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Does the US provide secret support to an Islamic state in Afghanistan? – OpEd – Eurasia Review

Last yr
Russian skilled Overseas Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Washington
material support
[1] to Islamic Khorasan militants based mostly
To Afghanistan to share and weaken the Taliban's resistance
American occupation in Afghanistan. The fees have been additionally repeated by Iran.

Referring to news
[2] that unmarked army helicopters had been recognized
The fortresses of the Islamic state Khorasan in Afghanistan, Lavrov claimed: “Unidentified
helicopters, in all probability helicopters, to which NATO is in a method or one other
fly to areas the place [Islamic State] rebels are based mostly, and
nobody has but been in a position to explain the causes for these flights. ”

As well as a
[3] in March final yr throughout the Orlando widow's trial
Nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, who had killed 49 individuals and wounded 53 others
shot at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, June 12,
2016 that his father, Seddique Mateen, was an FBI informant for eleven years.

The prosecutor was revealed to the lawyer of Noor Salman, Widow's widow,
Omar Mateen, Seddique Mateen, was a FBI spokesman since January 2005
In June 2016 and that he had sent cash to Afghanistan and
probably financing a violent riot towards the Pakistani authorities

claims that Washington provides money and weapons to its structure
Afghanistan, Taliban, to set a revolution
Pakistan might sound far, we should hold the Taliban in the background
Afghan and Pakistani Insurrection

in Pakistan
There are three kinds of militants: targeted on Afghanistan
Pashtun militants; Punjabi militants concentrating on Kashmir; and overseas
cross-border terrorists, including al-Qaeda armies, Uzbekistan
Uzbek Islamic Movement (IMU) and Chinese language Uighur Rebels
East Turkic Islamic Motion (ETIM) Jihadists. In contrast to tens
hundreds of native Pashtun and Punjabi militants, foreigners
the variety of terrorists is just a few hundred and they are subsequently irrelevant.

Pakistan (TTP), which consists mainly of Pashtun soldiers, does
bombings towards Pakistani state gear. An ethnic factor is crucial
right here. Although Pakistan's Taliban (TTP) needs to play their rhetoric
religiously, it allows for ethnic and linguistic variations
they are employed by Pashtun tribesmen who’re prepared to do repentance
action towards a Punjab-controlled state system
The Punjabi militants focusing on Kashmir have largely remained trustworthy to them
Asylum Seekers in Pakistan Safety Businesses

The Pakistan Security Agency is prepared to make army
Towards the Taliban (TTP) of Pakistan, which are thought-about a
Turkey's menace to state-owned Pakistan gear, so long as Kashmir is affected
Punjabi militants, together with Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, and
The Quetta Shura Taliban in Afghanistan, together with the Haqqani Network, is
they’re nonetheless impunity as a result of such army groups are
"Strategic Resources" of Pakistan Security Businesses

The claim that Washington had offered substantive support to the Islamic
A subsidiary in Afghanistan and the Taliban of Pakistan (TTP)
Reply Pakistan safety businesses double recreation to support
The Taliban in Afghanistan are attacking Afghan security forces
their American supporters cannot be excluded.

In November
For example, between Afghanistan's Taliban most important group
Mullah Haibatullah Akhunzada and Moral Hill Leaded by Mullah Mohammad
Rasul left the values ​​of lifeless fighters in West Herat Province in Afghanistan

Mullah Rasul
was close to Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omaria and served as governor
Southwest Nimroz Province beneath the Taliban regime in Afghanistan
Between 1996 and 2001 After Mullah Omar's dying, it was launched
In 2015, Mullah Rasul broke into the Taliban and established his own faction.

The Rasul Group works in the provinces of Herat, Farah, Nimroz and Helmand,
and it is recognized to have acquired weapons
and support
[4] for Afghan intelligence, as he had expressed
prepared to recognize the government of Kabul supported by Washington.

