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Dr. David Kennedy – How Mercury and Fluoride Are Toxic to Health

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Dr. David Kennedy: I'm glad to be right here, Justin, thanks to the truth that you bought me.

Justin: Oh, great. So stay heat there in San Diego?

Dr. David Kennedy: It's 55 levels outdoor.

Justin: It's chilly for us, isn't it?

Dr. David Kennedy: Oh yes. But I'm initially from Kansas, and we now have grow to be accustomed to it.

Justin: So that you've been involved in this type of stuff in your whole life, for over 30 years, and you've additionally received a video, I used to be watching it, "smoking your teeth", that is a tremendous video.

Dr. David Kennedy: I ​​shot it, I tried it 3 times to show the film as an indication by Roger Eichman. It had almost three-quarters of one million views on YouTube and is definitely on about ten websites, so only my website had three quarters of one million views. It just drives the dentists crazy. The clock is now a terrible thing, and according to the American Dental Affiliation, demonstration by felony tooth or Boyd Haley is just not attainable, which is not true. Boyd Haley was a professor of chemistry on the University of Kentucky, and he taught each of his college students in his class of recent chemistry how to do it. It’s principally atomic absorption. However you’ll be able to present that mercury comes out of the previous dental amalgam filling 25, 30, 50 years after it was made, in big portions. I'm not speaking small, I converse enormously. And here we also have a commerce union that represents one hundred and fifty thousand dentists who generate profits to give boxer poisonous metallic fillings to individuals's tooth, claiming that the undeniable fact of science is true. Properly, why do they not take a look at the demonstration, why they do not attempt to copy it themselves, as a result of it will intrude with the inheritor's financial curiosity, which nonetheless compresses mercury to all tooth. It is silly to sit there and allow them to do it. They deceive the public to call it silver, it's not silver. It's 50% mercury, and if I would like to sell you a 50% oat grain box, I can't name it wheat! I’ve to call it oats! Still, dentists name this silver. One dentist advised me we name it silver as a result of it is silver. And I stated nicely, I purchased my spouse's lovely golden wedding ceremony ring, and it turned her fingers inexperienced, and informed me it was gold, and I'll come back to get my a refund, and you say properly, it's a golden shade, it's really copper, should take you to courtroom and get my a refund. Everybody should make it in their silver fillings. They're not silver.

Justin: So, it's virtually comic, how dangerous they need to shield their infrastructure and every part else, isn't it?

Dr. David Kennedy: No, it's not comedian. It's a criminal offense that's happening. And other people say, Dr. Kennedy, how do you get that labored with this? And the rationale why I'm working here, have one thing in Kansas, we do not consider that dishonest and stealing is the traditional way of life. But two, it destroys our individuals's material. It isn’t solely mercury but mercury, fluorine, lead, silicon fluoride. And it has affected the youngsters so significantly that we now have a military of neurologically impaired youngsters and an army of neurologically impaired adults. For instance, mercury-associated illnesses, and I do not say that it has brought on, I say linked. Linked to the truth that there’s unquestionable scientific evidence that mercury produces comparable signs, it seems in higher numbers on this human, it is associated with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. The most typical purpose why somebody wants a coronary heart transplant is IDCM, and IDCM has 22,000 occasions more mercury in its coronary heart than a heart attack or something like a heart attack. Much health care is created by exposing humans to toxic metals. The problem is that the majority docs don't even perceive it. The American Academy of Pediatrics, this is the people who are supposed to shield our youngsters, just released a press launch opposing the United Nations to cease mercury in vaccines, saying that these poor youngsters need mercury in vaccines, and that’s in a few of those poorly developed nations. We’d like to hold thimerosal there in order that they don't stick. Nicely, there are different issues that work better and who in the correct sense inject the child's mercury. Nicely, it might be the American Pediatrics Academy. And when you take a monkey and inject it with exactly the same quantity of mercury they want to put on your infants, the monkey will end up neurologically weakened. These monkeys can't get mercury like people? It’s a fixed drawback that you have to not act from trade unions. Individuals seem to assume that commerce unions are some sort of government. They don’t seem to be. They’re lobbyists. They are a union that represents the people who trigger the crime. Dentists, docs, pharmaceutical corporations. They symbolize them, not you, not me, not our country, not the descendants, not the longer term era. They characterize cash. Why does anybody trust them? It's not understandable to me

Justin: That's right, Sweden and Norway banned mercury, proper?

Dr. David Kennedy: And lots of others. In case you open an amalgam package deal. Mercury packs come to the dentist in a sealed container delivered as a hazardous substance. In the event you open it, every package deal should include a California assertion that "this product contains mercury, which the state of California feels is causing birth defects and neurological disorders". In different phrases, in this case manufacturers have a safety knowledge sheet, a cloth safety knowledge sheet, and it says "not for use by children and pregnant women". Throughout FDA hearings in 2006, one of the pediatricians who requested for the panel, he was within the panel, he asked the panel that in dentistry you’ve definitely restricted using mercury in pregnant ladies. agrees that the discharge of mercury will probably be vital when a brand new filling is about. And all the dentists in the panel checked out each other dearly within the headlight and lastly went to a chair leading to an incredible welfare clinic in Washington, and he says "there really are no limitations". And professors, dental faculty academics say, "no, there are no restrictions". They have not even read the Materials Security Knowledge Sheet. The manufacturer tells you not to do it. Nevertheless, these people who would not have coaching in toxicology don’t understand the impact of mercury on the nerves. If you need to see a very good video, it's referred to as "how mercury causes neurodegeneration". We will describe this with a light-weight microscope, magnification, and put a small mercury drop on the growing nerve, and it stops rising and turns into neurofibrillary tangles. Does it sound acquainted? What’s Alzheimer's Mind? Neurofibrillary tangles. The one thing that produced neurofibrillar tangles on this ongoing experiment with the American public is mercury.
Justin: So that you stated a couple of minutes ago that mercury shouldn’t be a causal factor, it’s related. How robust is the mercury link to all these illnesses you’re speaking about?

