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Conspiracy Anger has expanded from the Internet to real life – OpEd – Eurasia Review

I lately listoinut of Cordoba Nationwide College's radio program, and the notifying social gathering refers to what happened to two direct family member of a weekend, which regardless of the undeniable fact that that they had a regulatory visas required by the US authorities, fled to Argentina to California for a visit Dallas, and at the airport they may NOT come to the Immigration Service , the Border Guard "waited for them" and immediately stopped them, stored them ignorant and went again to Argentina.

This immediately reminded me that Argentina, with its current government, determined to create a "special" relationship with the United States, calling it Juan TOKATLIAN: CONCESSIVE PERIPHERAL UNILATERALISM, which clearly does not mirror the equal remedy of each residents.

that Ezeiza Airport can also be "under the control" of the FBI, as Patricia Bullrich informed us. Maybe on this onerous means, Argentinians understand the unhappy reality of the hundreds of Hispanic immigrants who are in the arms of the US authorities.

This temporary introduction needs to cope with something that isn’t usually talked about in the media or simply talked about. when it comes to abnormal acts, corresponding to mass crimes committed by American supremacists towards minorities – especially Hispanics – that each passing day is much less of a minority – like 58,000,000 Spanish speakers in the United States, and ⅔ have been born in the similar USA.

A member of this group, Dossier Geopolitico, Colonel Carlos Pissolito wrote a number of days in the past: “ Attacks of lone wolves, border walls, guards, unlawful immigration, gangs, drug trafficking, arms commerce. Is the United States on its approach to a civil warfare? “And it additionally guided us to prof. To William Lind's article (Traditionalism in a Changing World). Who was translated with the title: " USA: A New Separation War?" [1]

Properly, Lind's views on the current second in the United States are fascinating; he wrote it in April 2019 after a go to to deep North America:

In lots of places, the indigenous individuals of America have come to feel strange in their very own nation … … there’s an growing feeling that we’re towards them. "We" are average individuals who work to reside, comply with the guidelines, go to church on Sundays and check out to be a very good father, mom or good neighbor … "They" are a mix of elites who despise common individuals with blacks and immigrants who stay out of the palms of American staff, committing violent crimes, and the one % globalist who enriches himself by exploiting the jobs of the average individuals … … the strongest factor if Trump loses the election with them as a left-wing Democrat might be: …… " the result will be accepted, not when the radically democratic left-wing president begins to open the borders by turning the White House chapel into LGBTQ Marriage and letting millions of black criminals out of prison by voting. At that point, rebellion takes place. "

And so that the reader shouldn’t be overwhelmed, Lind also says, based mostly on the Anglo-Saxon white traditionalist position, that the Protestant claims:"

The legal heritage of this country is Anglo-Saxon, not Roman. The Law of the Way is very important. In both cases, the precedent was set up in the sense that the repeal is legal and has not been claimed by the federal government. The left has set precedents, but the right ones can use them. .. What would happen if Texas responded to the opening of borders by sending a National Guard and civilian volunteers to close it again? What would happen if South Carolina rejected federal regulations on the release of prisoners? Instead of creating laws, the Supreme Court faces conflicting precedents. "

although that is evident lately due to crises of disavowable acts, corresponding to the crimes dedicated by white Protestant Anglo-Saxon super-Muslims of the last days; It ought to lead us to understand this profound change that is happening in American society, which, with Dr. Miguel Barrios, reminded us of the works of Samuel Huntington ("19459004] Clash of Civilizations "), however his last ebook was: we are? Challenges of American Id . And it applies immediately to Hispanic and Hispanic audio system.

during which he argues that they influence the founding ethics of the American state, which I repeat is WASP (white, Protestant Anglo-Saxon) “American id can be in disaster – according to Huntington – by combining four elements: the disappearance of national security threats to the Soviet Union; the rise of multicultural ideologies that undermine the legitimacy of a standard cultural id; In contrast to in the previous, the influence of the Third Nice Wave, which began in the 1960s, was not principally European, but Latin American and Asian, and has a lot broader links with its nations of origin; and eventually, virtually half of the immigrants on this third wave converse the similar language, Spanish, which raises the risk that the United States will grow to be bilingual.

And extra on this matter of the WASP disaster, New York Occasions. revealed on August 6 yesterday an article:

White supremacist terrorism spreads like Islamic State terrorism [3] which says:

“Many students concentrate on the research of terrorism between the Islamic State and the Islamic State , most just lately seen in the massacre in El Paso, Texas. "

" Parallels are spectacular "said Will McCants, a leading expert in this academic field. These similarities have become more evident with each new attack. the journey is cool, similar to the Islamic State jihadism so much that it helps explain why the attacks have suddenly increased and died “… Max Fisher.

All this should make us ponder and not a simplistic response to this new US reality that also occurs in Old Europe.

The first thing Americans need to acknowledge is that current demographic and American changes began with the defeat of the United States in Vietnam. social disparities in military presence by disproportionate participation: Blacks and Latinos are larger than those represented by minorities at national level, and institutions that avoid inclusion, such as former President Clinton, as the case may be.

And they deepened with subsequent military adventures in the Middle East and Asia, where Latin presence in the armed forces increased significantly.

And one of those failed military adventures in Vietnam was that massive use of drugs was introduced and tracked in the United States (it is always to be remembered that the United States, with 5% of the world's population consuming 80% of drug production, including lab drugs).

It is also correct to say that in the 1960s, a new wave of immigrants began in the United States, particularly in Latin America and Asia, with a strong commitment to cultural and religious traditions and countries of origin, and to position themselves rapidly throughout society; lately politically.

All these changes could be assimilated to a society due to high scientific economic development that contained them all and hid the differences, the point being that globalization, which in principle did not affect middle or first world societies, would presumably lead to coexistence and harmonious assimilation.

But something went wrong … .. deep down the crisis also reached the Central Countries and jumped into a sleeping or hidden crisis and the changes made for good or evil, and now we have these new phenomena of criminal white terrorism already seen to come during the reign, President Obama's president in American society was formed by paramilitary group formations called "g" to launch: "patriotic" according to FBI information and US intelligence services with strong weapons and near-military training [ 4] and [5].

Now these terrorist groups have a place on the dark side of the Internet where they are forced to group and ruthlessly prepare for an attack, as happened in the recent attacks on Latin American sites in the United States. But in addition, as Professor Lind commented, it goes much further than simple groups with disenfranchisement, but seriously questions the federalism, and this shows the seriousness of the times that are also approaching the interior of the United States. Perhaps the US bill should not seek it in advance from Eurasian states – important ones – and seek more in a deeper internal crisis than the "specialists" and mainstream media do not comment on, but it is present and profound in the same American society. And it doesn't solve it by simply stifling it

These are America's surrender times that are going to the 21st century neo-Nazis by the unilateral and voluntary decision of our political leaders … They … Do they see this reality in the US? ?


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