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Central Asian Jihad Groups Associated with Taliban Al-Fath Jihad Operations – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Writer: Uran Botobekov *

Qaeda-Supported Jihadist Groups Katibat Imam al Bukhari (KIB), Islamic Jihad
The Union and the Turkestan Islamic Social gathering (TIP), which consist mainly of Uzbekistan
From the Central Asian Fergana Valley and China's Xinjiang Uighurs,
together lead "Al-Fath Jihad's operations" alongside with the Taliban
Afghanistan in talks between america and the Taliban. KIB's on-line media channel
"Katibat Imam al-Bukhari under the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan"
The Taliban's subsidiary began to frequently publish news
"The winning attacks of Islamic warriors". Along with IJU
most important two social media channels Badr at-Tawhid and al-Sodiqlar TV (al-Sodiqlar
In Uzbekistan, which suggests "truth", movies that include the Taliban are often revealed
and IJU in a Widespread Battlefield

For instance, on April 14, 2019, KIB's newspaper stated that "al
Bukhar's Islamic emirate Mujahideen attacked the enemy and killed him
36 The army of Kabul administration, 4 of whom have been of top of the range
KIB released a video and
photograph materials. The second report, dated Might three, 2019, states that “Mujahideen
Jamaati blew up Ranger car in Zabul province 7
authorities troopers have been killed. "

The web channel also released a KIB Afghan emiral voice message
Jakabai Hafizahulloh, who calls Mujahide 'to commit
Istighfar (in search of God's forgiveness) wins the guest
– Devil-led attackers and establish sharia regulation. ,
Afghanistan. “He typically refers to spiritual works in his speech
the well-known Sunni Muslim scholar Ibn Taymiyyah whose world views have been influenced
Salafism and the event of Takfirism and have become the idea
al Qaeda and ISIS. On the finish of the speech, he urged all Muslims to hitch
jihad towards "American men".

for audio and video materials distributed by al-Sodiqlar TV Telegram, Uzbek
IJU militants have typically participated in "Al-Fath Jihad's operations"
Together with the Taliban, they’re preventing towards Afghan security forces. For example, on prime
April 14, 2019 IJU launched a video telling how the Uzbek militants are under
Taliban leadership attacking Afghan security forces
Puli Khumri, the capital of Baghlan Province, confiscating heavy vans in Baghlan-Balkh
highway, a part of Ring Street, which connects Kabul to the north.

and IJU's videos in Telegram again confirmed Central, supported by al Qaeda
The position of Asian jihadists in the Taliban insurrection when Jihadists are preventing
Collectively with the Taliban host of Islamic Afghanistan.

Characteristics of Taliban army operation

recognized, Taliban annually engaged in army operations of varied sorts
large names with ideological and non secular which means. In 2018
its army activities have been referred to as "Al Khandaq Jihadi Operations" (referred to as
well-known battle for Khandaq, led by Prophet Muhammad
627), which also concerned Sunni violent extremist groups: Uighur TIP and Uzbeks KIB. April 12, 2019 in the Taliban
announced the launch of a new "Al-Fath Jihad operation" (which suggests
Victory), revealed with the voice of the "Jihad" of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
(Taliban discuss with themselves)

The distinctive character of "Al-Fath Jihad's operations" from former soldiers
The Taliban this yr apply new techniques of assaults
government and municipal officers, army and police forces
In Afghanistan, it doesn’t prioritize assaults on US and NATO forces. Maybe
subsequently, Taliban-backed Uzbek and Uygur jihadist groups typically report
Successful army operations when local officers and government businesses
the distant provinces develop into a simple destination for them

The distinctive character of "Al-Fath Jihad's operations"
United States and Taliban peace talks. The choice of the Trump administration to tug the American troops out
Afghanistan and start direct peace talks between america and the Taliban
calling Kabul evokes the Taliban to tighten ”al-Fath Jihad
Operations ”and it was blurred by the morals of the generals in Afghanistan. The Taliban are
already stronger than they’ve been since 2001,
over 60% of Afghanistan. Because,
they in advance methodically and
cynically abandoned
Loya Jirga (massive Afghan composition) demanded a ceasefire and drown
direct talks with the Authorities of Afghanistan, describing it on abusive phrases
like the "US Dollar System",
"Hollow Kabul Administration" and "Cabinet of Foreign Invaders"

Doha peace talks between Afghan peace chief Zalmay Khalilzad
The Taliban founder, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was full
the withdrawal of overseas troops from Afghanistan and making certain that Afghanistan just isn’t used as a foundation for overseas terrorist organizations, t
Above all, al Qaeda and ISIS assaults on different nations

Completion of the sixth spherical of talks, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah
In a press release issued on 9 Might, Mujahid assessed the result of the assembly as "positive" and
the parties made "progress" on some factors. However al
Qaeda affiliated Central Asian Salafi-Jihad groups KIB, IJU and TIP in Afghanistan
and their lively participation in "al-Fath operations" was not
"progress" to scale back Taliban cooperation with Al Qaida

worldwide recognition gave the Taliban in July 2016 opinion on Central Asian countries

where it assured its neighbors that "the Islamic emirate shouldn’t be wanting
intervene in the inner affairs of others and does not permit anyone to use
an Islamic emirate dominated by anybody else. "
The Moscow Convention in February 2019, the Taliban reiterated "we don’t permit anyone to make use of Afghanistan towards others
neighboring nations. ”

