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Dr. Beatrice Golomb, UCSD researcher, talks about 5G

An area UCSD researcher, Dr. Beatrice Golomb, who examines the consequences of microwaves on well being and Gulf Conflict syndrome, speaks of a CA state invoice that promotes 5G in 2017. The invoice did not move CA, however now (February 2019 ) The FCC will try to do the identical (pressure 5G for everybody) to have the invoice made by CA. Pay attention to the very critical health results that he mentions that we might do nicely to keep away from. Click on right here to learn Dr. Golomb's 5G protest letter


Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD Professor of Drugs at UC San Diego Faculty of Drugs 9500 Gilman Drive, # 0995 La Jolla, CA 92093-0995 Telephone: 858 558-4950 x201

18. August 2017

To whom it might concern,

I strongly urge you to strongly resist California's SB 649. [CEP note: to force 5G on the state of CA]

If this invoice goes, many people endure tremendously and unnecessarily from direct end result.

This feels like a hyperbole. It isn’t. My analysis workforce, UC San Diego alone, has acquired tons of of messages from individuals who have developed critical well being problems with electromagnetic radiation after the introduction of latest know-how. Others, with whom I am in touch, have acquired a whole lot of similar studies independently. These are in all probability the tip of the iceberg of ten or perhaps tons of of hundreds of people. As a result of each new know-how leading to exposure to electromagnetic radiation is introduced – and has been specifically developed to stop weak people from avoiding it – the brand new group is sensitized to health. This is especially true for pulse alerts within the radio frequency and microwave part of the spectrum for which the proposed fall SB 640 bypasses local management

The mechanisms by which the well being results are affected have proven to include oxidative stress (the type of injury towards which antioxidants shield, see optionally available section under), injury to mitochondria (power producing elements of cells), injury to cell membranes1, 21, and "blood-brain barrier" weakened by means of these mechanisms (blood-brain barrier defends the brain in addition to the introduction of overseas substances and toxins; vascular contraction and lack of mind flow7 and triggering autoimmune reactions8, 9. After high exposure, weakens antioxidant protection, increases vulnerability to future exposures, some not tolerate many different electromagnetic radiation n types and intensities that beforehand did not cause them any drawback, and presently trigger different problems. But this group deserves – needs – the best to keep away from these exposures.

Influential individuals not only expertise "symptoms" that "only" trigger them nervousness and suffering when they’re uncovered – signs similar to headache 10, 11, ears 10, 11, and chest ache10 from impaired circulation, arrhythmia 10, 11 and insomnia10, 11. These signs are on account of physiological injury. In addition, many experience vital health problems, which can embrace seizures11, coronary heart failure, listening to loss12-14 and severe cognitive issues11.15. Mechanisms involved within the improvement and development of neurodegenerative circumstances, including Alzheimer's illness16, are additionally involved16.

at work when their issues advanced because of their drawback. They stated their area had value them as much as $ 2 million. Many had lost their houses. The quantity turned homeless and it has swelled the so-called. EMF refugees 17-19. Most of the individuals concerned have been beforehand well-functioning people – engineers, docs, legal professionals. One of the best and brightest is amongst those whose lives – and the power to promote society – are destroyed. Excessive-profile individuals with recognized electrical sensitivity are, for example, Gro Harlem Brundtland – Norway's former Three-time Prime Minister and former Director-Basic of the World Well being Group20; Matti Niemela, former Nokia Know-how Manager21; in addition to Frank Clegg22's spouse, formerly Microsoft's Canadian leader and present Canadian chief in protected know-how23.

Every new introduction of electromagnetic know-how, which is topic to obligatory publicity, will secure the set of those who develop issues with electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Many say they did not give credibility to the issue (if that they had heard of it till they needed to prey on it.

This is not a psychologically managed state. is the state 24, 25.