Dr. David Kennedy: I ​​want to make clear, I didn't say it didn't, I informed you that the knowledge isn't sufficient to prove it. This can be a bit totally different, this is referred to as "cigarette defense". In 1964, the surgeon stated "cigarettes can cause lung cancer". In 1994, they continued to say that it causes most cancers and coronary heart illness and emphysema, and yada yada yada. Properly, what occurred within the subsequent 30 years, there were 30,000 studies of cigarette smoking, and in fact there have been several studies in the tobacco business saying, "Oh, no problem," and then there have been studies by unbiased researchers who stated "big problem". Thus, science requires an enormous quantity of knowledge to conclude that it is a causal hyperlink. It's like making an attempt to show that someone killed somebody, you possibly can't just stand there with a smoking gun, you need to get lots of other evidence to say "cause". Then again, there are numerous smoking weapons. In the event you take a look at MS individuals, I feel there are 30 studies in my database. On the iaomt website we made it an attraction to rethink the FDA. And we talked about an unlimited piece of literature that got here again to earlier days of multiple sclerosis that linked it to mercury. You’ll have individuals with signs of a number of sclerosis from one publicity to an enormous quantity of mercury. So how do you say it isn’t linked? Because MS had extra fillings, perhaps as a result of that they had MS, they couldn't brush their tooth. This is an alternate rationalization, however the various explanations do not contradict the conclusion that mercury is no less than a part of the whole. There are other illnesses. Pay attention once more. A number of sclerosis, and it's principally a mind injury, ALS, it's brain injury, Parkinson's disease, it's mind injury, Alzheimer's disease that is mind injury, all this stuff are brain injury, and all mercury accumulates? It accumulates within the brain, it loves sulfur. That's why I despatched you a video "how mercury causes neurodegeneration." Why does it do it? Mercury adheres to a protein referred to as tubulin, which is designed to isolate the nerve, and permit the nerves to develop out and type new synapses and such issues. Properly, tubulin falls out of the nerves whether it is exposed to mercury. So all of the sudden you could have wires that shouldn’t have insulation, and it’s referred to as a neurofibril mess. All of this info isn’t new news. We get a ban on the individuals, the offender. When the final murderer got here and stated, "I did it, I did it". They’re serial killers and they don’t admit that they’re responsible.

Justin: Nicely, they actually can't, because they’ve to return and individuals are united. They should have some type of expression that permits them to be accountable, proper? During these years.

Dr. David Kennedy: You recognize that they actually passed that clause of their home security laws after September 11th. In the pharmaceutical business there was a small clause in it that they were not guilty of inflicting autism in vaccines. And so it turned a nationwide which means. Yeah, you understand what's happening? It's identical to cigarettes. I’ve damaged the window, once I was a kid. And one of the issues that I used to be taught once I was growing up is that in case you made a mistake, go and recognize it and discover out what's going to do to repair it and deal with it. So, I found an analogous instructor, and I stated, you realize I hit this window, I didn't imply I needed to repair it. And I reduce the yards in the summer, obtained the cash, and he stated, "Thank you for telling me, look at it". They usually had a store window in the retailer, and they didn't even cost anything. However it is supposed to do it. And then we get all of these criminals who spend all this time making an attempt to disguise behind the causal testimony, and they find yourself with many difficulties after the investigation, as a result of they made all these unpleasant claims when making an attempt to cover up. And what they’re prosecuted isn’t an unique mistake. It’s understandable that folks did not understand that mercury came out of fillings until 1926. However when in 1926, when Alfred Stock measured mercury in his own breath, they need to have stated, "Oh, goodness, it's probably not a good thing," we go within the other course. They didn't. They started out in principle, and in 1931, the American Dental Association organized a gathering and stated that Dr. Stock might be a really dangerous scientist. Properly, he was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. He was not a nasty scientist. He was an exquisite scientist. But what they do, they worry the source of data. They didn't experiment. They didn't do any research. They only disapprove of somebody who did the analysis. And I feel that's what ends when the jury hears this, and sees what they've finished for the final 75, 80 years, and they're not pleasant. They are uninterested in sacrificing their health on the altar of the American dollar. One of many presidential candidates referred to as dentists a fat cover. I don't assume we are fats cats, but most of the people should say that we’re definitely higher off than the typical man.

Justin: It's fascinating, we're here with doctor David Kennedy, we’ve got to take a short break. His website, in case you are fascinated by such info, and all things and his analysis and articles and other things, he has an excellent website, it is iaomt.org. And we’re with the physician David Kennedy, we’ll come again after this break.