But all
These false allegations are a political try to hide the Taliban ties
Al Qaeda and its Central Asian associates. The KIB, IJU and TIP media collection have
confirmed that the Taliban proceed to make use of the Uzbek and Uygur jihadists to the west
Coalition and Afghanistan forces and co-operation with al Qaeda
Despite Afghanistan, in other words,

the Taliban and al Qaeda are
Uzbek and uigurian jihadist groups

As is
recognized to be the primary contact between Uigur and Uzbek Islamists with the Taliban
and Al Qaeda occurred within the early 1990s when the members of East Turkistan
The Islamic Motion (ETIM) and the Uzbek Islamic Movement
The Chinese and Uzbek authorities fled to Afghanistan. Ever because the Taliban and
al Qaeda turned "rubber" by Central Asian Islamist teams
and opened them extensively to international jihad doorways

have been working alongside Uzbek and Uygur jihadist teams
have sworn their loyalty to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and right now Bayat
(lullaby) works successfully. Al
Qaeda bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri each swore their loyalty
With the Taliban, resulting in double IMU and TIP (former ETIM)
steerage and management. The Taliban have been heavily targeted on Afghanistan and
has not demonstrated al-Qaeda's international jihadist objectives outdoors the nation,
Nevertheless, it continues to obtain Uzbek and Uygur militant teams
far-reaching objectives

affect of "ghostly" on the ideological views of Uzbek and Uighur militants
with international efforts. At this time they don’t seem to be limited to the native
agendas for overcoming and imposing political techniques in Central Asia and China

Just lately, the UN Safety Council in twenty seconds
The report confirmed: 'The Islamic motion in Uzbekistan continues to be being commanded
500 fighters in Afghanistan, targeted on Faryab, Sari Pul, Jowzjan, Kunduz,
Baghlan, Takhar and Badakhshan provinces. About 500 Central Asia
The fighters are divided between Khatibat Imam Al-Bukhar, Katibat al Tawhid
Wal Jihad, Islamic Jihad Union … Islamic Movement of Japanese Turkistan
commands 400 fighters in Badakhshan ”(page 15-16, chapter“ The Midway
South Asia ”).

This Russian
al-Qaida and the Taliban trust Turkish speakers
has turn out to be a link in their strategic ties. Totally different years
TIP, IMU and IJU added to United Nations Safety Council
List of sanctions
associated with al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In addition, the US state
The Department appointed all these Central Asian jihadist groups, together with Katibat al-Imam Bukhari, a "international terrorist
the involvement of organizations in terrorist assaults
Taliban and al Qaeda.

reacts nervously when groups in Central Asia break Bayat al Qaeda and
to think about unforgivable crime as fraud. The Taliban in December 2015
imprisoned and executed about 60 Uzbekistan Jihadists led by IMU Director Usmon Ghazi Zabul Province, who broke
al-Qaeda's oath and promised to the Islamic state

The Taliban, like an excellent "godfather," forgive the militants of Central Asia
broke their oath to al Qaeda. Following the abolition of the Taliban self-proclaimed Islamic state
Province of Khorasan (ISIS department in Afghanistan) in the province of Northern Afghanistan
Jawzjan, 20 Central Asian fighters (Uzbek residents,
Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) Qari Hikmatullah from the ISIS community, which handed over to the Taliban,
evacuated with their families to the Sar-e Puli area of ​​Kohistan
Province. At the moment they serve the Taliban, who has turn into a brand new champion.

Taliban spiritual roots overseas
terrorist teams

Like the USA
Afghan Special Consultant, reconciliation ZalmayKhalilzad said
In March 2019, the USA and the Taliban "agree on a draft" overlaying two key points:
"Coalition Cancellation Schedule" and "Effective Combating Terrorism"
In accordance with this "draft", the Taliban should supply
"Counter-Terrorism Insurance" that Afghanistan would not be used as a foundation
terrorist teams attack abroad

Taliban generous guarantees once they come to power in the future (criticized
the tone of the negotiations, at this time's events are creating here
), there isn’t a guarantee that the Taliban will abandon al-Qaeda and cease
Supporting Central Asian Salafi-Jihad teams. There isn’t a drawback
Taliban reluctance, but its radical Islamist ideology and
in response to the framework of Ansar relations [natives] and
Muhajire [foreign fighters] is clearly proven.

As is understood
The historical past of Ansar and Muhajireen depends on the historical past of Islam
Islamic values ​​when the locals of Medina [Ansar] have been warmly welcomed,
provided safety and supported the Prophet Muhammad and his followers
[Muhajireen] who had left behind their houses for widespread Islam
Battle towards Unbelievers in 622.

The Quran, Al-Anfalin [8:72] and Al-Hashrin [59:9] Ansar and Muhajireen. For example, Al-Anfal obliges Ansar
helps Muhajiren: “In reality, those who have believed and moved to the country
He fought with their riches and lives for God and for his or her causes
protection and help – they are each other's allies. However those that believed and
didn’t transfer to the bottom – for you are not their custodians earlier than they are
nation. And if they seek help from you for faith, you will need to assist,
not solely between the individuals, and who is the contract. "

The Taliban's haircuts showed that the Taliban are strict
Ansar's doctrine. During Taliban rule, its space, so-referred to as
Afghanistan's Islamic Empire turned an important shelter
Muhajireen al Qaeda and different overseas terrorist teams. Central Asia
The Islamists moved massively there. Through the Taliban regime, the IMU made two attacks between 1999 and 2000 twice
South Kyrgyzstan . These preventing clashes went down in historical past beneath the identify of the Batken Conflict, with over 50 soldiers

The ties between the Taliban and al Qaeda proved so robust that after 11 September the Taliban refused to give up an important terrorist, Bin Ladin, to america. There’s a variety of evidence, including joining the Central Asian Jihadists to "Al-Fath Jihad's operations", that the Taliban and al-Qaeda ties are nonetheless robust. It may possibly subsequently be expected that, with the withdrawal of the USA and the coming of the Taliban, Afghanistan will return house to international terrorist groups

* Concerning the writer: Uran Botobekov, Doctor of Political Science, Political Islamist

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