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Antarctic Ice Core records solve competing Pole Shift Theories »Exopolitics

Antarctic Ice Core records solve competing Pole Shift Theories »Exopolitics

A categorised CIA doc referred to as has produced a variety of contradiction between the forecast of the longer term polar shift (or crustal transition) and catastrophic occasions which will sweep the planet in the distant future. The 57-page document is predicated on a ebook written by Chan Thomas in 1963. In it Thomas proposed a column change state of affairs that was considerably totally different from what Charles Hapgood had beforehand proposed in his pioneering 1958 guide Earth Movement

Hapgood's concept, which was accepted by Albert Einstein at the moment, advised that geophysical columns move recurrently up to 40 degrees via shell shifts. This phenomenon was because of the growing weight of polar ice caps, which accumulate increasingly for millennia until they lastly produce enough centrifugal drive because of the rotation of the planet, in order that the shell strikes over the shell when Einstein explained the e-book

Adam and Eve Chan advised that the pole change can be a lot larger, up to 90 levels, when the Poles moved to the Equator Zone in lower than a day. Chan has recommended that the poles flip forwards and backwards on this means so that Antarctica will ultimately return to the South Pole, and the Arctic would do the identical.

Every time geographic poles made certainly one of these 90 degree twists, there can be catastrophic winds and tidal waves throughout the planet, especially within the equality space the place the earth's spin was 1000 mph. The water and wind would proceed to maneuver westward via the regulation of inertia, sweeping above the ground, which had handed over the equatorial area through the change, as Thomas defined:

In ¼-½ day, the columns transfer virtually to the equator and all hell let go. The environment and oceans do not move with the shell – they only maintain rotating west to the east – and the equator velocity is 1000 miles per hour. It ought to usually be one shift per day. So, when the shell strikes toward the poles in the direction of the equator, the winds and oceans go east, blowing over the surface at supersonic speeds, submerging continents with depth … the mere undeniable fact that the varied regions of the globe are in polar regions at totally different occasions, for different occasions, and the modifications between totally different places happen in a fraction of a day. [The Adam and Eve Story, pp.13-14]

The next video describes what occurs with one among these 90 degree modifications and what Thomas prompt for the longer term. One can simply see how devastating such a 90 diploma change could possibly be and why the CIA might be motivated to suppress such info.

t Davidson stated that this made Thomas's concept of Arctic Circle extra compelling than Hapgood. The truth is, Davidson believed that Hapgood had lowered the CIA's concept right into a "limited hangout" to deliver out the reality in a means that may be straightforward to belief later.

Unfortunately, the ice dice samples from Davidson to Antarctica clearly supported Hapgood and never Thomas's principle. The ice dice samples from East Antarctica are as much as 1.5 million years previous. The following diagram illustrates the ice dice samples taken from totally different Antarctic regions and exhibits how far is the time on the time of the ice sheets. US ITASE Undertaking

The results of ice-drill drill bits show that there are tons of of hundreds of years of ice coated in japanese Antarctica, and a few of the oldest ice found (220,000 years) on Lake Vostok. Older ice core samples than the above map have been found on each Vostok Lake (400,000 years) and Dome C (800,000 years), as shown within the NOAA records

. samples of as much as 1.5 million years are most certainly to be in Dome C of East Antarctica. To place it simply, scientists agree that Japanese Antarctica has been coated with ice caps for at the least 1.5 million years and doubtless much longer.

As an alternative, the ice cube samples within the West Antarctica are just a few centuries previous, yet up to now the age of many japanese Antarctic areas. This website is situated in a drilling area referred to as Boyd, whose ice was discovered to be 70,000 years previous, as illustrated by the map above

. for a yr, not in the Equal Zone (latitude O-23), as Thomas instructed. Hapgood's concept offers a better rationalization of why only part of Antarctica has been ice with out vital occasions. However how can we clarify the 70,000-year-old ice pattern in the Byrd region of Western Antarctica?

Finding the last word answer concerning the location of geographic poles after which shifting by way of the shell transitions to new places, while retaining some but not all the ice that has collected before the transition, we will flip to the writers of Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, by Sky Fell.

In their well-documented guide, they used quite a lot of archaeological and fossil records to point out the place ice sheets have been found during the last 100,000 years, and how these stations had changed because of shell shifts, as instructed for the first time by Hapgood. Thus far, I have not discovered another authors who would have introduced such a compelling method of utilizing the obtainable scientific knowledge to trace the position of geographic poles during the last 100,000 years.

Their findings present a clear rationalization for different age groups of ice dice samples taken from totally different areas of Antarctica; and why Hapgood, not Thomas, provides a extra detailed rationalization of how the shell transition principle works.

To start with, I will begin with Flem-Aths' demonstration of the positions of the North and South poles before 91,600 BC It exhibits how a lot of Japanese Antarctica was inside the Antarctic circle, while Western Antarctica was mendacity in a light area – just like the present New Zealand. Word that the southern pole was then situated on the japanese Antarctic coast, while the north pole was situated in Alaska.