Justin: Okay, we’ve got a very good time right here when doctor David Kennedy, the International Academy of Oral Drugs and Toxicology, thanks physician David joined us. I needed to ask you what’s mercury? Are docs and dentists still full? "(19659002) Dr. David Kennedy: Yes, and unfortunately, most dentists who work with wealthy Americans have moved away from the use of mercury packs, and so many people who are pretty good think that the dentist has stopped using it and it is not true. They use a little less than ten or twenty years ago, but they still spend 50 tonnes a year, about a hundred thousand pounds being put on American teeth. And realize that an ounce of ten thousand hectares of lake is polluted, so that the amount of mercury spreads to the environment. If for some other reason you would like to stop doing it because what you put on someone's teeth when they die, they go to the ground, then it goes into the water, or they get buryed, and it goes into the air. You have about ten grams of mercury in your teeth, so you know it won't go away, it's a deadly poison, and when you dig it out of the mines and put it in the dentist's hands. who starts to put it either in the teeth or in the waste, it ends up in a dump, it is finally burned with medical waste, it ends up in the crematoria. So you end up in a world that is contaminated with mercury, and exactly what we have, people are worried about global warming and carbon from mercury. And when we make autopsy, this is 1987, so it's not new news, it's old news, but when you make autopsy on people, you find that the amount of mercury in your body is directly proportional to the amount of mercury in your teeth. It may be a few percentage points to make sure they live mercury or live mercury, but the biggest mercury leak in your body is out of your teeth. Now everyone who listens to this is not the end, and they have the same idiot who puts it back to drill it because you get a lot of mercury in it, and it has killed people. One of the doctors told me about his triathlete patient who had gone to drive the triathlons to be a wheelchair bound to his other life. If someone gets a huge dose of mercury, if it doesn't kill them, it will harm them. So we don't need such removal. IAOMT safely removes them, IAOMT has an accreditation program that even teaches people to do this. You don't learn this at a dental school. The dental school is breaking the law. Every time a dentist opens an amalgam capsule to teach a student how to mix, pack, carve, polish amalgam, they have violated health and safety legislation. You cannot legally open these capsules unless you are in a space suit. And yet every dental school in the United States violates the law. I had an argument with the UCLA Dean, I happened to happen at UCLA during the weekend when the school was closed and wandered around for a new five thousand dollar mercury. And the clinic, clinic areas, was 10, 20 times higher than California, so the school could be. And I pointed out this to the Dean and he said that this facility was illegally. And I said: "I took a class, and you might have exposed me to illegally mercury", and he says: "Properly, I checked with the division, and we hold our college according to OSHA's requirements," and I wrote him back, and I said, "your faculty is just not a hazardous waste landfill, and there could also be no college students at the landfill for hazardous waste ". And he stated he was not going to speak about it anymore. UCLA continues to be as contaminated as thirty years ago. They don't care about breaking the regulation.

Justin: So I have to ask if there are problems with individuals who work in conventional, typical dental providers? I can think about that you would go to a daily dentist and take them out of mercury. You don't need to do it, however in concept it's potential. So in such situations, the receptionist and all these other individuals are uncovered to them? I might imagine tons of mercury.

Dr. David Kennedy: Yes, they are, and this was all within the 70s, dentists argued that, we don't see any problems in dentistry, and then Roland did a case research in California dental care, and he confirmed that ladies working in dentistry had a 40 % reduction in potential give start to a toddler. So one of the essential features of a lady's body is ovulation, and one in five American couples is these days inadvertent infertility. So Roland made a research and showed that they have been controlling every little thing they might think of. They control the frequency of copulation, they management smoking, alcohol intake, age of companions, fertility, every thing they might assume, they management, and that they had a 40% drop. Think of it if your daughter went to work in a nice dentist workplace, and the previous dentist continued to pack and even take away the mercury. Publicity is definitely larger for the dentist assistant through the removing course of than in the course of the funding process. We are literally doing surveys proper now. And there’s steam, and there are also particles, and it's a horrible thing that particles get into the skin, suck, get into your lungs and continue to release over time. So the dentist's private are severely impaired, there’s a research displaying that the kidneys are broken, there’s one other research displaying that they have neurological issues, Diana Echevarria and James Woods did the analysis, regardless that dentists secrete very low ranges of mercury, Low quantities of normal when you can consider that mercury separation is normal.

Justin: I'm sorry physician from David, what is that this final one, you stated neurological disorder, and then you definitely stated the word that I was not fairly closed.
Dr. David Kennedy: In all probability Diana Echevarria was the writer of the research

Justin: Ah, OK

Dr. David Kennedy: You understand that they principally looked at a dentist who excreted little or no mercury and carried out a collection of checks, neurological checks as an alternative of saying "they are able to stand and walk," they themselves started testing them, and discovered that they have been critical weakened. That they had suffered vital injury to their neurological methods and this was simply occupational publicity. We’ve acquired research displaying that dentistry students have been weakened, our time is a criminal offense, and the perpetrators will not be ready to confess. I do not know how you make them recognize, however the issue is that they’ll continue simply this minute to harm individuals with out their information. There was a survey that found that 76% of the inhabitants didn’t know that mercury was crammed with silver. I feel this can be a main shopper fraud. When you promote mercury in silver, you cheat.

Justin: Yes, it might be a criminal offense in itself. I heard the doctor speaking to Hal Huggins one elohopeaatomista is an excessive amount of.