The position of oxidative stress demonstrated in countless research (under) has been demonstrated by demonstrating that this situation is linked to genetic variants of antioxidant protections, which are less enthusiastic in defending oxidative stress307. confirmed that the majority industry-funded studies did not show evidence of physiological results, however most studies that should not have such an industry have confirmed the consequences. The editor-in-chief Richard Smith said on the idea of the research that "This result suggests that far from conflict, interest is not relevant in an objective and clean world of science and the world where the method and the quality of the data are all, it is the main factor determining the outcome of the research. "27. Thus, when objects prohibit damage from non-ionizing radiation from radioactive radioactivity, it is usually the economic advantage of such denial.

Chosen officers want sheltered protection. They want the creation of protected areas and residences and runways that make touring attainable and don’t take away any alternatives; Defending local rights in decision-making – not eliminating potential abuses or the power to hurt them. They need far more protection than many protected courses – their problems have been brought on by the actions of others towards whom they were not managed – and may be reversed generally if the assault towards them is rolled again. That they had no fault of their very own, and in some instances towards their will (eg Before using sensible meters was allowed) they have been uncovered to the

publicity that has modified their lives once they knew them and compelled them unnecessarily

safer, wired and nicely protected know-how – not more for wireless.

This laws, if adopted, and the resulting unrestricted introduction of this know-how will predict and immediately injury and get rid of the brand new group and improve the depth of suffering for those already affected.

In different areas, we cover the freedoms to guard the weak. We require every pupil to be vaccinated, which is intended to guard the weak, who might not respond effectively to the vaccine. The necessity for cover for a weak group is considered to be akin to to justify a choice to droop individual rights

. Against this, this bill aims to limit individual freedoms and local rights to a weak group within the event of hurt. and creating a brand new one. (The widespread issue appears to be that in both instances the path is according to the robust industry that influences political selections.) Fortuitously, there isn’t a have to shorten private rights and freedoms, as a result of here.
If any group can choose out (as I perceive, firefighters *) 28; then each group deserves equal rights. Others should not be second-class citizens with much less safety

It will be of nice help to help this trigger if someone is concerned in promoting or approving laws (and then with relations) during a considerable trial period, so that the majority exposure might be exposed to some other (and their households) when new insurance policies of this sort are used. It still doesn't do the same injury to them; because they could not symbolize different vulnerabilities; but such a coverage might assist them assume twice. This can be a bill that I strongly help.

Most now affected – weren’t earlier than they have been. This will come to you – or your youngster or grandchild. In addition, if in case you have a toddler or grandchild, his sperm or eggs (which he already has when he’s a fetus utero), the injury brought on by oxidation brought on by electromagnetic radiation shall be affected.

It was said above that half of those that had labored once they developed electrical sensitivity misplaced their jobs due to this drawback. (This will underestimate the extent of the tragedy, as this most affected group is likely to answer a web-based survey.) Many who had not beforehand had problems navigating the world at the moment are restricted to primary providers corresponding to hospital care, publish workplaces and libraries because of these problems. With the introduction of each new know-how that reveals many new, non-accurate sources of electromagnetic radiation, particularly (but not solely) that emits pulse radiation in a portion of the radio frequency microwave oven, a new group of people; and the sufferings of those who have already suffered tremendously improve

defending citizens and our future. Protects particular person and group rights towards an attack that causes critical harm to some – and sets a terrible precedent. Vote out of the California SB 649 and invite everyone else to do the same.

Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, Physician of Drugs, Professor of the College of San Diego Medical University

* Word to the fireman's launch: “The legislator granted an exemption from the SB 649 to firefighters who requested it for well being reasons. In California, firefighters have long complained that the symptoms typically disappear from the cell tower of their stations. Cities typically lease premises in hearth stations to increase urban revenue. … The symptoms experienced by a firefighter embrace neurological issues including severe headache, confusion, lack of focus, drowsiness, insomnia and incapability to wake up to 911. Firefighters have reported dropping 911 calls in the identical group where they grew up, and one veteran physician forgot where he was in the midst of a CPR for a heart victim, and he couldn't keep in mind find out how to begin the procedure again … error inside 20 years. The California Firefighter Experimental Research (2004) showed mind issues, cognitive issues, delayed reaction time, and lack of impulse management in all six firefighters examined (https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/7022117660.pdf). This research led to the overwhelming adoption by August 2004 of Decision 15 of the International Firefighter Association Boston. Res. 15 referred to as for additional research and altered to put a moratorium on the location of cell towers across america and Canada. 15 It’s clear that others with comparable issues deserve protection.

Elective – Extra Science There’s a robust literature that exhibits that electromagnetic radiation, including at non-ionized frequencies, and ranges 29, 30, that are under the thermal results (heating), causes physiological effects, damage and cell dying – not only for people, however for many animals and plants3 7, 31 – 49. It isn’t shocking that the industry, opposite to the evidence to the contrary, has argued that radiation ought to be an ionizing or heating injury.

Scores or tons of of research indicate that radiation, including particularly radiation emitted by radio transmitters, and together with degree publicity, can degrade antioxidants, improve "oxidative stress" (free radical injury), and injury mitochondria, cellular power producing elements1, 2, 34 , 50-6930, 70-104105-13646, 137-171. These effects are manifested by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, thermal and respiratory ranges. (In reality, the key or major injury brought on by ionizing radiation and the radiation above the thermal limit occur by means of mechanisms which might be documented to happen without ionization and under the thermal limit.) These

mechanisms are suitable with mechanisms documented to play a task in signs and well being circumstances reported in electrically sensitive sufferers – ranging from convulsions 172-176, coronary heart failure177-184 and cognitive impairment5, 32, 57, 108, 185-195.

brain cancer, metabolic illnesses reminiscent of weight problems and diabetes, autism, autoimmune illness, and neurodegenerative circumstances which have exploded. In each case, these have been linked to some studies on electromagnetic radiation8, 9, 16, 34, 196-219.
Such radiation also has effects on spermine33, 100, 220-228; and spermin229 DNA (persistently with current news stories on the significant current lower in sperm rely and performance).
Such radiation additionally has toxic results during being pregnant230, together with fetal and subsequent progeny231-235 at low levels236, and is sure to developmental issues in later life, including attention deficit and hyperactivity31, 235-241. It is rather essential to defend pregnant ladies (and women' eggs which will later develop into pregnant) from publicity to such toxicity

Electromagnetic radiation for much or a lot of the spectrum (however not visible mild) has been shown to decrease the degrees of melatonin 40, 72, The degrees of 242-252 greatest recognized for its position in sleep (and indeed the weakening of sleep is probably the most consistent symptom within the individuals involved10, 11).

Melatonin is in reality a essential antioxidant that defends the physique towards the harm brought on by many toxic exposures 253-266 together with the magnetic radiation itself 61, 66, 67, 82, 101, 107, 118, 121, 138, 144, 151, 204, 249, 267-284 – decreasing the oxidative stress related to most cancers, metabolic illnesses similar to obesity and diabetes, autism, autoimmune disease, bipolar disorder and neurodegenerative circumstances, which additionally have an effect on heart assault and stroke9, 285-329330343.

Radiation, and especially radiation in a radio frequency microwave oven Porti Spectrum can be used to scale back other important antioxidant methods that also defend the physique from chemical, radiation and other sources of injury. These other antioxidant techniques embrace the glutathione system, superoxide dismutase and catalase81, 102, 115, 116, 233, 344-358, which are additionally concerned in defending health problems.

This means that the antioxidant safety brought on by electromagnetic radiation decreases might improve the danger of chemically induced health results (and melancholy of antioxidant techniques by some chemical compounds might improve the danger of harm from electromagnetic radiation). In truth, only such results have been reported 359, 360.


21 pages of references appear in his letter.