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Current US Situation in Iraq and Syria – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Giancarlo Elia Valori.
States have continued to take care of and strengthen their army presence
Syria, especially in the japanese a part of the nation and in the west

There at the moment are over 400 US
army troopers already established in Syria with about 200
Within the North, in the Aleppo region and in the japanese part of Euphrates

US troops arrived
Syria instantly from Iraqi Kurdistan by way of the border crossing level

Based on the newest info
The knowledge consists of 70 automobiles and different automobiles
to move oil and to armed and logistic help.

over 250 automobiles.

The cone is in the primary
North of Ayn al-Arab, Aleppo northeast, but in addition
Jabaleh, north of Raqqa

Actually, this continues
Sustaining and typically increasing US troops in the world – a
US insurance policies which were in place since January

Different 200 soldiers are
just sent to Al-Tanf's Jordan base

The platform was initially
has been created to fight Daesh Isis, but now it goes virtually
probably the most convenient and probably communication between Iraq and Iran – a line that is because of its current presence
US troops, is turning into a "Shiite-crescent" t
meant to be related to the nation by Teheran and Hezbollah stations

So if we are considering
Variety of US troopers already on the Israeli-Syrian border
confirmed by President Trump, but in all probability there
– American soldiers in Syria totaled 1,000, whereas different US inquiries
More than 1,500 US troopers are anticipated to be out there from sources
Northern Syria.

US Justification
use six.

They are all situated
Iraq, exactly where the Daesh-Isis jihadists are going to end
loss in Syria

That is nevertheless
second aim

Marines are current
above all, near Ramadia, the capital of Anbar Governor, which is
1110 miles from Baghdad.

US Confirmations
also arrived at K1, North American bottom near Kirkuk

When you’ve served
Syrian troops and all weapons and weapons assortment level
As we speak, the K1 base serves the control of the northern part
Syrian-Iraq border, Kurdistan sector in Iraq

Third United States
His presence in Iraq is Ayn Al-Asad Airport, which the President visited
Trump last Christmas.

So simple strategic
The discount is already attainable: the US troops in Iraq are such that they permit full
and without supervision all through Iraq. That's why six bases are succesful
to make sure continuity between the Iraqi command
Border with Syria and different US Strategies in the Middle East

only 24 kilometers from Syria and Jordan
triple limit. Stated base is strengthened with Marines and electronically
Along with the brand new heavy artillery stations

Al-Raqqan base too
The previous capital of the Caliphate in Syria is already lively.
The opposite backside, which continues to be in operation, is the Remelin base, northeast
Hasakeh, who has all the time been the Kurdish political middle

Because of this new one
The composition of the US forces in the country is such that it checks
Motion, intelligence and communication of a giant a part of Iraq
Between Hasakeh and Tanf, proper in the center of the border
Syria and Iraq.

Subsequently, what’s strategic
logic based mostly on new deployment and meeting of US troops
Syria and Iraq space?

The answer is straightforward
this question: the strain of the USA on the heights of Golan, which could be very clear
army and political help for the popularity of the sovereignty of Israel
Golan Heights

As Nicely Recognized,
Israel's a part of the height of Golan conquered the Israeli Protection Forces
(IDF) through the six-day struggle of 1967
The Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, adopted the Golan Larger Regulation, which
Israeli regulation, civilian administration and jurisdiction extended in all places
inside the precincts of.

As we will keep in mind
The top of the six-day struggle of 1967Israel conquered up to three
– certain areas: the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and. ,
Apparently Golan Heights from Syria

Once more at this level the UN
Resolution 242 adopted by the Safety Council
– also called Land for Peace – which
advised in principle a secure and official peace with Israel and. ,
neighboring Arab nations
areas of earlier sovereign states

Earlier than 1967, over 150,000
Syrians lived on the peak of Golan, whereas at present 25,000 Druze Arabians
Syrians, and greater than 20,000 Jews
however all those that reside there are answerable for the citizenship of Israel.

In 1981, Israel introduced
Connecting the altitude of East Jerusalem and Golan on the similar time
the UN Security Council soon condemned Decision 497
The Jewish State Only Becoming a member of Golan Heights

Negotiations have been held
even secret (in 2010) between Israel and Syria in the Golan challenge
The sovereignty of Heights.

At a strategic degree
The world is essential for each
Israel and Syria.

At Golan Peak
nevertheless, there’s also the Jordan River, Lake Tiberias,
River Yarmuk and some underground water networks
On the Mediterranean coast.

Not to mention oil. Allegedly, oil reserves – tens of millions
barrels – have been lately
In the Golan Heights area.

Definitely, although – is
then again, this Trump's announcement of help for Israeli models
Golan Heights has strategic rationality over the pursuits of the USA
however, it can be interpreted as a robust help
The election marketing campaign of Benjamin Netanyahu, which nonetheless appears to be the USA
favourite candidate

President Trump's policy
Nevertheless, Golan heights are new and new
to some extent contradictory

United States,
especially in the Middle East, has all the time thought concerning the negotiations
because of direct negotiations between the events

Additionally international
Nevertheless, the current regulation does not recognize Israel
sovereignty in the occupied territories in the course of the 1967 struggle

that in 2010, Israel provided a sort of peace treaty to Syria

ended in March 2011, apparently firstly of the Syrian Civil Conflict

Golan Heights was to Israel with out supervision from Syria
characterised by conflict
Al-Nusra Front, also described by al-Qaeda in Syria, Isis-Daesh and Different
jihadist teams

What was using buying and selling
With Assad

Syria does not assure any help
inhabitants and security to the height of Golan: only Israel at present provides
water supply and primary providers while taking good care of the financial system and the financial system
inner safety in the world

Jo Barack Obama
Netanyahu has also asked for US green mild
connecting them.

Subsequently, when
President Trump needs to regulate the areas of Golan Heights from the middle
Syria and Iraq, the USA and Israel goal to disrupt the terrestrial line
Between Iran (and Iraq) and Syria and South Lebanon and above all
The Mediterranean, which can also be a priority for Iran's participation
Syrian Warfare

This was
Negotiations on 18 March at a secret meeting in Iraq, Syria
and Iranian leaders

In addition, president
Trump, although Syraq can be supported by Putin
– as it seems in the intervening time, they might be designed clearly
the objective, ie to cease each motion aimed toward uniting Syria and

Furthermore, the thought a
The "common market" between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon is now
spread to the dominant courses in the world.

It's a clear strategic one

Nevertheless, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompe and the Lebanese President Michel Aoun are definitely not concerned in negotiations, which the former needs to know only one thing, specifically whether Lebanon has accepted its participation in the axis of Iran and Syria – Iraq and Hezbollah. On this case, the USA suffers from severe sanctions – the Lebanese banking system, which has already been hit by a critical disaster, whereas the other steps of the US Presidency in the Middle East – following recognition of Israeli sovereignty to the Golan Heights – are: stricter sanctions towards Iran; potential conquest of a army base in northern Lebanon and finally a robust army presence each in the Golan Heights and in other areas, albeit in the Israeli area

* Concerning the Writer: Honoris Causa Giancarlo Elia Valori is a outstanding Italian economist and businessman. He has distinguished educational differences and national orders. Valori has lectured on worldwide affairs and the world's leading universities in economics, such because the College of Beijing, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Yeshiva College of New York. He is presently the director of "International World Group", and can also be the Honorary Director of Huawei Italian Monetary Advisor to the Chinese Big HNA Group. In 1992, he was appointed as Réububque Français's official official, who was motivated by "A man who can see across the world to understand the world," and in 2002 he was awarded the Académie des Sciences de Institut de France. ”

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