Dr. David Kennedy: You understand that one mercury supply causes one injury atom. David Eggleston has long been learning T cells which might be anti-viral cells that struggle the illness in the immune system. And in the event you put the mercury packs, the T cells fell to a very low degree. What does this trigger? Properly, they tried to eat mercury and died. So, once they die, they launch mercury, and it goes to one other T cell. And it releases mercury, and it goes to another T cell. So it's like Domino. However you do not want to swallow heavy metals, we have now long discovered that any heavy metallic, lead, mercury, plutonium, all things are dangerous. And what dentists demand and have refused to think about the issue until it has turned out to be a shadow of suspicion, is a sign of a causal relationship. We have now acquired evidence that it causes allergic reactions, we’ve got acquired evidence that it causes neurological issues, we’ve got acquired proof that mercury causes this. No, they don’t settle for it, they need proof that filling them will cause it. It's like making an attempt to show that your cigarette brand was the one which triggered lung most cancers and another brand. I don’t assume this can be a affordable level of departure for making health selections.

Justin: I would like to ask you actually quick, eliminate what we've acquired. As far as it is, you stated that this mercury is or is a link to all these illnesses and that the child has no probability of having youngsters. Do you assume individuals are simply beginning, do you assume they know what's happening and they will't both admit it because they shield their brand, or perhaps there are other problems? If individuals are continuously sick, it is good within the medical area. Do you assume some of them happen?

Dr. David Kennedy: You understand that that is probably to occur considerably, however I feel if we take a look at the history of mistakes in drugs and healthcare over the previous 200 years, most of them are little info on the position of carriers. I have not discovered anything concerning the toxicity of mercury once I went to a dental faculty. They didn't train anything about it. They usually don't know anything about it. I do know more about mercury than 99% of the planet's dentists. However as a result of it turned an fascinating level for me, I joined the Worldwide Academy of Oral Drugs and Toxicology, and we have now heard about who has been learning mercury in the last 30 years. It ought to be taught at every dental faculty, because in the event you intend to use the stuff, even when you intend to remove it, you should comply with the laws of that nation. Professional laws deny you even touching these things. We talked about individuals within the dental workplace. These with the very best blood levels are dental hygienists. Properly, how does it happen? Nicely, you already know, they’ve this little rubber cup, and they start sprucing these fillings with a rubber cup that makes mercury unfastened and hygiene breathes it. Hygienists are subsequently probably the most mercury poisoned within the employees as a dentist and dentist. It's a continuing crime. These are staff. We made a petition to the California Occupational Health and Safety Agency asking them to set up a vertical commonplace. They have that lead, so in case you work in a battery manufacturing unit or something the place they still use lead, you then go there, you get a written, knowledgeable consent that says this manufacturing unit uses lead, listed here are gloves, listed here are goggles, right here's a hood, right here's a hood, right here's an area go well with and go make these batteries. And so, you’ve gotten what is called the suitable to know, and you might have security gear, and then the manufacturing unit itself has engineering inspections, giants for followers, and all the things that needs to be out of your respiration zone. And you’ve got a respirator that keeps it out of your lungs. We requested them to do something comparable to dentists and dentists who’re exposed to mercury. And everyone acknowledges that levels exceed what OSHA should present. The California OSHA authorities only thought-about our petition for 90 days and then denied it. They stated there was no need for extra guidelines, all the things you've asked for is already in this nation and has been around for 20 years. It is crucial that employers inform their staff that they are exposed. It’s crucial that they are outfitted with protecting gear. It’s crucial that they monitor the power and maintain a document of the obtainable and mercury poisoning employee and maintain this info obtainable for 30 years after the last occasion. They usually have to comply with every occasion. So it might be each time they put the filling, or the hygienist polished the tooth. They do nothing. So we’ve got a totally irresponsible dentist who does nothing. Why don't they do this? Because they didn't train to do it. As a result of all dental faculties within the US are accepted by the American Dental Affiliation. Individuals who had a patent for the product. In order that they don't train dentists that those they are coping with are dangerous substances, they lie to them. They are saying it is locked within the filling. I used to be advised that mercury did not come out of the filling. Nicely, take a look at smoking and tell me when you assume stuffing shall be something.

Justin: Oh, the video is so good, smoking, superb. Kaikki asiat, jotka paljastat hampaan, ja voit nähdä siellä, se on vain tupakointi elohopeaa, se on hämmästyttävää.

Dr. David Kennedy: Joten laajennamme tätä hieman pidemmälle, koska olemme tänään hammaslääketieteessä. Hammaslääketieteessä on useita muita asioita, joista yksi on veden fluoraus. Paitsi että emme aseta fluoria veteen, laitamme piifluoridia veteen. 91% fluoratuista vesihuolloista käyttää piikloridia, vaikka ne, jotka käyttävät natriumfluoridia, kun mitataan, siinä on paljon piidioksidia, joten se on luultavasti piikloridi. Piinfluoridi aiheuttaa lyijyn pääsyn kuka tahansa, joka juo vettä. Sekä Yhdysvalloissa tehdyissä valtavissa epidemiologisissa tutkimuksissa, 450 000 lapsessa että useissa rotan tutkimuksissa on osoittautunut, että kun laitat piidifluoridia juomaveteen ja eläimeen, se johtaa kyseisen eläimen kehon lisääntymiseen. . So water fluoridation is causing lead to improve within the bodies of our youngsters and, whenever you take a look at it, it causes sure subsets of the population, primarily individuals of Hispanic, Asian or African origin, and native People, to dramatically improve their blood degree of lead. This causes everlasting neurological impairment for a lifetime. I don’t assume that an applicable position for our water provider, is to injury the babies for a lifetime.