It is necessary that the Dome C space, which accommodates a few of the oldest samples taken from the ice, is situated in the Antarctic circle, which retains a lot of the previous ice covers acquired no less than 1.5 million years earlier

Figure 2. 83 From Rand and Rose Flem-Athista, When Sky Fell

The following chart exhibits Antarctica relative to the South Pole after the sheath transition, resulting in a column shift of approximately 91,600 BC. The western Antarctic sub-region and the areas of the Trans-Antarctic Mountains have been inside the Antarctic circle, whereas the Palmer Peninsula and major japanese Antarctic areas have been inside the temperate zone. ] Once again, the bodily southern edge was above the ocean and not on the Antarctic continent – this time on the western Antarctic coast – near the Sea of ​​Ross. The geophysical hub had moved about 40 degrees from the japanese Antarctic coast to the west coast of Antarctica in the course of the 91,600 BC pole change.

That is very close to what Hapgood had recommended as a sheath displacement that might occur as a polar shift. Importantly, it is a lot lower than the 90 degree pole change claimed by Thomas.

It’s important that the Dome C space remained totally inside the Antarctic circle and retained its historic ice sheet. As well as, the Byrd area, where a 70,000-year-old ice sample was discovered, had been moved from its previous location within the condensation zone before the 91,600 BC pole change deep into the Antarctic circle. This allowed the ice to accumulate, thus estimating its estimated age.

Figure 3. p. 84, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, When the Sky was

The subsequent polar shift occurred in about 50,600 BC, and the image introduced by Flem-Ath exhibits the approximate positions of the poles 50,600 BC

The southern pole of about 50,600 BC has turned again to the other aspect of the Antarctic continent, where it ranks east on the Antarctic coast. Approximately 30 levels of polar shift had occurred, which is again in keeping with Hapgood's estimate of the cyclic envelope displacement by means of the globe. It is very important emphasize that the 50,600 BC bar shift was a lot smaller than the 90 diploma change predicted by Thomas's principle.

Most of East Antarctica was as soon as again inside the Antarctic circle, whereas retaining the previous ice cubes and enabling them to broaden. The Byrd area, which contained a 70,000-year-old ice cube sample, was now simply outdoors Antarctica. Its marginal location is considerably within a temperate space, permitting the Byrd region to retain most of its ice cubes, such because the South New Zealand glaciers.

Figure 4. p. 85, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, When Sky Fell

Time 50,600 BC 9600 BC It is vital because it corresponds to the larger elements of the Antarctic continent for the final time outdoors the polar circle. A lot of the West Antarctica was in a light area and its coastal area would have been ice-free. Significantly, the West Antarctic coast and inside would have been navigable, as proven by the 1513 Piri Reis map.

In the following chart, the Piri Reis map is covered with a world map displaying how the Antarctic coast is the Palmer Peninsula, east to the east of East Antarctica, recognized for its historic sea captains.

Determine 5. Piri Reis Map, Coated by a Map of the Earth

Additionally it is necessary to know that this time, 50,600 BC 9600 BC is equal to the Atlantic civilization that Plato wrote in his famous dialogues Critias and Timaeus. Platon defined the in depth archipelago system and waters of Atlantis deep inside its interior and how it was the center of an awesome empire, which dominated much of Africa, Europe and Asia.

This finally takes us to the 9600 BC and led to your complete Antarctic continent and was utterly moved to the Antarctic circle. The extent of the earth's displacement, which moves the southern pole from its earlier position simply off the japanese Antarctic coast to its present location, was about 20 levels. Once more, a lot lower than what Thomas had instructed in the concept of shifting the shell.

Flem-Aths claims that the situation of Atlantis was in Antarctica and that the stays of this legendary misplaced civilization at the moment are within the western Antarctic ice caps. This is in step with what many whistleblowers and insiders have revealed about discovering flash-frozen civilization beneath the ice cubes.

If Flem-Athit and others are proper that Plato's Atlantis is buried underneath the ice of Antarctica, this provides us a method to estimate the destruction brought on by the shift of about 20 degrees. It is enough to destroy coastal areas around the globe, corresponding to shallow archipelagos corresponding to Atlantis, however allowed elevated or mountainous individuals can survive the next tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes accompanying the pole. 19659002] Once we look at the ice core samples in relation to what we know concerning the transition concept of the earth's crust proposed by Hapgood and Thomas, they lead to a clear conclusion. The research of ice dice specimens from totally different elements of Antarctica helps Hapgood's principle that shifts within the earth's crust happen recurrently, with modifications in as much as 40 diploma poles

Flem Aths e-book, When the sky appeared we now have a approach to comply with probably the most vital columnar transitions Over 100,000 thousand years, and illustrating how these have occurred in a approach that’s in concord with the samples of ice cores

Thomas's principle that the nation is experiencing 90 Antarctic core nuclear records shouldn’t be supported by scale deviations that turn the columns forwards and backwards from the equals. Whereas it’s comforting to know that the Earth is unlikely to have something like Thomas's predicted 90-degree pole shift, it is sensible to know that as much as 20 levels of pole change destroyed the world's Atlantic civilization 11,600 years ago.

The chance that we’ll quickly get a change within the poles on account of photo voltaic activity, cosmic radiation, the earth's magnetic subject collapse, the earth's core and / or the quick melt from the western Antarctica.

This calls for an unprecedented degree of government sharing of data on Antarctic history, recognized from earlier pillar exchanges and the invention of revealed applied sciences that might allow mankind to organize and escape future disasters

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