in a history like this one has to speak about both good and dangerous actions that may act as a pressure or a warning in the coming occasions. Was Amerigot turning his mind into a advantage that he would have accomplished plenty of good because he was a capable man and great braveness; But he had acted in a different way, he got here to a shameful dying.

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