Justin: Proper. And doesn’t lead store lots in the bones as properly?

Dr. David Kennedy: Lead is a heavy metallic, it’s comparable to mercury. I simply completed a brand new documentary referred to as Fluoridegate, and in there we speak about an experiment executed again in 78, a lot of people listening weren’t even born then, however they did an experiment where they exposed rats to what’s referred to as an LD1, which is enough lead to kill one out of 100 rats, LD1 of mercury, and then diluted the lead down to one twentieth of the lethal dose, and exposed them to the LD1, and the one twentieth of the LD1, and all the rats died. So if you put lead and mercury together, the place we should always have had at the most one rat die, 100% of them died. And that’s as a result of lead and mercury together utterly stopped the biological strategy of that rat being alive. So what are we doing to our youngsters at this time? When a child is born he goes on a faucet water formulation, it’s sucking lead that might ordinarily undergo the body, into that child. We’ve the American Academy of Pediatrics injecting them with mercury, and you’ve gotten the mom’s fillings going into her breast milk. So now baby is uncovered to mercury from the mom, or from the vaccines. It’s exposed to lead from the water, and from the silicon fluoride, and we’ve got one of many highest infant mortality rates of any developed nation on the earth. We’re killing the infants! What if they don’t die? They find yourself silly into remedial schooling, they’ve acquired learning issues, they’ve acquired neurological impairment. That’s costing billions of dollars. The place are the republicans if you want them? Stop poisoning the infants! Save all that money!

Justin: It’s superb too, when you consider, you add on to what you have been saying, with the method, you then add in, most individuals will put these formulation within the microwave, and then you definitely acquired the plastics, the xenoestrogens coming off. It’s a darkish hole, but we received to take a short break right here, doctor Kennedy, we’ll be right again after this break. Make certain to take a look at his website, it’s iaomt.org. Within the subsequent phase I’d like to speak a bit bit about some things individuals can do to get these heavy metals out of their bodies, and the place they will go, what dentists they will go to, and all that type of great things. We’ll be right again with doctor David Kennedy, after this break.

Justin: Alright, we’re right here with Dr. Kennedy from iaomt.org. So we’ve been painting type of a grim image, which I feel it’s essential for individuals to understand that they will’t essentially simply rely on anyone with a white coat. They obtained to begin taking some duty, and our listeners are those type of individuals. It’s good that individuals are starting to do their own research and question issues on their very own. So doctor, I needed to ask you about a few of the things that we will do. Let’s say somebody’s listening to this, and they’ve acquired mercury fillings of their mouth. What are some things that you simply’d recommend immediately that somebody would begin to do to start figuring out how to eliminate that stuff.

Dr. David Kennedy: Getting rid of it and decreasing it’s a mission. With all toxicology, step one is to cease your exposure. If it’s implanted in your tooth, that’s onerous, because they’re going to be leaking day-after-day. Certain issues make them leak more. And that’s scorching fluids, chewing gum, heavy brushing on the biting surfaces, all those issues make more mercury come off. However, stuff like egg yolk, which incorporates sulfur, or garlic, which accommodates sulfur, have a tendency to make it cease coming off. So, my first recommendation to anybody who’s into chewing gum, stop. Particularly nicotine gum. The nicotine gum makes monumental quantities of mercury come off. So, stop using your tooth until you get them fastened. After which things which are cold make less mercury come off than things which are scorching, so your new favorite beverage would be the iced coffee as opposed to scorching espresso. And then, when you could have a meal, finish it with an egg yolk and some garlic, and chew it up and get it on these surfaces of these tooth to stop the emission. In any other case, they continue to leak giant amounts of mercury for the subsequent 90 minutes. So you possibly can reduce that tail off and in all probability minimize your day by day dose in half, by just simply making intelligent selections about once you eat and how you chew. After which, whenever you do determine to have your mercury fillings removed, and typically I’ve had individuals do that over many years, it’s simply you’ve acquired to know the place you’re going, and then one step at a time will get you there. But principally what you do is you discover a dentist who will shield you. And the protection is basically clear. You’ve to have something masking your whole body, as a result of there shall be little particles of that stuff flying round, the dentist must be in an area go well with, and the assistant should too. In the event that they’re not, they’re being careless. In the event you went to go on an airline, and you saw the pilot having a few cocktails in the lounge earlier than you bought on board, you’d in all probability not go on that airline. And I might inform you that should you see a dentists and dental assistants being careless, I might not advocate that you simply go for a flight with them, as a result of I feel that they’re going to injure you extra doubtless than provide help to. The IAOMT has an accreditation program which allows dentists to are available and present three instances that they’ve carried out, and clarify to different members and knowledgeable individuals how they protected the affected person, how they followed the procedures to hold you from being uncovered and their employees, and the surroundings. All three of those things are the tripod, the employees, and the dentist, the patient and the surroundings. In order that’s what you do with that, is that you simply principally set a plan. Each time I’ve seemed into anyone’s mouth in the last 50 years, there have been some tooth that have been worse than others. So, you understand, individuals seem overwhelmed typically, once they say, oh, you’ve obtained 12 fillings. Oh my god, I can’t do this. Properly, take a look at them, what if certainly one of them is lots worse than all the remaining. Properly, do this one, with safety. And then, subsequent yr, do another one. And in twelve years you’ll be executed. In case you are suffering from acute illness, be extraordinarily cautious, and do it in coordination with you physician. Because even one of the best safety on the earth, if any person is extremely ailing with Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Lou Gehrig’s, and so on, that’s in all probability not sufficient. Never do it if you’re pregnant. All of the research signifies that if you need to have a wholesome baby, ditch your mercury fillings a minimum of 7 months earlier than, rigorously remove them, at the very least 7 months earlier than you conceive the kid, because there was a research by Snapp in 81 that confirmed when you rigorously remove the fillings, over the subsequent seven months the mother’s blood degree of mercury drops 90%. The EPA reported two years in the past that one out of six moms on this nation have blood levels of mercury within the umbilical twine of the child the day it’s born. That’s a criminal offense. Why do we’ve got one out of six mothers with that degree of mercury? Properly, it’s coming out of their tooth for heaven sakes.