Washington's Motives to Provide Hidden Support
Partnership between the Taliban of Afghanistan, the Taliban of Pakistan and the Islamic State
Afghanistan, the United States attacked Afghanistan in October 2001
The 9/11 terrorist assault and was killed by the Taliban regime
The North Alliance consists of Tajik and Uzbek warlords

Taliban leadership and fighters found refugee in Pakistan
In the neighboring areas of Afghanistan, he set up a rebel
Washington-backed Kabul authorities. Throughout the occupation of Washington
arrested Islamabad for army operations in tribal areas
to forbid the Taliban

Islamabad was reluctant to carry out army operations, which is euphemism
Warfare, for worry of alienation to the tribe's individuals
areas. After an attack by the Pakistani army in July 2007 in the heart of the mosque
Islamabad Church, which also included a spiritual seminar, t
together with seminary college students

Pakistani Taliban made an event rally calling for jihad
Pakistan Army. After that, terrorist attacks and suicide attacks
Pakistan's state gear peaked after the July 2007 occasion. Ultimately,
In 2009, the Pakistani military determined to conduct army operations
refugee tribes.

The army operation was put in in the Swat Valley in April 2009, the second in 2009
The South Waziristan Tribal Office in October the similar yr and the third in progress
The army operation was launched in North Waziristan and Khyber Tribal Facilities
June 2014. There are tens of hundreds of civilians in the next violence
Employees and militants lost their lives

Political commentators in Pakistan typically present their fingers with the support of Washington
Kabul's government in Afghanistan and Pakistan's superbly Indian India
money and weapons to the Taliban of Pakistan towards the army warfare
Pakistan state institution in accordance to Pakistan's inner sources
Safety Businesses, Washington had given secret support to Pakistan
Forcing the Pakistani army to conduct army operations
Towards Troopers in Pakistani Tribes

Background for Washington's Secret Support for Afghan Degrading Groups
The Taliban, who had rebelled towards the US-backed Kabul government
To the Taliban of Pakistan, who had imposed a guerrilla warfare with Pakistan
Russian Overseas Minister's allegations
Sergei Lavrov stated that Washington had offered material support to the Islamic
Affiliate situated in the Afin-Pakistan region in order to divide and weaken
The Taliban's opposition to the American occupation of Afghanistan can’t be dominated out

The difference between the Taliban and the Islamic state is that
The Taliban follows the a part of Deiband's Sunni Islam, a sect born south
Asia and Islamic state jihadists belong mainly to Saudi Arabia
Wahhab designation

and extra importantly, rebel in Afghanistan and border regions
Pakistan is the Pashtun uprising, an ethnic group born in Afghanistan and Russia
In the northwest of Pakistan, whereas most of the Islamic state's jihadists in Syria
and Iraq consisted of Arab militants and joined neighboring overseas fighters
North Africa, Central Asia, Russia, China and even
radicalized Muslims as far from Europe as the United States

Af-Pak in the Islamic State
not just a coalition of some Taliban groups and
a number of other irrelevant native army outfits which might be committed to loyalty
Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, leader of the Islamic state, to improve their position
status and draws funds and followers, however it has nothing
an organizational and operational association with the Islamic state
In Syria and Iraq

the Islamic state's Khorasan power is estimated to be 3,000 –
5,000 fighters. By comparison, the Taliban's power has been estimated
60,000 to 80,000 militants. Islamic State Khorasan was shaped a
The unification of varied factions of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Later, the Uzbek Islamic Motion (IMU), Pakistan
The terrorist group Jundullah and Chinese language Uighur fighters pledged their loyalty

In 2017 it
divided into two teams. One group is situated in Nangarhar, Afghanistan
The province is headed by Pakistani army commander Aslam Farooqi and the different
The group in northern Afghanistan is led by the former
Commander of the Islamic Motion of Uzbekistan (IMU) Moawiya. The latter group additionally
accommodates militants of Uzbek, Tajik, Uygur and Baloch