Justin: So that you’ve acquired the infants starting off like that and then you definitely also give them the vaccinations so then, there’s only a real correlation with the autism and all that.

Dr. David Kennedy: You betcha. It’s an ongoing crime that’s going to proceed. California handed a regulation that says that mercury cannot be used in vaccines in California. Until in fact there’s a horrible emergency of some type. [indistinguishable] yr, since that handed in 2004, the public health division has declared an emergency. I feel it’s time anyone asks them what the emergency is. There isn’t a emergency. It’s continued use of mercury in the inhabitants. They’re so afraid it’ll be really obvious to everyone, that the autism epidemic was brought on by injecting babies on the day they have been born with mercury. And when it had begun to decline, although because of the idiotic actions of the Public Health Division it’s declining slower, and what do they do? They give up reporting the autism price. California used to be one of the best at reporting that, they turned the worst. Miksi? It’s as a result of it exhibits they’re guilty! So we’ll put mud within the windshield so you possibly can’t see the freight practice coming.

Justin: Yeah, golly. So, what about some products and issues like zeolites, or I’ve heard of EDTA suppositories, and then there’s additionally this thing referred to as OSR. Have you learnt what occurred to that?

Dr. David Kennedy: I do. And OSR is the only one that basically worked for me. Nothing else introduced my mercury levels down. EDTA will deliver the lead down. It also makes mercury extra poisonous. All the chelators which might be at present out there out there, EDTA, DMDS, DMSA, go through the kidney. And that’s not a particularly good place for you to take heavy metals. OSR however, was designed to go throw the bowel. And it leaves the body in 6 hours, and it principally is a ball and chain with a grabbing hook for mercury. It’s received 2 sulfur molecules, which might be 180 levels apart, and it’s fat soluble so it truly can get within the brain and so forth. They never made any claims about chelation however the Food and Drug Administration knows that the autism group, youngsters who had by no means spoken a word, took this thing for every week or two, and instantly begun to speak, and their brains begun to clear up. It was available on the market for a yr. And so, the Meals and Drug Administration says, no you’ll be able to’t sell that as a chelator. You’ll be able to’t kill a rat with it. You possibly can stuff it in the rat’s mouth to the point the place they will’t swallow it, and it doesn’t harm the rat in any respect. Actually, really protected stuff. They didn’t make it a drug. Nicely, Dr. Haley, they guy who invented it, didn’t have any cash and he had mortgaged his farm to convey these things out anyway. And so, an industrialist from Sweden who had been informed he was going to die of MS, had taken a few of it and recovered, and he stated, “well, what do you need?” And he stated, “well, you know, it’s got to get approved as a drug, it’s millions of dollars”, and he stated, “how many millions?” And it’s be back available on the market this next yr, nevertheless it’ll be a drug, it’ll value you money, but it is the answer to mercury. It’s sequestered within the brain, and kidney, and places like that. There’s even a preliminary research displaying that it’s really helping hearts and cardiovascular disease, and all these different issues which are linked to mercury are being dramatically improved by this easy little product. It’s made out of two pure issues, cysteine amino acid, and benzoic acid, two pure products. You’ll find all that stuff in a bowl of cereal, or a field of crackers, however you hook them collectively, in order that the ball and chain hooks up the mercury and then it becomes a strong and out it goes. So, anyway, it’s coming in all probability this yr, thanks to the angels from above. Other issues that take away mercury are dietary, but you understand, it’s type of like using a band help towards a nuclear assault. Mercury is horrible. I feel dangerous about saying “you need to eat more garlic and more beans because they’ve got sulfur and fiber to counteract the nuclear holocaust that’s going on in your mouth”. I’m sorry, there’s just not sufficient molecules of sulfur in ten cloves of garlic to counteract the hundred million molecules of mercury which are coming off of your tooth each day. So, you bought yo stop letting dentists put in 50 tons of the stuff a yr. The first thing is the responsible events. The Meals and Drug Administration promised they might regulate this factor. They have been ordered by congress to regulate this factor. In 2009 they stated, oh, it’s perfectly protected. We filed a petition, the panel agreed with us that that they had not executed their homework. Similar factor they did in 2006. So twice now, we’ve defeated the ADA’s Food and Drug Administration puppet, with science. They usually haven’t taken one step. The reason is that the woman that’s in command of the FDA additionally has inventory within the largest distributor of amalgam. She stated she was going to recuse herself as a result of there’s clearly a battle of interest for those who’re going to make a willpower relating to mercury fillings, and you even have inventory that’s making you money from mercury fillings, and she says she goes to recuse herself, and she didn’t. She is making all these selections based mostly on her personal pocketbook.

Justin: Wow, nicely, that’s not shocking. So this OSR that you simply’re talking about, I feel it’s referred to as Oxidative Stress Aid, I feel.

Dr. David Kennedy: NBMI. It stands for N1N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide, so NBMI is the new identify for the product. Will probably be again available on the market. The FDA gained’t allow you to promote anything, if it was referred to as OSR, and they make you give up selling it, you’ll be able to’t name it OSR prescription. You have got to change the identify. In order that they changed it to NBMI.

Justin: So NBMI.

Dr. David Kennedy: NBMI, November, Bravo, Mike, India.

Justin: OK, NBMI. I used to be going to ask you. With that being released as a drug, are they going to synthesize that and put these other fillers and adjuvants into that, or is that going to be a protected drug. Trigger there’s really not such a factor.

Dr. David Kennedy: The sort of the product that I took was just the uncooked powder. They usually’ve acquired a manufacturing unit that they set up in Ireland. And it’s 99.9% pure, and the impure zero.1% is principally two molecules of NBMI caught together, so when that breaks up you get a bit blur of the great things. So, anyway, it’s innocent and nicely synthesized. I feel it doesn’t have any fillers. The stuff in the pill, they have capsules so that folks can, the powder tastes like sulfur, it’s nasty tasting. I type of prefer it, however anyway. So individuals want capsules, they’ve capsules, but they have a bit titanium oxide and some fillers in there. But they’re affordable fillers, and not GMO stuff.

Justin: […] OK, so that you stated that they’ve acquired just a little bit of some fillers however usually, NBMI goes to be fairly protected. You stated it’s going to come out this yr, you assume, in 2013?

Dr. David Kennedy: 2013. It’s very protected, and I might take the powder and you simply aspect step all the problems with fillers.

Justin: Fascinating, OK, so put the powder down. So these are all ways that individuals can take a look at getting this mercury out. I wouldn’t even know the place to go from here. Are there occasions in individuals’s lives, such as you stated, there’s the pregnancy, 7 months earlier than pregnancy, or if individuals are at present coping with debilitating illnesses, are there other occasions in individuals’s lives that perhaps they might simply say, OK, I’ll maintain the mercury in cause it’s an excessive amount of of a stress on my immune system?

Dr. David Kennedy: That’s a hard one to name, actually Justin, because each particular person has to evaluate their very own financial state of affairs, their health circumstances, and their priorities. I have pals that still have mercury fillings, I can’t make them get their fillings out, but no one in my household has mercury fillings. I took them out of my father, and he put them in me. He’s a retired dentist. So, it’s not good to have mercury in your tooth, how soon you get it out is…this drawback’s happening for 200 years, for those who get it out within the next 100 years you’ll reduce the time in half.
Justin: So I assume it simply relies on every individual to type of figure it out for themselves. I do know we’re type of ending the show but, I needed to speak, or just really touch briefly on root canals, cause most people have this stuff, and I do know you’ve obtained some ideas about root canals and how they effect their well being.

Dr. David Kennedy: Root canals are lifeless tooth. And in the event you had a lifeless toe, what would you do with it? You’d have it removed and put a bandage on it. So, the same factor ought to occur with the tooth, as an alternative of embalming them. Truly, most of the elements that they use in lifeless tooth are the same the mortician makes use of to embalm a physique. That doesn’t maintain the tooth from being infected. And that’s an enormous drawback. Talking about infections, the most typical infection within the human physique aside from tooth decay in youngsters is gum illness in adults. 67% of the adults on this nation have gum illness and 90% of them have some sort of gum disease, 67% extreme. So, what do you do about that? Disinfect the mouth. Fluoride doesn’t do it. Fluoride makes it worse. So we’ve obtained an insane program, I wrote a e-book on it, How to save your tooth, we’ve an insane program of making an attempt to forestall tooth decay with poisons. Who would brush their tooth with arsenic? Properly, fluoride is rather less toxic than arsenic, a bit of more toxic than lead. So if I invented a lead tooth paste, would you employ it? No! Hell no! It’s loopy to use poisonous issues in your mouth. Especially in youngsters, cause youngsters swallow whatever you set in their mouth. That’s what we’re doing in this nation, so. Irrigation is the answer to gum disease. A Waterpik with an iodine answer, like the Gerson’s remedy uses to wash vegetables. Rinse that in your mouth and spit it out. It’s an exquisite method to disinfect the germs which are inflicting gum disease.

Justin: And what are some other ways that individuals can deal with their tooth like ought to they brush with baking soda, or what kinds of things ought to they brush with?

Dr. David Kennedy: You possibly can brush with baking soda, you possibly can brush with saliva. I carry a toothbrush around in my pocket. Saliva has all of the components that your enamel needs to be nicely. I’m wondering why that’s so? And so, saliva is an effective thing to brush with. I tell individuals, would you like something to brush with, go to the kitchen, you’ll find just a little peppermint, you’ll find slightly baking soda, yow will discover some salt. The secret’s to get all the scum off your tooth, and use a Waterpik to hose it down. In the event you rubbed your automotive all over, and didn’t hose it off once you’re accomplished, it’s going to look terrible. Nicely that’s what I see once I look underneath a microscope. You moved the germs from this tooth to that tooth, however in the event you don’t hose it down. All the germs that cause gum illness are swimmers. So, brushing is just not going to eliminate them. There’s scum on the tooth, scum causes tooth decay. But once you’ve removed the scum, how concerning the swimmers, you want to hose it, and that’s the Waterpik.

Justin: So swishing your mouth with water wouldn’t be enough to move it because you’re not utilizing the iodine.

Dr. David Kennedy: Around the tooth. Swishing goes down at most to half a millimeter. Half a millimeter is like 4 sheets of paper. So, it doesn’t get down there. So you bought to use a Waterpik to squirt it down.

Justin: Wow, golly. So, a few of the meals that individuals are eating are principally inflicting all of these points. If individuals simply ate the correct eating regimen they wouldn’t have cavities, they wouldn’t want the mercury.

Dr. David Kennedy: Every tradition, even the Egyptians had some cavities. They ate too many figs, but gum illness has been around endlessly. It’s brought on by the identical type of germ that causes syphilis. It’s referred to as a spirochete, and there’s all kinds of germs concerned, but they’re parasites. Parasites and micro organism stay in the gums, and the solution is cleanliness. Is just not rocket science, it’s referred to as “keep it clean”. And you may’t maintain it clear with a brush alone. You’ve got to use the comb plus some disinfectant. Iodine is rather more effective than fluoride ever thought have been, so, you recognize, a nutrient? Oh! We might use a nutrient, and that might be a lot better, so. You should use any number of issues to clean your tooth. Tea tree oil, if pure issues we’re talking about, we will use [indistinguishable]we’ve acquired the neem bush, it’s been a practice in Africa for a approach to clean the tooth, and the neem sap tends to kill the germs a bit of bit. The bottom line is you’ve acquired to knock all the scum off and you bought to hose it with the Waterpik or irrigation gadget. They even have the screw on the bathe, so you possibly can squirt away in the shower.

Justin: And you possibly can use like a Lugol’s perhaps, iodine?

Dr. David Kennedy: Lugol’s iodine, put a bit of bit in the Waterpik chamber, and squirt away. Lugol’s is the nutrient type of iodine. Some individuals will use Povidone, I would like to use Lugol’s. Povidone is ammoniated iodine in order that’s not a nutrient, that’s a disinfectant. Works real good, however it’s still sort of nasty. Lugol’s then again, in the Gerson eating regimen you must take 15 mg a day, as a dietary supplement, so anyway. That’s in all probability a better means to expose yourself to iodine with an irrigator, with some iodide treated water. Similar factor they did for the marines in Vietnam. They gave them tablets of iodine to put in their water.

Justin: Yeah, that is sensible. So what sort of issues are you working on with the Academy and stuff like that today. Are you writing more books?, doing more conferences?, what sorts of things are you engaged on?

Dr. David Kennedy: I simply completed a movie, it’s referred to as Fluoridegate, an American tragedy. Will probably be out this month, and we are going to movie festivals with that. I’ve 20 packages that play in public access TV, and I’m packing to go to the United Nations conference on mercury, prohibition of mercury throughout the world. I don’t assume we’re going to win, trigger the lobbyists from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the ADA are saying, oh, god, we’ve obtained to have this mercury for the poor individuals of the world. Such as you stated once we started this system, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, have all prohibited it, and many nations, England, France, Germany, Austria have really helpful towards its use in weak subsets, youngsters, pregnant ladies, that type of stuff. We’re doing our greatest, but, you understand, to get behind and begin pushing on that wheel we’ll get it to flip.

Justin: That’s good, that’s nice stuff. Nicely, thanks doctor Kennedy, for spending an hour of your time with us. Would you mind to holding as I close out the show?

Dr. David Kennedy: No, by no means.

Justin: Alright, thank you so much everyone for joining us on one other edition of extremehealthradio.com. It was really an honor to have physician David Kennedy on our present. Go to his website, iaomt.org, for extra details about all this type of stuff, speaking about dental points, and how you can get the mercury out. I needed to thank Mike Adams of naturalnewsradio.com for having us on his community, and I also needed to let you recognize that we’re 100% listener supported, so, when you have an extra couple bucks, we might drastically tremendously recognize any type of donation, and you can do it by way of PayPal, and it’s utterly safe, you don’t even want a PayPal account. And each little bit helps, so. In case you can donate, that may be nice, when you can’t, don’t worry about it, perhaps you’ll be able to simply comply with us on fb and send our hyperlink out to your folks, and hit like on this present page, and all that type of great things. That might be nice. And we also have a very great mailing record, if you would like to be a part of, plenty of great content coming out about once every week on there, in addition to a retailer. We’ve obtained numerous nice merchandise, like the rebounder, the blenders, and dehydrators, and work out gear, and supplements and all types of nice stuff in our retailer, so please go to there, and that may be really, really great. It will be a method for you to help our work. So thanks again for joining us and I will see you on the subsequent episode.

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